Law Quill | Avoid These Spending Traps When Investing In Law Firm Marketing

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Any law firm that wants to grow should create a solid marketing plan, and this presents its own set of questions. How do you pinpoint the best way to spend your marketing dollars? How do you know if you are being overcharged? And how do you really know if your investment will pay off in the end? Law firms can fall into spending traps regarding their marketing strategy, and it is frustrating to discover this after making the wrong choice. Consider your law firm’s own marketing plan as you examine the following spending traps that can happen in law firm marketing. 

Creating a Plan You Don’t Stick To

Building an effective strategy takes a lot of work, but a few different things can happen. You make a plan, and the boss wants to approve every post. Your law firm may follow a plan for a while, then something disrupts the routine and it falls away. Or, after pouring time and resources into one plan, the first gets discarded in favor of something better, but the second never gets executed.  It is easy to lose sight of the goal, consider the plan restrictive and resort to random, ineffective posting. The best way to make your plan effective is to create something, automate it and stick to it. After putting it into practice, take time to revisit it, improve it and keep going. 

A “Good Enough” Website

Some law firms feel that their website is good enough as it is. Years go by, and nothing changes. Over time, content gets stale and outdated and the design begins to look sooo last decade. It is crucial to keep in mind that your law firm’s website is the first introduction you may have to your potential clients. These days, a website needs to be mobile-friendly, user-friendly and load as fast as lightning. If your law firm’s website was initially designed with one of those free website-creating packages, it might be time to step up your game. You can boost the functionality of your website by revamping its appearance, inserting SEO, and following the customer journey through analytics. Outdated, low-quality websites have a high bounce rate and end up not attracting new clients. Since your website is a key part of any law firm’s marketing strategy, take steps to enhance it.

Word of Mouth Only

Word of mouth, or referrals, is a powerful source of new business, but keep in mind that consumer behaviors have changed. Even with a solid referral, prospective clients will check you out online before hiring you. They will view your website, your reviews, your brand and your social media presence. Realize that while personal referrals are an incredible resource, they need to be boosted by your digital visibility.  Make sure what they see is a strong, positive online presence.

Hiring the Wrong Person

How do you know who to hire? Although people market themselves as specialists, it is important that they gel with your brand, and that their efforts will make a difference in the long run. Start by using a consultant who can give you advice and direction. When hiring freelancers or ghost writers, gather up some samples of their work before hiring them. Once you have found the right people, do not expect immediate results. Allow a well-crafted strategy enough time to work; progress will not happen overnight. Marketing campaigns may need testing, changing and tweaking for the best results. Consistency and repetition are crucial components of a marketing plan, so allow time for the marketing strategy to work.

Thinking All Paid Ads Will Pay Off

Paying for ad content does not guarantee an eager audience or instant results. Success with online marketing is both a science and an art, and it may take trial and error. You not only need to produce great content, but you need to find the right audience to view it. When all of the pieces of the puzzle are there, it is easier to put it all together and make it work. 

This includes:

  • Excellence service
  • A quality website
  • A clear, recognizable brand
  • Properly targeted ads
  • Relevant posts
  • Valuable content
  • Repetition and consistency

Lack of Authenticity

Consumers are smart, they can smell spam a mile away, and they are numb to the same old familiar strategies. They can sense an automated funnel coming at them in the form of retargeting ads and unwanted emails. Authenticity is lacking in the cyber world, so if your law firm is authentic in its marketing, it will stand out. Your potential clients want to resonate with your company on a deeper level, and will be more likely to hire you if they feel you are authentic, and they share your brand values. Make your law firm’s brand authentic by:

  • Being conversational in your marketing voice
  • Personalizing your marketing connections whenever possible
  • Telling your audience who you are and what you stand for
  • Avoiding jargon or talking down to your audience
  • Showing your audience what causes you support

Trend Chasing

Looking at other businesses, including your competitors, can give you marketing inspiration, but do not be tempted to chase every trend that comes along. What works for another law firm may not work for you, your niche audience and your brand. Just because another law firm dives into Tik Tok and produces a weekly podcast does not mean that this is an ideal path for your company. Examine new platforms wisely. Test them to see if your audience is there, resonating with your message. Invest in the platforms that will work and ignore the trends that do not fit your brand, marketing strategy and budget.

