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The rollercoaster ride of the previous years is almost over, and today is on the horizon. Digital marketing never stops, and if you want your law firm to compete in today’s time, start looking at the hottest legal digital marketing trends for the fresh, new year ahead. What are the best strategies for promoting your law firm? Read on to learn more about crucial opportunities for legal digital marketing. 

Legal Digital Marketing Trends

Legal digital marketing trends for small law firms uses online technology to advertise and promote legal services. Focusing on computers, mobile devices and various digital platforms, digital marketing is the preferred modern strategy.  There are four main ways for law firms to advertise online, and each method has its pros and cons. They include:

  • SEO is a good investment of time and money, since it is effective and long lasting. Unlike other methods of advertising, SEO doesn’t get used up or go away once it has been applied.
  • PPC is “Pay per click” advertising and it can gather immediate client leads. The drawback is that once you have gotten the clicks, your money is spent, and when you stop paying for PPC, you will no longer get those leads. 
  • Social Media can build your brand, educate your ideal client persona, and draw visitors to your website.
  • Attorney Directories, when optimized fully, are an outstanding way to promote your law firm and its services.  

SEO and Legal Digital Marketing Trends

SEO (search engine optimization) is an effective marketing strategy that demands time and effort, but offers solid results.  By the use of carefully chosen key words and phrases in online bodies of text, SEO is ideal for legal digital marketing. SEO has been around a while now, but what are the cutting-edge SEO trends?

SEO in Spanish

The numbers report that Hispanics make up 17% of our U.S. population, and this group is growing rapidly. Allow your digital marketing strategy to reflect this trend — especially to the younger Hispanic audience. Seriously consider creating original content with SEO in Spanish for your law firm’s website. Do not simply translate existing English SEO into Spanish, since the translated phrases might be awkward or inconsistent after translation. Transcreation for SEO is better than translation, because it adapts the message into the language while preserving its original intent, style and context. 

Video Marketing

Video marketing can capture interest and attention like text cannot, and it allows your law firm to have current, appealing content you can share in a variety of online venues.You can optimize your videos for search engines and track the metrics to see how video is performing as a piece of your marketing plan. 


Your law firm’s podcast can be a highly effective tool, attracting potential clients and establishing your authority. When you transcribe your podcast, you can employ SEO and boost up your search engine rankings in the process. When guests appear on your podcast, they can provide a link to your podcast on their own website, which creates a positive, ongoing web of support for your digital marketing strategy. 

Continue Quality Content

Quality content is still an essential foundation for your law firm’s website and legal digital marketing trends, because it gives a key guide to legal matters and can direct consumers to contact you. Make your website a trusted resource with relevant, top-notch content that is optimized for SEO.

Voice Search Optimization

Consider the growing trend of voice search when producing website content and considering legal digital marketing trends. If your website is not already optimized for voice search, this is the year to jump in. Voice search has been trending for a while, and is surpassing everyone’s expectations. Voice assistants are here for the long-term, and if your website is not prepared and ready for voice search, you will be missing out on a big chunk of search engine volume.

PPC and Legal Digital Marketing Trends

Pay-per-click (PPC) results can be quick and impressive. Also called a “paid search”, PPC enables a law firm to bid on keywords and pay when people click on these. Here are two sharp trends for PPC:

Google Search Ads in Spanish

As mentioned before, digital marketing to the Hispanic population is a growing opportunity, and it has significant potential. You can start tapping this neglected resource by making one quick change immediately: check your ad campaigns and change those that are “English-only” and adjust them to include Spanish. When a user interfaces using Spanish, your Ads will automatically switch over to Spanish. 

Google Display Ads

Another key opportunity for law firm growth, the Google Display Network is a powerful way to reach 90% of internet users. The Google Display Network offers ads to target audiences when they are otherwise occupied online, or when they are in the middle of browsing and getting ready to buy. When a potential client is researching legal services and considering their options, Google Display Ads can direct them.


Social Media and Legal Digital Marketing Trends

The past year was a positive one for social network growth and engagement. Even though 2020 lockdowns were a possible reason for this, experts do not expect social media use to decline; in fact just the opposite. Here are some essential social media strategies for legal digital marketing in the year ahead.


