Law Quill | #037 - Your Digital Marketing Roadmap

#037 – Your Digital Marketing Roadmap

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Law Quill | #037 - Your Digital Marketing Roadmap

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The Legal Marketing Lounge

Your Digital Marketing Roadmap

Hi, I’m Annette Choti, an attorney of 20 years that created LawQuill, a marketing agency for small and solo law firms. Join me to learn how to grow your law firm through digital marketing strategies, SEO, social media, and more. Let’s get that law firm of yours more online visibility, a larger digital footprint, tons of organic traffic and more clients. I’m so excited. You’re here, click that subscribe button and join me in the legal marketing lounge.

Hello, thank you for joining me today in the legal marketing lounge. And before we get started on today’s episode, which is going to be rubber hits the road, it is definitely going to be a lot of actionable steps for you to take in a very specific order to get your law firm, more online visibility. So this is one if you’re going to be listening to it in the car, or on the treadmill. That’s great. But you might need to go back and take some notes on it. So because this is really going to be a lot of really actionable items that you can take. But first off, if you haven’t subscribed yet to Legal Marketing lounge, please do that. And then you will always be notified first when we drop an episode. And the second thing is I want to thank our sponsor, which is Click Magnet, The Ultimate Digital Marketing Guide for Law Firms. It’s a bestselling book that I happened to write. It’s a best-selling book on Amazon, I wrote it and I am really proud of it. It is really a way for you to take what I’m talking about in this episode, and actually expand it even more.

Basically, this episode is going to be a very quick overview of all of the actionable steps that I have in my book. Well, not all of them, but a lot of them. Listen to what one person had to say. This is Karen Dunn Skinner, she’s an attorney and a global adviser to the International Institute of Legal Project Management. And she says Click Magnet gives you a step by step guide to make it happen. Imagine seeing your firm consistently at the top of the search engines in Google ahead of your fiercest competitors. Click Magnet gives you clarity, a path and the tools you need to grow your business. Thank you so much, Karen for that great review. And now we are going to get right into it. The same things I talked about in Click Magnet, I’m going to go over today. Now obviously the book is more in depth.

But I want to really explain to you that your digital marketing strategy doesn’t have to feel overwhelming. There’s a lot of moving parts with SEO and with a digital marketing plan and to increase your online visibility. And people freak out they think oh no. Do I need to be on tick tock? Or do I need to be on clubhouse? Or do I need to write blog articles and how often and it can just become very overwhelming. And you’re getting a lot of advice from a lot of different people. But the truth is that most digital marketers who are in it for the long haul, who will not sort of try to sell you a bridge or tell you that you can get on the first page of Google within a week.

Create A Digital Marketing Strategy

The people who are really dedicated to this craft and art and science of digital marketing have come to a consensus that there is a recipe to get more online visibility into Grow your SEO, which is search engine optimization. And this is not a recipe that I created. It’s just one that works. And so let’s just talk about it a little bit. Let’s talk about really what it means to have a digital marketing strategy. And if you don’t have a digital marketing strategy, the first thing to do is realize that you need one. Because really like anything else, any other goal that you have, whether that’s to get healthy, or to lose weight, or to run a marathon or to have a beautiful garden, whatever it is, you really need to have a strategy in order to accomplish that.

And before we get into that, I want to say that at the end of the day, your law firm is like a business and learning how to operate a law firm successfully is one of the many things they did not teach us at law school and learning how to create and grow a business would probably be a much more useful lesson than the rule against perpetuities. Am I right? Can I get an amen on that? I digress. Taking the time to really leverage online marketing to your advantage will bring astronomical financial benefits to your law firm. Now, word of mouth referrals still exist. But the most successful lawyers recognize the importance of utilizing the Internet to its fullest. The importance of that cannot be overstated.

And it starts with having a digital marketing strategy, a roadmap, Long gone are the days of newspaper and phonebook advertisements. So if you want to market your legal services, to anyone, say younger than 100 years old, you’re going to be needing to look online as your best strategy to do so. So have I convinced you yet? I hope so. What I’d like to say is that at the very beginning of all of this, just know that it takes patience, and it takes time.

