5 Ways To Perfect Your Law Firm’s About Me Page On Your Website

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Your law firm’s About Me Page is one of the most popular spots on your website, so it is crucial to make it shine. This is not the place to display stock photos and list dry details about the 1874 founding of your law firm. Your law firm’s About Me Page is the place to boost your brand, engage website visitors and connect them to real people. It is the venue where all of your efforts regarding your small digital marketing can finally have a place on the internet. It can highlight what your firm has accomplished, and how you can help future clients. If you need to get started on your law firm’s About Me Page, or if your existing page needs improvement, here are 5 ways to perfect it.

Watch Your Language

Avoid Legal Jargon

It is essential to find the ideal balance between professional website copy and potentially confusing legal language. When in doubt, ditch the jargon, speak in plain English and avoid using acronyms. When writing your law firm’s About Me page, ask yourself if it would be clearly understood by a website visitor who does not have a legal background. Allow a friend outside the legal profession to read it and give suggestions. If you mention your favorable legal ranking or list a professional award received, take time to explain why your legal achievement matters to your potential clients and why this makes your law firm stand out. 

Use a Strategic Point of View

Choose a written point of view that says exactly what you want to say. For example:

  • First person point of view might say: We offer aggressive criminal defense. This point of view may suggest that you are intensely engaged and approachable.
  • Second person point of view might say: You need a compassionate advocate as you navigate the legal system. This point of view focuses on the needs and feelings of the client.
  • Third-person point of view might say: Our law firm provides knowledgeable experience in the area of estate planning. This point of view can appear objective and commanding.

The perspective you decide on depends on the distinctives of your particular law firm and the meaning you would like to convey to potential clients. Whichever point of view you choose, just make sure you stick with it, instead of veering from one to another throughout your law firm’s About Me page. 

Polish Your Profile

Your potential clients want to find a lawyer who will understand them, translate the law for them, and advocate for them. Keep these things in mind as you create a quality profile for each of your law firm’s team members. When a profile stands out, it will not merely attract prospective clients. A well-developed profile page has a better chance of a successful ranking in the search engines, boosting your online image. Consider these elements when you polish your profile:

Write a Killer Bio

Your professional biography (bio) can help you close the deal with potential clients before they ever walk through your door. Statistics report that 80% of traffic to legal websites is driven by views of attorney bios, and when general counsel seeks to hire, the influence of an attorney’s bio ranks second after a personal recommendation. Pair your bio with a top-notch photo that shows you are human, friendly, and professional. 

Add Background and Experience

Both new and experienced lawyers can write about their educational background, how they are connected to the local area and why they pursued the legal profession. Your small law firm digital marketing plan and your website should always include information about your legal experience, talent and passion for helping clients. New lawyers can mention what type of legal matters they handle and why they focused on this type of law. 

Voice Your Mission

Your profile can include your personal mission and philosophy about your work. Using rich, action-oriented words will outline your talent and give potential clients a picture of how you can help them. 

Reveal Personal Details

When you share something personal about yourself, people are more likely to relate to you. Consider mentioning your hobbies, interests, and organizations you support as well as any awards, honors, or media coverage you have experienced.  In the end, people do business with people (not buildings or logos). Take this real estate on your law firm’s website to really highlight who you are as a person to make yourself more relatable. 


Connect With Future Clients

Your law firm’s About Me page is the place to explain exactly what you do, what you have accomplished, and what types of clients you can help. It is your opportunity to explain your commitment to the legal profession and your dedication to each and every client. This offers visitors a personal link to your law firm, which may increase the likelihood that they will contact you. Remember to keep website copy engaging and brief. If there is a lot to say on a topic, provide a link to another page where anyone can go for more information. The following are some key items to consider listing on your page:

  • Recognition, awards or certificates or other notable events that showcase your law firm’s accomplishments
  • Charitable organizations that your law firm supports
  • Community service projects, volunteer work or pro bono projects in which your law firm’s members have participated
  • Client reviews and testimonials

Help Visitors Visualize

Your small law firm marketing plan should help you gain more potential clients. Your future clients do not know you yet, but try to help them grasp what it will be like to work with you. Assist potential clients by addressing questions such as:

  • Do you offer a free consultation?
  • Do you understand issues like mine?
  • Can I trust you to fix my problem?
  • Do you work on a contingency fee basis?
  • Why are you the one lawyer I should hire?