Facebook is a preferred and powerful tool for lawyers and there are a few strong trends. 

  • Facebook Ads for Law Firms is a proven and successful way to invest in digital marketing. The cost-per-click of Facebook Ads is less than for Google Ads, but Facebook use is on the rise — so this is a great opportunity. 
  • Organic growth through posting. Promote your law firm by creating appealing and consistent posts, targeted to your ideal client (create a buyer persona). For many law firms, Hispanic individuals are an ideal and untapped client base.


Your law firm should have a brand, and Instagram is a superb place to promote it. Offer regular law firm updates with stories and posts to keep in touch with your followers and to draw new ones. Explore the use of Instagram ads as a way to connect with and retarget consumers who click on them. 

Other Social Media 

This year may uncover more popular social media platforms, so stay alert to other emerging trends and be ready to share your brand. 

Attorney Directories 

Online legal directories (such as, LegalZoom,, and are a vital, fast-growing marketing opportunity. In order to capitalize on these directories for successful digital marketing, your law firm’s listing must be optimized. You can learn more about using attorney directories by visiting their sites, but for most of them, it is a preferred strategy to fill out a complete profile rather than include just bare bones information. There are optional upgrades, and listing your law firm in multiple directories may be an effective game plan as well. 

What Is Legal SEO?

Learning about legal SEO can allow you to gain a better understanding of the importance of following legal marketing trends. Legal SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process that law firms employ to encourage prospective clients to visit their websites. Essentially, it involves improving a law firm website’s ranking in search engine results. By implementing a series of SEO principles, law firms can help their website to appear near the top of a search result’s first page when potential clients look up certain terms on websites like Bing and Google. Usually, this results in more visitors to the firm’s website, improving the firm’s chances of securing more clients.

When thinking about legal SEO, it is crucial to note that it does not take into account paid ads on search engines. Instead, it considers organic results that appear in search engine results. By ranking highly in organic searches, visitors are more likely to follow the link to your site where they can learn about your legal services. When looking to optimize your law firm’s website for SEO, it is vital to determine how to make your firm rankly highly in search engine results. This is particularly challenging as there is no exact way of doing this. Despite this, law firms can employ several methods to better their chances of achieving a top ranking on sites like Google. By learning the factors that search engines consider when identifying the most useful websites for users, you can attract the attention of potential clients. Typically, the following factors can affect legal SEO:

  • Content quality: Search engines consider the quality of the website’s content when ranking law firm websites. This includes whether the content is unique, informative, and useful.
  • Links: Additionally, search engines tend to rank authoritative websites more highly than others. One way of demonstrating to a search engine that your law firm’s website is credible and authoritative is when your site contains internal and external links, alongside when other websites link to your firm’s site.
  • User-friendliness: Another key factor that impacts a law firm’s search engine ranking involves how user-friendly the site is. This includes how quickly the site loads and whether your website is easy to navigate.

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Do Lawyers Need Marketing?

Before identifying the latest legal marketing trends, it can be useful to outline whether lawyers need marketing. While excellent legal knowledge is essential for lawyers to succeed, those with effective business development and marketing skills tend to perform better than those without these traits. According to the American Bar Association, marketing for lawyers hardly existed a few decades ago and, as the market has evolved and more firms entered the industry, it has now become vital for firms to survive. For lawyers working in the private sector, it is important to remember that they are essentially working for a business and require as many sales as possible for the business to thrive. To do this, it is necessary to inform potential clients of your firm’s legal services, which is only possible through marketing. Moreover, to carry out successful legal marketing, it is essential to follow the latest legal marketing trends and adapt your firm’s marketing efforts to meet these developments.

Last, but not Least: CONTENT, CONTENT, CONTENT! 

How Law Quill Can Help With Legal Digital Marketing Trends

Less people are commuting to work and viewing billboards, and more people are searching for relevant legal information and help online. Legal digital marketing can transform your law firm and the trends are constantly changing. Consider doing more to reach the Hispanic population, fully employ social media, optimize ads, use directories and SEO in order to create a vibrant legal digital marketing plan in the year ahead.  

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