But let me use the analogy of health since I just did a minute ago, organic marketing is kind of like getting your own personal self, healthier. Listen, maybe you decided to lose weight and get healthy. You could be eating carrots and protein shakes and go into the gym every day for months. And finally, someone says to you, Hey, you look great. Have you been losing weight? And exasperated? You say yes, thanks for noticing. I’ve been working a really long time. It’s the same way with organic marketing. And with SEO. So let’s say you decide you’re going to really invest some effort into your organic marketing, and you start writing blog posts, or have someone do that for you. You start really working your social media to bring traffic to your website and more attention to you as a law firm. And you really work on your on site, SEO, or maybe even your backlinks. And then ultimately, one day, Google looks at you and says, Hey, have you been working on your SEO? And exasperated?

You say yes, thanks for noticing. I’ve been working on this a really long time. Now, just like with the analogy of the gym, I have to say that once you start getting healthy, okay, any pause that you take in that is going to be a setback. This is tough love.

So if you decide you’re going to work on your SEO for a while and put out a blog post once a week for a quarter, and then you take a break for six months, it’s almost like you did nothing at the beginning at all. So if you are going to decide to really work on your digital marketing, it’s a commitment. Just like if you were going to lose weight or get healthy, or bulk up, whatever you’re doing, it does take a commitment. And if you take a break from that, then the results will follow from that as well. Right? Like if you don’t go to the gym for six months, those results will follow. So now you know that this is a long game. And so you’re prepared. But that’s okay. Because at the end of the day, usually the things in life that are really hard, are worth it right? Can I get an amen on that one? So let’s go ahead and start. And this is really where the rubber hits the road. This is the recipe.


So the very first ingredient in the recipe is branding. There are over 47,000 law firms in the United States 47,000 You know how many law firms you own one, you own one law firm, and you need to stand out and building a brand is going to be the cornerstone of everything else you do now, don’t skip ahead because you think that this is woo-woo. Okay, because it’s not. It really is a very visual and tangible way that potential clients in your network in your colleagues can recognize you and your legal services and how they differ from everyone else’s.

At the end of the day, a brand connects the emotional side of a business with a concrete experience. And yes, it does include logos and a color scheme and a tagline. But really, branding supports and enhances your SEO efforts. Because it’s telling Google and the search engines and your potential clients in your network that you are recognizable and you are reliable to look like this to sound like this to behave like this, that you are an expert, you have authority, you are trustworthy in this particular niche.

So, in order to develop a brand, you really need to target your audience and you need to find your target audience, your ideal client, don’t skip it, do not skip this step. And I know you might want to use like, I don’t care who comes in the door, I just, I just want money. And I get that. But we all have clients that are really difficult to work with.

Okay, so. So really take a hot minute and sit down and think, what are all of the people that you’ve worked with, that you did not like working with? What do they have in common. And you know, some things may be very evident and others might not be. And then sit down and think about your dream clients, the clients that walk through the door, and they just get it from the very beginning, you don’t have to do a lot of convincing or explaining. They just know that they need, what you’re selling, and that they are ready for your legal services, and then figure out what they have in common.

Core Message

Figure out next, what are your core messages? So once you know who your people are, you need to figure out your core message. What makes you, unique? What is the story behind why you started a law firm? Why do you even practice this area of law? What do you need clients to know about you, that’s different from your competitors, because that’s your core. That’s your core message.


Now, at that point, once you know who your people are, once you know who you are, then you can talk about design elements. Now, I’m gonna give a little bit more tough love here. But you know what, you give tough love to your clients, right? So I’m going to just give you a little bit of tough love, there are certain design elements that are dated. So an avocado green kitchen was totally crushing it in the 70s. Am I right? And I wouldn’t know because I’m old enough to have lived in house with an avocado green kitchen. But today that would look dated.

And so if you have (here it comes), if you have a gavel, a column, the skills of justice, if you have something like that incorporated into your logo or your brand, you are dating your law firm, because your competitors are moving past that into a more modern looking design. And those are the ones that are catching the attention of potential clients. Potential clients can’t really distinguish or differentiate between one gavel and another gavel and a scales of justice and a column. But if you put a mountain with the name of your law firm, or something like that, if you’re in Colorado, then they’re going to notice that in your load, it’s going to be different. If the color of your law firm is purple, or if it’s a teal and orange, like an estate planning lawyer that I know that is easily recognizable, and it differentiates you from others.

There’s a criminal defense attorney I know. And his entire branding kind of looks like crime scene tape. Now that might not be for everyone, but it is very recognizable. So just make sure that whatever you choose represents you accurately. That includes all of your branding, your slogan, which can also be called a tagline. Think about that. What is your tagline?

