Law Quill | 7 Steps to Optimize Your Law Firm's Facebook Page

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What Is Facebook Optimization?

Facebook page optimization refers to the implementation of several practices to improve a Facebook marketing campaign, which law firms can introduce both before and after publishing content and ads. Specifically, these practices help law firms distinguish their Facebook page from their competitors. Here are several examples of the results you can expect from effective Facebook page optimization:

  • Better click-through rates
  • Enhanced sales without necessarily spending more on advertising
  • Improved exposure to a larger audience
  • Reduced costs of Facebook Ads

How Do I Optimize My Facebook Page for 2023?

According to the Chamber of Commerce, law firms can optimize their Facebook page by adjusting it to meet client requirements. Consider these tips to learn how to carry out effective Facebook page optimization for 2023:

Avoid Random Posts

One effective way of achieving Facebook page optimization involves avoiding random posts. When you publish Facebook posts without carefully considering the content, this often produces few results. Instead, aim to publish posts that align with your law firm’s goals, and think about why individuals originally liked your law firm’s Facebook page and publish content that reflects this.

Doing this helps grow your audience and improves your firm’s relationship with its existing social media followers. When creating posts, remember that if you aim to produce content that forms a connection with your audience, they are more likely to consider your firm first when they require legal services.

Include CTAs

After writing your content, consider what you would like the reader to do once they finish perusing it. Then, include a call-to-action (CTA) in each post to encourage the reader to complete this task. Not only does this help improve sales and conversions, but it also encourages more people to engage with the content, which improves its visibility on Facebook.

Review Your Firm’s Cover Photo

Consider reviewing your firm’s cover photo and potentially changing it, particularly if your firm has an established Facebook page but has the same original cover image. Doing this gives your firm’s followers new content to look at, as Facebook publishes these updates as posts, and is a good way of engaging with your target audience. Some potential ideas when doing this include:

  • Regularly changing the cover image to reflect upcoming events or new seasons
  • Using photo collages
  • Manipulating the same cover image with photo editing software

Experiment with Different Image Posts

Previously, there was only one way to post images on Facebook. In recent years, Facebook has introduced varied ways of posting images, such as uploading photos as part of a carousel or slideshow.

Consider experimenting with these different image posts and monitor the results of each to see which types of content your prospective clients prefer. After doing this, make sure you carry out periodic experiments, particularly if Facebook introduce new posting features.

Use Facebook Live

Generally, it is a good idea to utilize any new feature that Facebook introduces, as Facebook’s algorithm favors content that does this. With this in mind, consider using Facebook Live to connect with your audience. To achieve good engagement levels when doing this, give your prospective clients plenty of notice, so they know when to expect live content.

7 Steps to Optimize Your Law Firm’s Facebook Page

These days, it is not enough to simply practice law. Besides the basic legal duties, your law firm must check off tasks related to your online marketing goals. Building your law firm’s brand, producing website content, and handling social media are all examples of what your modern law firm has on its plate. Your law firm’s Facebook page is one of these crucial areas to keep monitoring and managing, because any of Facebook’s 1.37 billion (with a “b”) daily users could be your future clients. As busy attorneys organize their priorities and consider their law firm’s Facebook page, questions surface, such as: What should I be posting? How can our page be most effective? How do I find the time? Should we invest in ads, or just keep going organically? If you want to optimize your law firm’s Facebook page for maximum results, here are some steps to make it more effective. 

Engage, Engage

Many law firms have jumped into Facebook, hoping to establish authority and trust in their friends and followers. After waiting for clients to flood in, it is not uncommon for law firms to feel that their Facebook page is not living up to their expectations of more leads and business. Oftentimes, this is because users do not make time for regular and consistent engagement. More than likes, friends and follows, engagement is what attracts and boosts your law firm’s Facebook presence. Once your law firm makes engagement a priority on Facebook, it can potentially become a powerful channel for reaching more clients.

