11 Tips For Choosing The Right Law Firm Domain Name

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Choosing the right domain for your law firm is one of the most crucial first steps to take when setting up your website.  An effective domain name will help your clients find you and it can assist you in marketing efforts. There are some things to consider when selecting a domain name, along with some key things to avoid. Read on to understand more about choosing the right law firm domain name. 

The Purpose of Your Law Firm Domain Name

The law firm domain name that you choose will direct potential clients to your law firm website — one of the most powerful marketing tools you have. Surprisingly, psychology is at work in your domain name, and a domain name even provides visitors a subtle idea of how relevant and trustworthy you are. A domain name can also zero in on the type of law you practice, and lead the right local traffic to your site. Here are a few other reasons why choosing your domain name carefully is so crucial: 

  • Your URL is the first thing consumers will see, and it can make a lasting impression. Your website introduces visitors to our law firm before they ever meet or call you.
  • It affects SEO, and keywords within it can help your Google ranking.
  • Your domain name is another chance to define your law firm’s brand. 

Take Your Time When Choosing a Law Firm Domain Name

It is tempting to want to pick a name and jump in, but wiser to take your time and select the ideal domain name for your business. Think over what your domain name proclaims about you and your company and consider if your domain name will:

  • Resonate with your target audience?
  • Be easy for people to remember?
  • Refer to the type of law you practice?
  • Be similar to a competitor’s?
  • Stay consistent with your brand?

11 Tips For Choosing a Law Firm Domain Name

Go Local

When searching for legal help, most people start right within their local area, so a reference to your state or city may work well, tucked within your domain name. Using a state name may be a better choice, so you do not alienate potential clients outside your specific city. Some examples of using a locally infused domain name include:

  • WFJLawMinnesota.com
  • WFJLawRochester.com
  • WFJLawMN.com


Consider Attorney Reputation

If your law firm includes attorneys with large reputations, you may want to include one of these names within your domain name. It may make sense to use a powerful name that has been referenced in the media, rather than a generic practice-related domain name.

Think Long-Term

When selecting a domain name, carefully consider whether it will be versatile if your law firm practice changes.  If you are a solo law firm, consider that you might want to add a partner to your law firm in the future. Choosing a flexible domain name can prevent future hassles and interruptions in the future. You may serve a niche now, but if there is a chance that you might expand your services in the future, do not choose a limited domain name. Keep a long-term vision in mind when choosing your law firm domain name. 

Enhance User Experience

When choosing a domain name, consider user experience, because great user experience translates to better rankings on Google. When an individual starts searching for a lawyer, you want them to find your website and discover that:

  • You are the right law firm for their legal issues
  • They found information easily
  • Your domain name is easy to remember

When users view your domain name, it either speaks of trust, authority, and expertise, or some second-rate law firm. 

Stick to Top-Level Domains

Domain names are registered and organized by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers.) ICANN keeps a record of which names are available. There are “top level” domains like .com domains, which make up 46.5% of all websites. Other top level domain names include: .org, .net, and .edu.When selecting a domain name, stick to top level domains like .com and .net, since more obscure domains can look spammy. There are exceptions, and some websites with other types of domains do well. However, in general it is best to choose a common, top level domain.

Make It Brief and Memorable 

Your law firm domain name should not be longer than 15 characters. Short domain names are easier to type, remember and share. 

Avoid Using Hyphens and Numbers

Avoid using hyphens or other separators between words in your domain. This sends a “spam” signal to consumers, and makes your domain name look suspicious. (Remember that psychology is in play with domain names.) Word separators and numbers inserted within the domain name break it up and make it less memorable, so stick with just letters. 

Do Not Include Difficult Words

Even if you specialize in defending cases that involve Benzodiazepines, it would be best not to include a difficult word like this in your domain name. Avoid names that contain legal jargon or words that are difficult to spell. If your own last name is long or complicated, avoid using it in your domain name as well. Test your proposed domain name this way: tell ten people the domain name and ask them to spell it. If more than two have trouble spelling it, you should simplify it. 

Ditch Superlatives and Comparatives

Your law firm may be the busiest bankruptcy law firm in the area, but avoid using words like “best” and “better” in your domain name. Most states have strict guidelines for legal advertising, and this includes your domain name.  State guidelines vary, but in general it is best to avoid using comparison words in your domain name.

Confirm Name Availability

You might think you have the perfect domain name, but before you get excited about it, check to see if the name is already in use. Tools like Knowem can tell you if another business is already using the domain name, or if the name is trademarked. 

Utilize A Domain Name Generator

You may have a few words that you know you want to insert in your domain name. If so, you can use a domain name generator to spit out possible choices. These helpful tools can tweak your ideas into domain names that are ready and available. Some of these tools include: Wordoid, Lean Domain Search, and DomainHole

How Law Quill Can Help

Choosing a law firm domain name needs a lot of careful thought. A strategic domain name can contribute to rankings, and it can help visitors find you more easily. Consider the above suggestions and things to avoid when selecting the ideal law firm domain name, because in the end, it should be the best reflection of your business. 

We are here to help and would welcome the opportunity to visit with you for free regarding your law firm website’s content, and how we can take these tasks off your plate! Schedule a free visit with us by scheduling a quick phone or zoom call at your convenience on our calendar today. You can also email us at support@lawquill.com.