Do you offer flat fees? Do you offer a kinder, gentler divorce, showcase all of that in your branding. There was a DUI lawyer that I know she got a DUI in law school actually. And she now works and she thought she was going to lose her ability to even practice law before she even got started. Well, she now works on helping people through their DUI charges and helps them move forward with her life. Her brand reflects the fact that she truly empathizes with someone getting a DUI, that’s how she’s different. So how are you different.

Market Your Brand

And then the last thing is, of course, you have to get your brand out there. We’re going to talk about that in a little bit. But you can’t just build it and they will come and I’ll say that a couple more times about a different a couple of different areas that I’m going to talk about. But at the end of the day, once you have a brand you can’t just go okay, now everyone’s gonna come see it. You do have to promote yourself. And just make sure that you let your brand soak into everything that you do.


So now that you have a brand, your next step on this roadmap is a website. So you need to create some online real estate and websites used to be digital business cards basically more of a novelty than a necessity. But we all know that those days have passed and times are changed times have changed. So you really want your website to improve arrest potential clients and reassure them that they are making the right choice when they schedule a consultation with you. And really what your website is going to do, if it’s done correctly, is to turn casual browsers, into leads and clients. Because it’s not just really about vanity metrics here about how many people come to your website. It’s really about whether or not those people are trusting you enough when they see your website to actually book a consultation with you. So one of the things that you can do is stop frustrating your website visitors. Now, here’s some more tough love, but it’s because I like you.

I’m giving you this tough love, okay, if you have a Wix website, or if you have a Squarespace website, I’m going to talk to you for a minute. One of the reasons it is likely not performing as well as it could for you is because it’s slower to load than a WordPress website. And it’s, not Those are two totally separate entities, you want the But the problem with Wix and Squarespace is that all of those things that make those types of websites easy to operate and create, also bog them down tremendously.

So basically, you’re carrying this digital backpack of weight with a ton of features that you’re not even needing or using. So if you have one of those, it’s also important to know that you don’t own your own content on there, they own your content. So if Wix goes down, or if Wix decides for some reason to delete your content, that’s their content, it’s not yours. So please consider seriously switching to WordPress, because once you have a WordPress website, it’s like you’ve got good bones, you know how they say that sometimes, like a building has good bones, well, the bone structure of your virtual real estate will then be solid. And then you can change the appearance anytime with a new theme or different templates on a WordPress website.

But that is my strongest rep recommendation that you get a website. And frankly, I don’t know one digital marketer that would tell you differently, I guess maybe one that is working Wix or Squarespace. But really, we all know that those just simply are not are not as fast and they are not as good for SEO. So if you’re trying to do SEO, you’re really sort of negating all the work that you’re doing.

Easily Navigable Website

If you have one of those websites, you should really create a website that is very easy to navigate. And that has readable content, consistent content, and basically helps those potential clients when they come to your website, get the information they need. Let’s be honest, people that are coming to law firm websites are not coming there for fun. I mean, I am, because that’s what I do. It’s my jam. But most people who are going to law firm websites are freaking out about something, right? They were in a car accident, they got a DUI, maybe someone in their family died, they don’t understand how to go through the probate process, whatever it is, so you really want to help them in their time of need, which might be in the middle of the night or 2am.

Fact Page

When you don’t have office hours, your website is then acting, you know, it’s acting in your place. So what do you need, you need a fact page. You really need to give them some answers to some frequently asked questions. Now you can’t give legal advice. But you should have a fact page on your website.

First of all, it’s great for SEO because they’re usually very long pages. So it tells Google that you’re an expert in this particular legal area. But this fact page can act as a first responder, it can help give a bit of a legal band aid to potential clients with very clear and concise answers to their urgent but commonly fielded questions. Even if you can’t give legal advice. You can answer questions like why do I need a lawyer? What will this cost? Does your law firm handle my specific situation? Do you charge for a consultation? What is the contingency fee? Some people don’t know what that is? How long does it take for a case like mine to be resolved? Do I have to go to court? What do I need to get started?

So all of these things are really great questions that you can answer and then maybe their fear is calmed down a little bit and because you’ve done that they trust you. Even while you’re sleeping right. They are getting answers from you and then they book up consultation.

Practice Area Pages

The other things you need on your website are practice area pages. These are pages that specifically show all of the different practice areas that you offer. And it’s very important that you describe the legal services that your law firm provides, with some compelling content to explain why they should choose you over your competitors. You absolutely need and an About Us or an about you page if there’s just one of you a solo law firm.

Why? Well, statistics show that this is the second most visited page on a website. And the reason is because at the end of the day, people do business with people that will never change. People want to understand who they’re going to, who they might do business with, who would represent them in this very serious matter.

