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Because of technology, marketing your law firm is easier now than ever before. However, this means more competition, since everyone else is online, doing the same thing. This is why your law firm needs to distinguish itself, and show potential clients why they should choose your law firm over another. To stand out from the crowd, you can start pouring more advertising dollars into your budget, but there is another way. One of the best kept secrets for promoting your business is to focus your attention on simply being unique. 

7 Ways for Your Law Firm to Be Unique

Not many law firms can truly claim to be uncommonly unique, but you can make your law firm a rare find in a pool of competitors. Here are seven simple ways to make your law firm stand out, serve its clients, and remain successful.

Walk the Talk

Blah blah, blah. Most law firms spout the same, overused phrases:

  • We are committed to our clients!
  • We are dedicated to success!
  • We strive for excellence!

What exactly do these phrases mean? How do they cross over into action? And how do these words make you unique from other law firms?

If you are going to pursue uniqueness, you should forego tired, dull claims and replace them with measurable action points, like these:

  • Create customized communication plans for each client.
  • Offer your clients a law firm app that gives information access 24/7. 
  • Commit to return messages within a set amount of time.
  • Start a blog that answers typical client questions.

Use Transparent and Flexible Pricing

Offer your clients flexible pricing options. COVID has made this especially important, since many individuals and businesses have been impacted by a decreased income. Recent reports say that over 70% of legal professionals voiced concerns that clients would not be able to pay legal bills, and 28% forfeited revenue because clients could not pay. Balancing your fee structure can be tricky, because your law firm must set a market price that clients are willing to pay. The key is to listen to your clients, communicate with them, and set a rate that is workable. Post your prices on your website, and offer flat fees, alternative pricing or hybrid billing options. Most importantly, do not let the bill surprise your client when it arrives. 


Recruit Top Talent

Salaries are the biggest cost for a law firm, and a poor hiring decision can inhibit business growth, restrict your future success and drain resources. Many businesses desire to stand out, but they keep the same old hiring practices as every other law firm. Attracting top talent in 2021 may look different than it did a few years ago, so consider the following tips when looking to hire:

  • Make your law firm’s mission clear. Potential candidates may need to grasp a deeper purpose than a salary and job title. Clearly state your law firm’s mission on your website, and communicate how working for your law firm can make a difference.
  • Offer alternative work scenarios. The days of 9-5 workdays and strict lunch breaks are gone, and modern employees desire more work-life balance. Offer flexible work options, such as four day weeks, working from home or shared positions. 
  • Involve your team. Ask your loyal employees to get on board with LinkedIn searches, interviews, and social media connections to explore hiring options. 
  • Live by your values. Any law firm can say why they are the best, but it is important to display how your law firm lives out their goals and values.
  • Use social media power. You know that any potential employees will be scoping out your social media platforms, so position your law firm well. Posting event photos on social media gives potential candidates a taste of your law firm’s commitment and company culture.

Listen to Your Clients

Your current clients are a key resource when it comes to assessing your stand out strengths. Ask them:

  • Why did you choose our law firm over the competition?
  • Did you come to us after working with another law firm?
  • What features made you decide to hire our law firm?

Listen to their answers and keep doing the things that make your law firm stand out. Capitalize on your unique offerings, because this is a key way to attract more clients in the future.

Give Clients A Great Experience

Client service and client experience are two different things. To assess client experience, ask this question: how do your clients feel about the way they are treated — from the first contact to the case closing? Were they treated with compassion and respect? Did they sense that your fees were transparent? Could they count on you to return their phone call in a timely way?  Was information accessible to them? Were they overwhelmed with legal jargon, or were things explained in a way they could understand? To find out more about your clients and their experiences with your law firm, be sure to follow up client service with a survey, requesting feedback that other clients can view. Great client experiences that are shared through reviews and 5-star ratings can make your law firm stand out from the rest. 

Pursue Unique Marketing

You have your mission statement nailed down and you have gathered some unique characteristics of your law firm, but how do you best communicate this to your target audience? Find unique ways to get the information out to the public, and consider marketing channels that other law firms are ignoring. Even if you choose traditional modes of advertising, you can still express your message in a unique way. The most important thing is to make your message unique, follow best practices, and grab attention in an effective way. Here are a few unique ways to reach out:

  • Write handwritten notes to potential leads
  • Be a guest speaker at a local venue
  • Pass out conference swag at a community event
  • Join Tik Tok and invite people to follow you

Stay Ethical

Being unique makes you memorable. However, it is important to promote your law firm within legal guidelines. Rules of Professional Conduct vary by state, but many states provide similar cautions about the way you advertise your business. When you make a claim about your law firm, always verify that it can be supported by factual data. Avoid voicing phrases such as:

  • “We are the toughest attorneys in town”
  • “Our law firm can get you the recovery you deserve”
  • “We are the best bankruptcy law firm in the state”

Calling your law firm the “most aggressive”, “hardest working” or “best” is discouraged and even unethical by some state standards. However, even if you must avoid these words and phrases, you can find a creative way to say something similar. 

Law Quill | Be Unique!

What Should an Effective Small Law Firm Marketing Plan Include?

Below are the various things to include to create an effective small law firm marketing plan.

  • Business goals: This involves setting SMART, or specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-based, goals. Often, these goals involve desired client numbers or levels of revenue.
  • Target audience: Small law firm marketing plans outline your ideal clients. From this, you can then start developing strategies that target these individuals.
  • Marketing channels: This involves stating how your firm plans to reach its target audience. For instance, you may want to focus on a combination of traditional marketing methods, like billboards and print, alongside digital marketing efforts, such as SEO and social media.
  • Message: This refers to the actual content in your marketing campaigns. To develop your firm’s message, think about the common questions your target audience might ask and how you may answer these.
  • Budget: Here, outline how much of your firm’s resources you want to allocate to marketing efforts. Generally, it is a good idea to invest at least 7% of your firm’s revenue to achieve good results.
  • Steps: This refers to the steps to follow to achieve your firm’s goals, including what to do and when.
  • Monitor and improve: Finally, include how you plan to monitor your marketing efforts so you can constantly improve your firm’s results.

Why Are Small Law Firms Better?

According to the Harvard Business Review, customers often look to smaller companies because of their ability to provide better customer service, and this also applies to law firms. Small law firms are better than larger firms for several other reasons, and creating an effective small law firm marketing plan can help you focus on these reasons to entice prospective clients. Below, you can find out why small law firms are better:

  • Prioritize clients. Larger law firms handle many different clients simultaneously, making it difficult for these organizations to prioritize clients’ needs. In contrast, smaller law firms have fewer clients, meaning they can focus on their clients more.
  • Provide personalized legal services. Small law firms typically spend more time getting to know their clients than larger firms. This allows them to gain a thorough understanding of clients’ cases and offer more personalized legal services.
  • Communicate better. Sometimes, there can be communication issues within larger firms due to the vast amount of legal professionals involved, which can cause errors and wasted time. In small firms, each case often only involves a single lawyer so this is less likely to happen.
  • Be more flexible and available. If a client wants to speak to their lawyer, they can usually do this at any time when working with a small law firm. Conversely, larger firms may not be available to get in contact with after their office hours.
  • Offer specialized services. While larger firms often state that they offer many different services, smaller firms frequently specialize in certain case types. This means smaller firms handle such cases all the time, as opposed to larger firms, so they are more likely to apply this expertise to offer a better service

How Law Quill Can Help

Being a unique business is rooted in a flexible attitude that each team member adopts at every level of service. Once your law firm grabs hold of the vision, your business will continue to find new ways to shine as a distinctive and unique source of legal services that meets client needs in an innovative way. 

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