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More than ever, people are seeking legal help with their voices instead of using their keyboards. The trend of voice searching over keyboard tapping is growing, and reports say that half of all online searches are voice searches. Because of this, enhancing your law firm’s voice search savvy is crucial. In fact, just when you thought your website was optimized perfectly, it may be time to examine your keywords and website information to determine if they work for voice search. Although your website may be SEO friendly, voice search strategies are slightly different. In order for artificial intelligence to connect voice commands with your website, you may need to reassess and alter your content. Consider the following in order to be more accessible by voice searches, and to be more attractive to Google, Alexa, Siri, Echo, Cortana and the rest. 

Use Long-Tail Keywords

People talk faster than they type. Because of this, a voice search is typically three or more words, versus an average text search being one or two words. When optimizing your law firm voice search, it is best to focus on long-tail keywords. Your law firm’s content should utilize keyword phrases that are typical of someone’s spoken (not typed) search request. Your website’s headings, tags, and links are equally important for voice searches as well as text searches. 

Keep a Conversational Tone

Voice searches are more conversational, because people are voice searching while they are on-the-go, or while multitasking. Research your law firm’s target audience to discover what search phrases potential clients would typically use. Remember that a voice searcher will use natural, informal speech patterns, like they would use with friends or family members. And, voice search phrases will probably not contain proper legal terms or law jargon. For example, an individual’s voice search would probably say “divorce lawyer” instead of “family law attorney.”

Attract Local Clients

Voice searches often focus on local businesses. For local searches, AI (artificial intelligence) assistants gather their information from different sources, for example:

  • Alexa teams up with Yelp for search results
  • Google Assistant searches within Google Maps and Google business listings
  • Apple’s Siri extracts information from Apple Maps and Yelp
  • Microsoft’s Cortana gathers information from Bing

In order for your law firm’s website to pop up in search results, consider the following tips.

Update Your Information

Routinely confirm that your law firm’s business details are updated and accurate. This includes hours of operation, contact information and exact address and location. Research says that when people search and come up with inaccurate information, they tend to distrust the business and go elsewhere. 

Connect Your Law Firm 

To improve your voice search results, add descriptions to your location that connect you to the area, such as local landmarks and institutions. 

Use Relevant Phrases

Common voice search phrases include requests such as “immigration lawyer near me.” Include the phrase “near me” in your descriptions, internal linking, meta tags and meta title. 

Add Consistent Information

Confirm that your contact information is completely consistent on each and every listing of your law firm. This includes your website and blog, as well as your Avvo and social media profiles. Post client reviews, and make sure you have claimed your Google My Business page, completing it with all relevant information. 

Focus on Questions

Voice searches are usually based on questions, and the results may only include the top three answers. This means that your content must be strictly optimized and morphed into a language that artificial intelligence can understand. 

Ideally, your law firm website should have an FAQ page, posting typical questions that potential clients might ask, together with clear and concise answers. The more questions you list on your website, the more likely a voice search will find its way to your law firm. Become familiar with the kinds of questions clients ask, and the way they ask them. If your law firm website uses a chatbot, it can offer this type of information, which will enhance your law firm voice search.

Increase Website Speed

Since search engines consider speed when ranking websites, it is essential that your website speed loads quickly. Searchers can be fickle and impatient, and may give up if your site takes more than a few seconds to load. In order to provide consumers with effective and immediate results, increase your law firm’s page speed by 

  • Compressing code and images
  • Removing slow scripts
  • Optimizing mobile content

Resources such as Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool may help with any technical changes you need to make to improve your site’s loading speed.


The acronym EAT is important when it comes to voice search and your law firm. EAT stands for expertise, authority and trustworthiness, and search engines take all three seriously. 


To offer expertise means that you are an expert in an area. Your law firm can demonstrate its expertise to voice searches by consistently providing search-worthy content. Providing expertise also means that you meet and exceed expectations of those searching.


Being an expert is a good place to start, but being an authority is better. When other influencers or experts in the field link to you as a source of information, and when your content is generously shared across social media, you have gained some authority.


Expertise and authority can lift your rankings, but a lack of trustworthiness can cause rankings to plummet. To build a trustworthy sentiment around your law firm, it is essential that you have a growing list of great reviews on places like Google My Business and others. If you receive negative reviews, be sure you answer them in a way that highlights your professionalism. 

Rich Snippets

Almost half of voice search answers are gathered from “rich snippets,” which are detailed and enhanced extracts of online information. These rich snippets stand out in the search listings, with images, star rankings and more. You can expand the ability of your law firm voice search by using Schema to optimize for rich snippets.

Test Your Law Firm Voice Search

Try testing with voice search to see where your law firm ends up in the results. Ask the questions that potential clients may ask, and use everyday words instead of legal jargon. Test voice search with different types of devices, and use a variety of artificial intelligence assistants. This is a simple way to analyze how your law firm ranks, and where the competition ranks as well.

Voice Search Is The Future

It is increasingly important to get savvy about voice search and your law firm, because voice searches are starting to dominate the digital world. There are some specific ways to optimize your law firm voice search, and there are resources to help improve what is lacking. Update and enhance your local business details, you can become more attractive to users in your area. Improve your website loading speed, and provide answers to searchers in plain, conversational English. Keep offering expertise, but gain authority and trust by providing superb, accurate content. By tweaking and testing your law firm voice search, you can be as accessible in the digital world as you want to be to your clients in the real world. 

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Update Your Law Firm Website for Voice Search

Below, you can find out why voice search for law firms is important and explore the benefits of voice search for lawyers.

Why Is Voice Search Important for Law Firms?

A voice search refers to when an individual uses their voice to create a search query, either via a smart speaker, smartphone, or search engine, rather than typing it. According to, 40% of adults use voice search daily. Voice search for law firms is important as, when people speak, they often say things differently compared to how they phrase things when they type. Due to this, it is necessary to optimize your law firm’s website for both written and spoken terms to ensure it ranks highly on search engines.    

More and more people are using voice search, and while there are various reasons for using it, the main one is that it allows individuals to gain answers more quickly than standard search methods. Alongside this, voice search is highly convenient for individuals on the move who possess a smartphone or tablet. This means you can make it more likely for your potential clients to find your firm if they can easily and quickly find information regarding your legal services by completing a voice search via their device. As this technological trend is gaining more traction, it is essential for law firms to recognize this and optimize their sites for voice search to remain competitive.

What Are the Benefits of Updating Your Law Firm’s Website for Voice Search?

Here are some of the benefits of voice search for lawyers:

  • Better rankings on search engines: Updating your law firm’s website for voice search can increase the level of organic traffic your site receives, improving your website’s ranking on search engines.
  • More authority: Using voice search on your law firm’s website helps your site to become more authoritative. As a result, this improves your site’s reputation and helps solidify its ranking on search engines.
  • Increased revenue: Due to your website getting more visitors, your law firm is likely to gain increased revenue, as you have more opportunities to convert leads into clients.

Ensure Your Law Firm’s Website Is Mobile-Friendly

Increasingly, people view websites on a mobile device, such as a tablet or cell phone, and this is also true for law firm websites. Due to this, it is essential to provide these users with a positive experience of your site when using a mobile device. Providing a positive mobile-friendly experience for your users prevents your potential clients from becoming frustrated when visiting your site. This means they are less likely to visit one of your competitor’s websites and use their legal services instead of yours. As the vast majority of users perform voice queries via a smartphone or tablet, making your law firm website mobile-friendly is essential for optimizing the site for voice queries. Moreover, search engines like Google consider a site’s mobile-friendliness when determining its search engine ranking, meaning this is a vital factor for SEO too.

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