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google Content creation formula

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When Google tells us how to create winning content, we should straighten up and listen, right? A recent Google blog post consolidated some writing advice from several successful content creators, giving us a content creation formula for success.  (Surprisingly, the wisdom imparted did not include any SEO tips.)  However, the five things mentioned are simple, inexpensive and can translate to better, more consistent content for your law firm website and blog. They include: scheduling out writing tasks, focusing on your strengths, writing in batches, repurposing content, and prioritizing value for your audience. Read on to learn Google’s content creation formula and how it can help your law firm succeed online. 

Schedule Writing Tasks

When you type in an appointment on your digital calendar, you usually do it. This is the way to approach your writing tasks, and this is how many successful writers do it. Setting aside specific times and days for writing is one of the great keys to success. If you wait for your writing muse, it will probably disappoint you. Just sit down and write. If you have a traditional job, you do not wait until you “feel like it” to go to work; you just head out and get started. Writing work should proceed the same way. Diving in and putting in the hours creates a load of content from which you can choose. The best way to get started is with something you are enthused about. 

Focus on Your Strengths

Mata Leiataua, fashion blogger, urges content creators to embrace their style. Everyone has a style that they feel comfortable working with, but sometimes it needs to morph to meet the needs of your audience. For example, you might be comfortable describing the legal process in attorney jargon, but this type of style would not resonate with potential clients who are unfamiliar with these words. You may have heard the terms “style” and “voice”, but what exactly is a writing style, and how is it different from a writing “voice”? These words are used interchangeably, but they are slightly different.


Your writing voice is the total of all of your life experiences, values, interests, preferences and more. Voice is the creative flavor you have that seasons your work. 


Style is the unique way that you use words to communicate. It comes out in your tone, sentence structure, word choice and expressions. A style can be friendly, didactic, formal, or conversational. Your style is fluid, and should be tailored to your audience. 

Mix Up Batches for Google’s Content Creation Formula To Succeed 

Writing lots of content in advance can help you avoid the crunch of a deadline, and gives you resources and inspiration when it is time to post. Creating batches of blog posts at one time is like whipping up a huge batch of cookies at once: it is more efficient and time-saving than mixing up individual batches multiple times. It is also fantastic to help you with Google’s content creation formula. Here are some helpful hints for writing in batches:

  • Brainstorm 10-20 ideas when you have time, and later on you can expand on these ideas.
  • Create several outlines for your posts, and fill in the gaps later.
  • Draft your content and edit later. Leaving your work and coming back to it later can bring on a fresh, creative perspective.
  • Edit content in batches. When you have your editor hat on and you have allowed your work to sit awhile, you can edit more objectively.
  • Find images for your posts at the same time, once they are completed.
  • Scheduling your posts saves time and helps you manage your content. 

Repurpose Content

Using your quality content in various venues is a smart, timesaving move. After creating a quality website article or blog post, try repurposing it as a podcast, video script or divide it up into smaller pieces for many platforms. This allows you to reach a wider audience in multiple channels. Check out our course on repurposing content, which can save you loads of time and effort, and find how to take one well-crafted article and transform it into material such as:

  • A blog post, or series of blog posts
  • Video or podcast scripts
  • Part of an ebook
  • Downloadable lead magnets
  • Social media posts on several platforms

Prioritize Value

Content creators are often told to focus on quality, so they often feel that an epic blog post or article is what they need to produce to provide quality.  However, word count doesn’t always translate to quality, and sometimes a concise, well-written blog post has more value than a lengthy website article. Since readers will likely lose interest, click away and head over to another website if your content has no value, here are some tips for offering value to your readers:

    • Be authentic. This may be obvious, but it is important to create content with meaning and not just fill up a website page. Give your readers the authentic answers they need for their legal issues. 
    •  Answer real questions. You can harvest typical questions from your law firm blog, or from the questions clients ask when they first meet you. Answer the burning questions they have about  the legal process and the legal issues they face. 
    • Make the article length fit the topic. Do not feel that you must write 1000-word articles all the time,  but do not be afraid to write a longer article if the topic requires it. A well-tackled topic may take more words, depending on the subject matter. It will not scare off a reader who is genuinely interested in the topic discussed. 
    • Back up your words. Be sure to link your statistics and information with reputable sources when needed, because this gives credibility to your work. 
  • Discuss the issues that your competition is not talking about. This may be tricky, so use discretion, but if there is a hot legal topic in the news, do not be afraid to jump in, offer commentary and showcase yourself as a thought leader. 
  • Insert meaningful visuals. From stunning images to charts and infographics, visuals should definitely be part of your content. Pexels and Unsplash are good places to find high quality, freely usable images. 

How Law Quill Can Help With Google’s Content Creation Forumla For Your Law Firm  

All too often, we focus on word count or plugging in keywords, and forget that there are other issues at stake, such as writing in an engaging style and having a solid stash of content from which to draw when we need it. Google’s content creation formula for success reminds us that providing value to potential readers should be one of the highest priorities, and repurposing content maximizes a company’s marketing efficiency. Remembering the tips listed above can make the job of content creation more painless for your schedule and more meaningful for your readers. If you need to add more content, optimize it, or conduct a content audit, getting help from a company that specializes in legal content is a savvy marketing move. 

We are here to help and would welcome the opportunity to visit with you for free regarding your law firm website’s content, and how we can take these tasks off your plate! Schedule a free visit with us by scheduling a quick phone or zoom call at your convenience on our calendar today. You can also email us at