Add Images, Video and Hashtags To Your Law Firm’s Facebook Page 

Maybe it is obvious, but Facebook is a visual social platform, and compelling images are key ways to attract attention. If your law firm employs team members who are gifted artistically, get them on board, or hire out to bring your Facebook posts to a new level of visual appeal. Facebook visitors will probably not linger on dense chunks of text about your latest courtroom victory, but they may be captured by a video clip on the same topic. To quickly optimize your Facebook page, start including more captioned photos, cartoons, attractive quotes and illustrations. The use of video is popular and growing on all social media outlets, so keep these helpful hints in mind when adding video to your law firm’s Facebook page:

  • Create videos that are three minutes or less.
  • Add SEO to video clips by using descriptions and titles with keywords included. 
  • Use videos that are native to Facebook, instead of uploading from another site. Videos that originate from Facebook receive priority in feeds.
  • Legal ethics guidelines are different for every state, but most states require that videos feature real members of your law firm, instead of paid actors.

Another way to expand your connection on Facebook is through the use of hashtags. Using a legal hashtag such as #elderlaw can increase your audience and drive interested users to your content.

Expand Your Audience

The gear icon on the top right corner of your Facebook page contains a variety of options.  You can select the ability to post content on other pages, depending on the page’s privacy settings. Adding additional content like this can promote your material to a wider audience. Accessing the “Admin Panel” control allows you to choose the “Build Audience” button, where you can request other users to like your page. As you boost your contacts, be sure to stay engaged with them through messaging. Aim to respond as soon as possible to any messages you receive, because Facebook rates its pages for response time. Return messages quickly, even if you must respond with “Thanks for your message; I will get back to you with an answer ASAP.” 

Be Personal and Professional on Your Law Firm’s Facebook Page

Let your law firm’s Facebook page broadcast your unique personality to potential clients. Speak in jargon-free language about concerns that impact your audience. Current events and local issues are great material for Facebook posts, so let your commentary shine. Even if most of your connections are prospective clients, you can also connect with colleagues and other legal professionals. Engaging with other leaders in the legal profession by liking and sharing their content can give increased exposure and build stronger professional relationships. Finally, with all of your posts, likes and shares, never forget that your Facebook page could be a user’s first introduction to your law firm. Always stay within ethical guidelines and think carefully before you post or comment.


Schedule Posts

It can save you time and stress to schedule your content. Large and mid-sized law firms may have the luxury of a full-time marketing team, but solo and smaller law firms do not. So, take advantage of the tools that can assist you in posting content to your Facebook page. Facebook has its own scheduling feature, which can make it easier to plan your posts at strategic times of day. Using a comprehensive scheduling tool to work for you (I love SmarterQueue ) can be a great asset in staying consistent with your social media management. Scheduling tools use automation to make you appear active at any time of day, or on holidays and weekends. 

Ask for and Answer Client Reviews on Your Law Firm’s Facebook Page

Need some powerful, free advertising for your law firm? Take advantage of client reviews on your law firm’s Facebook page. Although most attorneys are reluctant to request client reviews, a satisfied client is usually happy to provide one.  Asking for client reviews should be a priority, since they greatly impact an individual’s decision to contact or hire a law firm. Even if you have a bunch of stellar Google reviews, do not forget to use Facebook as another solid review platform. Facebook reviews allow anyone to see how clients rate businesses, and your potential clients will definitely be checking for client reviews before hiring your law firm. What about bad reviews? Although getting a bad review can be discouraging, one negative review will not impact your law firm significantly. In fact, a negative review is an opportunity to showcase your gracious and professional attitude. Remember to respond to every review, whether positive or negative. This will show visitors that you value feedback and you regularly engage with your clients. 

Law Quill | 7 Steps to Optimize Your Law Firm's Facebook Page

Purchase Facebook Ads

Facebook is a business, and they are always trying to profit from content through the use of ads. When you use paid ads to promote your posts, more people will see your content displayed in their feeds. So, to gain the most from Facebook, you should consider buying ads. Facebook ads are relatively cheap and there are various options. You can “boost” a post, which expands your reach amongst present fans and friends. You can also choose to sponsor a status update, which targets a certain demographic. A paid update like this can advertise your law firm to previously unreached individuals. To get ideas, try viewing ads purchased by your legal competitors, which are all visible through Facebook’s Ad Library.

How Law Quill Can Help Your Social Media Marketing 

Boosting your law firm’s marketing goals through your Facebook page does not have to be a daunting task. Using a scheduling tool, adding more visuals and purchasing ads can help your law firm expand its audience. Make it a priority to ask for and respond to reviews, and stay professional as you engage with your growing list of leads and clients. Even better, contact Law Quill to do your social media marketing for you! 

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