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Founder/Owner of Law Quill

Headshot - Annette Choti

Annette Choti, Esq. is an attorney with over two decades of legal experience. After leaving the law, she worked for several large digital marketing agencies. Ultimately, she created Law Quill as a full-service digital marketing agency that operates as an in-house marketing team for law firms, at a fraction of the cost. 

Annette is a Christian, a wife to amazing husband, and a mom to an incredible daughter. She is a sci-fi/fantasy geek and loves Lord of the Rings, Doctor Who, Star Trek (TNG!), and Battlestar Galactica. Fun Fact: Annette did her graduate work in theatre and film and performed professional comedy before going to law school. She loves traveling the world, and even converted a Sprinter Van with her husband to travel the United States. 

Please take a moment to meet the rest of the amazing Law Quill team below, and we look forward to visiting with you soon! 

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The Law Quill Team

Robin Ladziak

Director of Operations
Robin has over 20 years of experience in managing teams and developing policies and procedures from the ground up. She brings her years of management and administrative genius to Law Quill, and ensures that the entire team operates effectively and efficiently.

Sam Bretzmann

Director of SEO & Backlinks
Sam has been developing SEO & backlink strategies for nearly a decade. His dedication and meticulous attention to detail creates a comprehensive strategy that allows law firms to see astronomical results quickly.

Chris Majernik

Director of Branding & Websites
Chris has been designing websites for 25 years, and specializing in law firm websites for the past decade. Her brilliant & stunning designs have been responsible for increased web traffic for law firms throughout the United States and Canada.

Sarah Carpenter

Lead Editor/Project Manager
Sarah Carpenter is a digital communications consultant and part-time college English instructor who enjoys puns, punctuation, and parentheses. She believes that hyperlinks are just footnotes that have finally achieved their destiny.

Lydia Novak

Project Manager
Featured in Forbes magazine at the early age of 14, Lydia now brings her social media, graphic design, and project management experience to Law Quill.

Megan Hirt

Megan has worked full time as a magazine editor and copy editor since 2009. She is a graduate of the University of Kansas with bachelor’s degrees in journalism and French.

Madison Hughes

Senior Writer/Project Writer
As one of Law Quill's most prolific writers, Mady brings the trifecta of expertise, authority, and trustworthiness to all of her legal content.

Kasia Nelson, Esq.

Kasia is an experienced attorney that consistently provides Law Quill clients with content that showcases lawyers as thought leaders in their practice areas, gaining them the respect of their peers and potential clients.

Jane Duncan, Esq.

June is a practicing attorney who has written content for law firms for more than a decade. She provides Law Quill clients with top-quality content that incorporates both in-depth legal knowledge and real-life experience.

Valerie Keene, Esq.

Valerie Keene is an accomplished lawyer, legal writer, and editor with over 10 years of experience in the content marketing industry.

Samantha Wolfgang

Samantha is an accomplished legal writer with years of specific experience dedicated to legal writing.

Melissa Wallace

With over 12 years of paralegal experience, Melissa understands how to bring her exceptional legal knowledge to her writing.

Theresa Carlson

With years of legal content writing experience, Theresa brings exceptional content to Law Quill clients that is always legally accurate and ethically compliant.

Andrii Daniels

With nearly a decade of legal content writing experience, Andrii is one of Law Quill's top writers and strives to provide clients with valuable, well-researched, and legally accurate content.

Natasha Daya

Natasha has written content for law firms for years, and brings her detail-oriented and a depth of legal knowledge to all the content she provides for Law Quill clients.

Wendy Miller

Wendy's legal writing skills are precise and accurate, as she always strikes the perfect balance between showcasing legal authority and ensuring layperson understandability.

Renan Viana da Silva

Graphic Designer
With almost a decade of experience, Renan creates stunning images that immediately persuade users to stop their scroll and pay attention to a law firm's branding & message online.

Max Pickup

Max has written on legal topics for several years and uses this experience alongside his law and journalism studies to create helpful, readable, and accurate content for clients.

Elliot Figueira

Having displayed a keen interest in the written word from an early age, Elliott has expertise in writing on sophisticated legal and financial subjects. From in-depth research to his ability to make complex information easy to understand, Elliot delights in every aspect of his creative process.

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