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You may have designed your law firm’s website with the intention of improving and adding to it, but your busy schedule has gotten in the way. Meanwhile, trends and technology have moved on, and your website may look a little neglected.  Because your website is the first impression you make to prospective clients, it should look visually attractive and well-tended. If your website seems stale and outdated, you may be losing out on potential business, so maybe it is time to consider a change. When you update your law firm’s website, you increase your chances of being found on Google and increase your SEO!

Modernize Your Law Firm Website Design

A dull and dusty website can drive away prospective clients before a second click, so here are a few ways to update your law firm’s website and make it more compelling to visitors. 

Include Videos To Update Your Law Firm’s Website 

In order to break up a dense layout of text, try using video clips on your pages. Visitors favor videos and so does Google and its search engine rankings. Engaging videos do not require the services of a professional videographer;  a steady phone camera will work just as well. 

Use Micro-Animations

Micro-animations are tiny visual pops that draw user attention. Serving as functional guides, they can lead the user around and gently encourage them to follow a call to action. These are a great way to update your law firm’s website. 

Insert Cinemagraphs

Cinemagraphs are essentially photo-video segments, and they are becoming more popular. Cinemagraphs inject a boost of activity into your site, as they loop continuously while they create mood or story background. These living photo snips capture attention and command interest.

Add New Fonts

Fonts matter, even though we do not consciously think about them. Fonts impact your website’s overall appearance, give an instant impression, and can actually affect conversion. Examine different fonts to determine which one will best fit your audience and brand. 

Evaluate Your Content as You Update Your Law Firm’s Website 

Quality, pertinent content is the core of your law firm’s website. Significant content woos potential clients who land on your website with their concerns and queries, so make sure that your content is abundant and fresh, and that it focuses on typical client concerns. Do not forget to tackle and replace off-putting legal jargon. Comb through everything for accuracy and make sure your links are healthy, and never lead the user into a discouraging dead end. If you are interested in refreshing or adding new content, you can always consider outsourcing the writing to a professional!

Refresh Old Content

Browse through the content that has been sitting on your site for a year or more, since outdated content makes a website appear neglected. In addition to this, verify your contact information for accuracy, and include a recent photo of each staff member. Every time your law firm experiences turnover or changes its description or services, update your website and remove any old information. 

Add New Content

It is crucial for your website to be loaded down with a supply of relevant, high-quality content, and adding a blog can bring in over 50% more traffic for your website. Building your content reserves does take time and efforts, but here are some tips to make the process go more smoothly:

  • Update your law firm’s website by adding to your content by regular, scheduled writing.
  • Refresh and rewrite old content
  • Comment on current events using your legal expertise
  • Purchase content already written for you
  • Obtain ideas for content by viewing your competitors’ sites
  • Ask staff members for content ideas
  • Expand on client questions and concerns
  • Hire a digital marketing company that offers law firm content

Increase Functionality

It is crucial to examine how easy it is for visitors to use and travel around your website. Around 75% of website users judge the company based on the functionality of their website, so make yours user-friendly. Making your site optimized for mobile devices is also essential, since most visitors are likely using a mobile device to access your website. Besides your visitors, Google also approves of websites that are mobile-responsive. Ask website visitors and clients for feedback on your website’s ease of use, and try these ideas to maximize the consumer’s experience:

Condense Menu Options

Use a design that offers less options and more fluency. With limited text and simple search functions, you can update your law firm’s website and boost the user experience and make it easier for them to follow a clear call to action. 

Test Page Loading Speed

Each time you add to your website, check the page loading speed, since new components affect this. Website users have a limited attention span; 25% of website visitors will exit a sloggy website if it takes more than four seconds. To reduce page loading speeds, try online tools that can help you test them whenever you add new elements to your site. 

Boost Accessibility

Make it effortless for individuals with disabilities to access your website by considering these steps:

  • Add alt text, which aids the message of images to the user
  • Use bold headings and subheadings, which makes everything more easy to read and follow
  • Place captions on all video clips
  • Insert skip navigation, so screen users and navigate the site more easily
  • Give descriptions to links

Add a FAQ Page

FAQ page should be a key component of your law firm’s website. A list of typical questions gathered from interested visitors or past clients can save you time by directing website visitors to a link to an article on your website or blog, or contact you in person. A FAQ page gives you the opportunity to insert quality keywords, boosting your SEO factor, and it is another way for your law firm to establish itself as a reliable, confident source for legal help. 