Considering Only Price

One of the most common traps for law firm marketing is to shop only based on price. Although you want to stay within your budget, your law firm must make a proper initial investment. Marketing plans do not always have immediate linear returns, and you need to spend enough to gain traction where you need it. Experts who truly know their business may cost more than inexperienced, low-priced options, and a customized plan will probably offer a better return than an off-the-shelf solution.

If your law firm settles for an average solution, you may simply get an average return. Choosing a qualified marketing firm that understands the legal profession may bring a better solution than an average or low-priced budget plan.

Law Quill | Avoid These Spending Traps When Investing In Law Firm Marketing

Law Firm Marketing Tips

To explore some helpful marketing suggestions, review this guidance from the U.S Small Business Administration. Alongside this, here are some law firm marketing tips for you to consider:

  • Focus on SEO. Perhaps the most important of all law firm marketing tips, focusing on SEO involves creating a user-friendly website that contains content that your prospective clients value. This results in your previous website visitors returning due to the helpfulness of the information and attracting new visitors because of improved online search visibility.
  • Prioritize reviews. Many individuals look for lawyers by perusing online reviews. With this in mind, focus your efforts on gaining lots of positive reviews by ensuring you provide an excellent service and establishing your firm on multiple business and legal directory websites to enable your previous clients to leave feedback.
  • Develop relationships. This entails developing good relationships within your firm’s local community to increase your law firm’s referrals and building solid relationships with the sources of your existing referrals.

Law Firm Marketing Services

Below are some examples of typical law firm marketing services:

  • Web design: This involves creating websites from scratch or optimizing the design of an existing website to make it more user-friendly, professional, and attractive to a law firm’s target audience.
  • SEO: This refers to adopting specific practices to a law firm’s website, blog, and social media platforms to improve its visibility on search engines, which makes it more likely for prospective clients to become aware of the firm and inquire about its services. Unlike PPC, SEO, which focuses on developing high organic search rankings, typically offers law firms more long-term benefits.
  • PPC: This entails helping law firms establish and manage advertising campaigns that use the pay-per-click (PPC) model, whereby a law firm pays every time someone clicks on the link, which normally appears at the top of online search results.
  • Branding: Some law firm marketing services also focus on helping law firms to create their brand or develop their existing one. This might involve changing the firm’s name, improving an existing logo, adopting a new color scheme, or introducing a new slogan that better reflects the firm’s values.
  • Copywriting: Typically, this service focuses on creating new content for law firms, such as web copy, articles, blogs, press releases, or email or social media marketing content. The aim here is to provide helpful, engaging, and original content that helps persuade prospective clients to use the firm’s services while also adopting SEO practices to improve search engine rankings.

Some Legal Marketing Agencies Are Risky

By opting for Law Quill, you can avoid common pitfalls associated with some legal marketing firms. Here are some of the reasons why some legal marketing agencies are risky:

  • Intellectual property (IP) and plagiarism issues: When using a risky law firm marketing agency, they may use images without permission from the owner, or without the correct licensing, alongside committing other IP violations. In addition to IP issues, some law firm marketing agencies may plagiarize content rather than write original material, unlike Law Quill.
  • Unfair competition: Some legal marketing agencies are risky as they may violate laws concerning unfair competition when providing marketing services. These involve making false claims or defaming other law firms when running law firm ads.

How Law Quill Can Help

To avoid marketing traps, start by considering your strategy as a crucial investment in the growth of your law firm. Budget your plan carefully, considering quality besides price. Once in place, stick to your plan, patiently watch it work, then measure your success. Always be authentic, because your potential clients will be scouring your online presence looking to see who you really are. Avoid the temptation to follow every trend that comes along, and stay true to your own brand’s message. 

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