Another way to help visitors visualize you and your team is to watch you in action through a law firm video. Make it a quality piece of work and avoid creating one that is overly promotional. Video ideas include: a recent charitable event you attended, a tour of your office, or interviews with team members. Remember: people do business with people. 

Distinguish Your Differences

Your law firm’s About Me page can set you apart from your competitors. What makes your law firm unique? If you represent personal injury victims, perhaps you have access to a group of skilled medical experts and investigators who will provide phenomenal service to your clients. Maybe your criminal defense law firm employs former police officers or prosecutors. Include any key information which distinguishes you from the rest, and makes it logical for prospective clients to choose you. Examples of distinguishing differences include:

  • Flexible fees
  • Unique technology
  • Media recognition
  • Awards, accolades and certifications
  • Specialty staff who enhance your law firm’s team
  • Home visits
  • Experience in a legal niche market

Law Quill | 5 Ways To Perfect Your Law Firm’s About Me Page On Your Website

How Do You Write an Attorney Bio for a Website?

Below are some final helpful tips to consider when writing attorney bios for law firm About Us pages and law firm About Me pages:

Understand Your Audience

To write an effective attorney bio, it is important to phrase the content in a way that speaks to your existing and prospective clients. The primary purpose of this bio is to gain new clients, so make sure you thoroughly research the intended audience beforehand.

Create a Strong Introduction

Attorney bios for law firm About Us pages and law firm About Me pages act as elevator pitches that encourage potential clients to contact law firms to find out more about their services. Due to this, writing a strong introduction that mentions the lawyer’s experience and how they can help clients is crucial.

Write in the First Person

Seeing as an attorney’s bio refers to your background, it can be effective to write it from your perspective. When doing this, avoid including promotional material and, instead, convey information that outlines how your services can assist the reader.

Mention the Client Issues Your Firm Can Solve

Effective attorney bios mention how the lawyer can resolve a client’s legal issues and improve their lives. With this in mind, focus your bio on the benefits you can provide to clients and how your services differ from your competitors while using specifics to support your claims.

Outline Your Practice Areas and Expertise Clearly

Most individuals scan websites when they visit them, so ensure you clearly outline the industries you focus on and your practice areas. When doing this, make sure you mention your recent achievements and prioritize this over your legal studies.

Add Testimonials

One of the most effective ways of encouraging potential clients to use your services is by including positive reviews when writing your attorney bio. Consider using quotes from recent client testimonials, law firm rankings, other lawyers you have worked with, or case studies, but ensure you gain permission before doing so.

Include Examples of Your Work

Rather than just stating that you are an excellent lawyer, consider including examples of your work in your attorney bio to illustrate this. Allow prospective clients to determine from your accomplishments whether you are the right lawyer for them, using specific case studies if possible.

Avoid Legal Jargon

Most of the general public may not understand any legal jargon you mention in an attorney bio, so including it may alienate your intended audience. While your target audience may include other lawyers, the recommended approach is to use direct language instead.

Be Personable

When writing your attorney bio, it is vital to remember that relationships are key to success in the legal industry. Because of this, adding elements of your personality might be beneficial. While keeping the bio professional, consider mentioning why you wanted to become a lawyer, what your interests are, and why clients want to work with you, alongside why you enjoy helping clients to resolve their legal issues.

Optimize the Page for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

As with any online content, optimizing the attorney bio for SEO is essential. To do this, consider how your target audience carries out online searches and mirror the language this audience is likely to use. Additionally, ensure you include geographical information concerning your firm’s location and add any crucial keywords, which you may determine through keyword research.

How Law Quill Can Help Your About Me Page

After leaving the home page, many researchers show that your law firm’s About Me page is often the next destination for visitors. It is clearly worth the time investment to develop and refine the information and images found there. Always communicate to your future clients in a way they can understand, and choose a point of view that reflects your law firm. Produce a complete, quality profile that reaches out and connects with your visitors, helping them understand how you can assist them with their legal issues. Finally, outline the benefits of your law firm and tell the world why you stand out from your competitors. Your law firm’s About Me page, once it is polished and perfected, can tell your law firm’s story, inspire confidence in website visitors, and help add to your growing list of clients. 

If you would like a free consultation regarding how to increase traffic on your law firm’s About Me or About Us Page, or any part of your small law firm’s online marketing strategy, we would welcome the opportunity to visit with you for free. Schedule a free visit with us by scheduling a quick phone or zoom call at your convenience on our calendar today. You can also email us at support@lawquill.com. You can visit Law Quill’s About Me Page here, if you are curious!