So distinguish yourself and your law firm, give potential clients, great information about you, your awards, your accolades, and then be personal, you know, do you run marathons? Do you raise German Shepherds, whatever you do, give them a reason to connect with you. And then also choose you above your competitors.

Of course, on your website, you always need a privacy policy, you need a legal disclaimer saying that this is for advertising purposes. Even if your state doesn’t require that, I always say it’s a best practice, because you’ll never go wrong. By putting it on your website, it’s just being the most conservative. And the most prudent, of course, on your website.

You can never exaggerate testimonials or fabricate information, you can put testimonials on your website if you have permission to do so. But I will caution you. A lot of law firm websites are taking testimonials straight from Google and putting them on their website.

In fact, there’s a plugin that you can put on WordPress that will pull testimonials from your Google reviews and put them automatically on your website, please do not do this. This is actually considered a violation of ethical standards in many states. And the reason is because those clients have not agreed to put that testimonial on your website. Now I know what you’re thinking, well, they’ve already put it out. It’s public information. And that is true. But they made the decision to put it on Google, they did not make the decision to put it on your website. So there’s also potential that it could be you that’s disclosing attorney client privilege.

So if you want to put these on your website, you can, you just have to get their permission, my suggestion always is to get that in writing through an email and save those because you know, I’m an attorney as well. And, you know, old habits die hard. So just try to protect and insulate yourself as much as possible for that.

And speaking of Google reviews, if you want more of them, this is just an extra little tip that I just thought of that I’ll just insert in here is you should consider getting Google reviews not just from potential or from your previous clients, but also from your colleagues, who are the people that are your peers that have worked with you that know, and can speak to your expertise and the value you provide. Ask them to leave you a Google review as well. So that’s another way that you can get more Google reviews.

And Google actually encourages people to do that as well. So that’s totally fine to do it. Obviously, on your website, you can’t have any kind of comparative statements. Look, I know you’re the best. Okay, I know that I’ve always known it. I’ve always liked you. And you are the very best attorney on planet Earth. But you can’t say that on your website.

Stock Images

And then my final sort of caveat regarding websites is just pay really close attention to the photographs you put on your website. First of all, never get free pictures from the internet. Because even if a photo says that has a free license, and that you’re able to use it, there are many successful strategies that companies have used to put these free photos up, quote, unquote, I’m doing air quotes, you can’t see it. And then a year or two later, they search the internet and find out who’s using them and then successfully sue them for copyright infringement. So just make sure you’re paying for your stock photos or the images are ones that you take yourself.


So you also need a blog, which is the next ingredient in this recipe. So you have branding, you’ve got a website. And now a subset of that website is the next ingredient. which is content marketing. And you may have heard me say this before, the Google bots are not our robot overlords quite yet. And so it’s very important to understand that because these bots that read your website and synthesize all the information about your law firm online, do not consume content, the way a human being does, we really need to write and format this content in a way that showcases to them that you are an expert, you’re an authority, and you’re trustworthy so that you can get to that coveted top space and first page of Google.

So now, I’m going to say something and if it were possible to underline this, and highlight it and bold it, if it were possible to do that on a podcast, I would do that now. The only way to grow online and to really, truly get to the top of Google is through a blog on your website. Yes, you can employ online SEO, you can employ backlink strategies, you can do that. But Google really rewards those websites that are posting consistent, long form that means 1000 words or more content on a weekly basis at a very minimum. So 1000 words or more a blog post that is formatted correctly for SEO keyworded, external linking internal linking all of the things on at least a weekly basis, what’s the reason for that, because your competitors are doing that. So you have to do at least what your competitors are doing, or more.

So just think of it like a race. So if you ran a mile in 10 minutes, and your competitor ran a mile in eight minutes, they would win. Now you ran a mile in 10 minutes. And that’s really great. And that’s good for you. But you didn’t win. And the point of the point of all of the digital marketing is to win, it’s to get on the first page of Google. So in order to do that, you have to see what your competitors are doing. And do at least that and more, frankly. So I have a lot of content out there actually about content marketing. I have several blogs on my website, I think I have over 150 blogs now on my website on law And I think at the very beginning of this podcast, I did some deep dives into content marketing into how to find content, how to create a keyword, how to do internal linking, how to do external linking, how to format those blog posts. So if you haven’t listened to those episodes, after this episode, go back and listen to those, because that is really going to give you the rubber hits the road type of material that you need in order to learn how to actually write this content. Because it’s important. It’s important, not just what you write, I know a lot of law firms and lawyers are talking about thought leadership now. And that’s great. But the truth of the matter is, there is a difference between thought leadership and formatting. So you can have really, really great thoughts. But if you submit those thoughts to a court, in Comic Sans font on pink paper, the court will reject that. And they can be brilliant thoughts. But there’s just a format that courts accept. So if you have an idea and a keyword and you’ve written your article, and you’ve spent all this time to do it, make sure that it’s formatted correctly as well, because the Google bots are not just analyzing data, they are analyzing the words that that are within your website.