Optimize SEO

Every segment of your website must reflect a commitment to SEO. Surprising to many, successful SEO is not haphazardly inserting keywords all across your website pages. To magnify your SEO efforts, your law firm must build a website that gives you clout in the eyes of Google. This includes the use of:

  • Smart keywords and phrases
  • Internal links
  • An XML sitemap
  • A strategic domain name which contains your keyword
  • Functional items for visitors, such as FAQ and About Us pages

Include Social Media Links 

Social media is here to stay and you are strongly invited to join up. This is how many individuals first want to learn about a business, so make it easy for them by embedding social media links onto your website and blog. When you use social media, promote your brand with posts that are consistent and timely.

Add Client Reviews

Client reviews give your law firm immediate, authoritative credibility, so post them wherever you can. Client reviews can be inserted on lawyer review sites, social media, your website, blog and Google My Business page.

Law Quill | Do You Need To Update Your Law Firm's Website? 

What Should I Put on My Law Firm Website?

Below are multiple examples of the things to include on your law firm’s website.


All law firms require a homepage, regardless of their size and practice areas. On websites for lawyers, effective homepages typically do the following:

  • Immediately and clearly communicate what the firm does and how it can benefit website visitors.
  • Provide attention-grabbing photos.
  • Establish your firm’s credibility.
  • Offer a clear summary of your firm’s services.
  • Persuade visitors to complete a specific action.
  • Simple to navigate and read the provided information.
  • Offer contact methods to potential clients.
  • Help visitors find answers to their frequently asked questions.

The homepage is the first thing a potential client sees, so ensure you prioritize this in your law firm website design cost when looking to update your firm’s site.

About Pages

Following your homepage, make sure your firm has an About page. Ideally, this page outlines your firm’s vision and values, which can help prospective clients to visualize what it is like to work with you. Due to this, it is a good idea to make this page personable so you can relate to the visitor. When designing this page, add a call to action, state your firm’s story, and how you can address the target audience’s needs. Including individual biographies of the lawyers in your firm can also be particularly effective, as this further helps you to develop trust with potential clients.

Practice Areas

Another key component to include in your law firm’s website is information regarding the services your firm offers. For each practice area, add a separate page that outlines how you can assist in this area and provide answers to some frequently asked questions regarding this legal niche. Since many legal areas are complex, you may want to divide each practice area into subcategories and then provide separate pages for these. This helps your visitors to easily find the information they are looking for and is useful for SEO purposes.


Including a blog on your law firm’s website is an effective way of demonstrating your knowledge and experience, while also helping to answer visitors’ frequently asked questions. You might want to discuss general developments in the law in this section. Alternatively, you can focus on specific practice areas instead.

Contact Form

While it can be beneficial to include your firm’s contact information throughout your site, make sure you also have a dedicated contact page that consists of these details. To optimize this section for SEO, ensure these details mirror the ones on your Google Business Profile account, social media channels, and your directory listings. It is also a good idea to embed your Google maps location on this page too, as this helps with local SEO. Additionally, include a contact form in this section to make it easy for the prospective client to reach you for more information. It is also ideal to add a call to action here to encourage the visitor to complete the form.

Can a Law Firm Have an App?

Law firms can have apps and these can be useful to consider when looking to update your law firm website. Having these apps can improve your firm’s workflow, organization, productivity, and communication. While developing such apps can significantly add to your law firm’s website design cost, they can be a sound long-term investment that enables you to improve your firm’s processes. Alongside updating websites for lawyers, law firm apps can help firms gain more referrals, keep their existing clients happy, and gain a competitive advantage over other law firms.

While apps can certainly be beneficial for law firms and some clients may like it when they can do business with your firm in this way, it is key to not make it compulsory. highlights this in their listed statistics, which state that more than three-quarters of smartphone users in America prefer not to download apps to complete transactions.

How Law Quill Can Help Update Your Law Firm’s Website 

Because your website is the first place to introduce your law firm, it is essential to freshen it up regularly. Examine your website to confirm that it is easy to use, mobile-responsive and rich in SEO. Consider hiring help to add quality content and to ensure that your website reflects your brand. Your law firm’s website is a persuasive business tool, so keep it sharp for all of your potential clients who visit. 

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