So if you make it easy for them to do that, in proper formatting and key wording, it just helps them know where to place you on the search engine, which is hopefully the first page. So content marketing, it cannot be overstated how important content marketing is. And this is a bit of a sub part of the recipe right now. So if you have branding, and you have a website and you have content, your website needs to constantly be tweaked for SEO. And this is what you might have heard known to be known as on site SEO.

So your website as a whole, I’m not talking about the individual blog posts, which also can be keyworded and are good for SEO. I’m talking about your website as a whole your main page, your About Us page, all of the pages that are within it, the networking of it, the organization of it, the schema markup of it, the meta tags, the meta title polls, all of those things need to be tweaked on a monthly basis, it’s sort of just making sure that everything is where it needs to be. And then the places that Google really likes, sort of enhancing those places, and then making the other places sort of look like those. And that’s kind of a more rudimentary explanation of it. But it’s very important.

And the truth is that digital marketing agencies that do this, you know, mean, it does, it does cost to do that. But the benefits are exponential, because you are taking all of the effort that you put into your branding, and into your virtual real estate, which is your home, on the internet, and then the content that you’re putting out there, and you are just maximizing its potential. So after you do your branding, and get a website and start putting content on, I do recommend that at the same time, you also consider doing online SEO, maintenance. And that really, it’s substantial, the difference that it makes for a website. So after you have all of those things, let’s talk about build it, and they will come, you know, that doesn’t happen, right.

Social Media

So the next thing you need to do is social media. Now, a lot of people start with social media. But the problem with that is you are building your house on someone else’s real estate, we all know people that had their Facebook account hacked or LinkedIn, they got kicked off LinkedIn for some reason that they didn’t understand. And they were banned for a week. And you know, there are times and they’re kind of horror stories, where people invest all of this time, and they’re just being permanently. And there’s no recourse for that. You don’t have really anybody to go talk to at Facebook and sort of plead your case, it’s just, it’s just kind of over.

So social media should be looked at as a tool to build your law firms brand, and to connect people that are on their social platforms with you and to get them back to your website, it is a place to absolutely showcase your authority, your expertise, it allows you to interact with that target audience, and those are the ideal clients that I was talking about at the beginning. But really, and truly, these social media platforms should be a way to showcase you, and showcase your practice areas and why people should choose you over others and get people back to your website.

Now, I would like to also reference the podcast that I did before. And there’s also a blog article on it about working smarter and not harder. And that is to use a scheduling tool such as SmarterQueue that allows you to batch this content all at once. So you know, so every morning, you don’t have to wake up and think about what you’re going to post on LinkedIn or Facebook that day. It really does help to batch that content. And it really does help you work smarter and not harder. Because these social media schedulers, like SmarterQueue actually allow you to repost that content later. So it’s kind of like a crock pot, you just set it and forget it. And the way you spell that is smarter kids smarter, like the word smarter, and then cue like, wait in line in Britain, it’s queue. So it’s, it’s very important that as you are putting your content, your blog articles out on social media, that you also think of other places that you can put this content and help it work smarter and not harder for you as well.

You can put out small audio snippets of it, just you know, speak something into your phone, and then you can convert that into a little audio snippet for social media. You can make a little video you know, you don’t need Martin Scorsese to come out and videotape you, you can just use your phone and just, you know, read one paragraph or two, and then say, hey, go look at my blog post. And if you’re very ambitious, you can create a podcast out of one of your articles. You can even put several of your articles together and make an e-book. So really having this content work smarter and not harder for you is a way for you to showcase your expertise in a lot of different formats.

You know, people consume content in different ways. Some people can consume it in video which is very, very popular, but you’re listening to a podcast right now. So some people like to consume content, you know, in an audio form, and then obviously some people like it in a written form. You can also consider making infographics. You can do that for Free with a tool called

So, at this point, if you have a brand and you have a website, and you have content on the website, and you are doing monthly maintenance with an online SEO, you know, just making sure that your website is always streamlined. And then you are promoting that website and your practice areas and your blog posts, and your awards and your accolades, and your reviews on social media and maybe in other places like an email list as well, or by creating a podcast or an e book.


At this point, you really need to also start considering the very sort of last ingredient, which you can do simultaneously with the others, which is backlinks. Now this is a bit more of an advanced type of SEO tool to use for your website. But it also can’t be overstated how important quality backlinks to your website can be for your overall digital marketing plan.

The Internet is a massive, cluttered, loud and very noisy place. And it’s connected by virtual roads and bridges called links. And these links create relationships between websites. And so it allows content to be discovered and indexed by the search engines, specifically Google. So if you have another website that is linking to you, and that website has a greater Domain Authority score, it’s called a DA score. Then basically that is showcasing to Google that you’re a cool kid, right? It’s like being invited to the cool kids party, all of a sudden, you are also cool. In Google’s eyes, you also have good authority, because another really highly authoritative website linked to yours. Let me give you an example I write for above the law as a weekly contributor as a digital marketing expert. And every week when I write my column, I get a backlink to my website, and above the law has really, really high domain authority score, and as you can imagine, and I also write for attorney at work.

So online, these really powerful websites are giving me a backlink and showcasing to Google that I am also an expert that they trust, to link to me, Google also trusts in me then, and increases my domain authority score and places me higher on Google. So one of the ways that you can get backlinks is you can hire a digital marketing agency to do it.

Be very careful with that, because there are some digital marketing agencies out there that employ black hat techniques is what they’re called. And they’re just shady. So just be really careful about it. If you want to create backlinks on your own, you can do it. You can do it through a website called Hero. It’s HAR, oh, it’s Help a Reporter Out. And this website, if you sign up, it’s free. And you get daily emails, there’s two today. So I know that that’s a lot. But it includes a list of journalists and reporters that are attempting to get quotes about various topics from experts.

So sometimes that includes legal experts. So it’s time consuming to look through all of these, you know, these two emails every day because the list can be kind of long. But you could have an assistant or a VA or secretary or someone look through the internet, look through this for you. And then when they see someone looking for a personal injury attorney, immigration attorney, they can send that to you. So there you go. That’s it.


That is the recipe it really is branding, and that includes the name of your law firm, your logo, everything about you that makes you unique. Your website, your virtual real estate, your SEO on your website that’s constantly being tweaked your content creation, your social media, marketing, and then backlinks. And you know, it is difficult to do this yourself. And if you’re interested in learning how to DIY it, obviously, you can keep listening to my podcast because I talk about a lot of this some of this. I even did in a series at the beginning of my podcast, I think it’s the first few episodes. And you can look at my website, I’ve got over 150 articles there. And then of course you can also get my best-selling book, which is called Click Magnet is the sponsor of the show. Click Magnet, The Ultimate Digital Marketing Guide For Law Firms and that will give you the tools to know how to do this. And my entire goal I will be honest with you, creating Law Quill was to demystify the whole SEO and digital marketing process, and to that end, I genuinely tried to provide a great deal of practical and usable information for small and solo law firms.

And I hope you can see that, I hope you can see that this is my jam, and it is my passion. And I absolutely love helping small and solo law firms do this. I know that many lawyers are not interested in doing this themselves, because they feel like their time is better spent within their zone of genius, you know, I don’t know actually practicing the law. And if that is you, I would be more than happy to visit with you about your digital marketing strategy. If you however, are saying no, I need to bootstrap for now. And I need to DIY this. I am also happy to visit with you. I really genuinely want to be the resource that small and solo law firms come to and medium sized law firms, frankly, as well come to and ask questions, when they really want to make a difference with their digital marketing and move that SEO needle. I really want to be that resource for you. I’m passionate about it. I am an attorney myself, I have been a proud member of the Missouri bar for 22 years. And this is absolutely what I love doing. So if you are interested in visiting with me at any time, or if you have questions about your digital marketing strategy, you can always reach out to me at you can find me on LinkedIn. Of course you can go to my website and connect with me there. But however you get in touch with me, please do. If you are interested in visiting with me and have a question, I will be more than happy to talk to you. And just in case you are really getting value out of what I’m giving you. Make sure to hit that subscribe button. Have you subscribed because I really do try to offer a lot of value every single week to you. And I hope you had a great time this episode. And I hope you wrote a lot down and if you have any questions, let me know and in the meantime, I will see you next time in the legal marketing lounge.