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Humans are visually oriented, and we process images 60,000 times faster than what we absorb from text. Images prompt us to take action, connect emotionally, look longer and share what we have learned with other people. Knowing this, the photos and design of your law firm website should be a top priority. The meaningful and engaging images on your law firm website are key ways to make a powerful impression on potential clients. These include things like a dynamic website design and a dominant “hero shot.” Hero shots for law firms are the commanding images that a website visitor sees first, and it is one that reflects the spirit, branding and message that your law firm desires to convey. Read on to see how a hero shot and user-friendly website design can effectively introduce your law firm to a world of future clients. 

The Importance of Hero Shots For Law Firms

A hero shot is an image that helps visitors see what you offer, and projects your law firm as the hero, ready to save individuals from their difficult situations.  Most websites try to include hero shots of their products or services. As a lawyer, you are the product, and this is why hero shots for law firms are so critical. 

When potential clients land at your website, you should be there to greet them, looking like the professional, capable person that you are. Because visitors to your law firm website are looking for an easy and fruitful experience and are not initially seeking to be educated by chunks of text, your law firm website design and hero shot can be an effective initial message. Your hero shot reflects the value that customers will gain by contacting you, so let your professional photo do the work in helping to woo prospective clients. 

Prescription for Persuasive Hero Shots

Since visitors will form their quick impressions about your law firm first through the images shown on your website, it is in your best interest to make those images shine. When choosing a hero shot, beauty is not as crucial as good grooming, confidence and a professional presence. Beyond this, here are 7 things to remember about creating a compelling hero shot. 

Hire a Professional

It is a smart investment to hire a professional photographer to take your photos. Since the images on your website are the first connection that visitors have to your law firm, you want these images to be in the hands of a creative and experienced professional. 

Use an Optimal Background

Your hero shots for law firms background should be a light, solid color that doesn’t interfere with or fade into the color of your hair or clothing.

Take a Full Body Shot

This is a hero shot, not a headshot. Shoot for as much of yourself in the photo as possible.

Strike the Right Pose

A hero shot is a good opportunity to strike a “power pose”, which communicates success and confidence. This can be accomplished by slightly turning your body with your face still looking at the camera. Experiment with a variety of poses, such as arms crossed, down at sides, and hands on your hips. Make sure not to simply cross your arms and look angry or super serious.

Consider Your Clothing

Your clothing for the photo session should be clean and ironed, and it might be wise to bring along a few spare outfits with accessories. Make sure your clothing matches your branding. 

Examine Your Attitude

You can say a lot with the attitude you project in a photo. Hero shots for law firms need to convey the right branding and tone. Try a variety of shots with smiles, partial smiles and serious expressions. Consider what you want to communicate to any potential clients, and this may depend on your practice. What attitudes or characteristics do you want to express: Caring, firm and compassionate? Aggressive? Competent and serious?  Keep these qualities in mind as you pose for the camera. 

Take More Photos 

Have the photographer take multiple poses with a variety of backgrounds. Take some shots at your desk, at a meeting, individual shots and group photos. Pictures of your office, lobby and building may be useful, too. You could even consider including video!

Your Website Design

With an awesome hero shot, you are on your way to a finely tuned law firm website. However, there are other key factors in the creation of an engaging law firm website. A variety of elements contribute to constructing a website that will keep the focus of potential customers. Maximizing an easy and pleasant experience and minimizing distractions and annoyances will create a hospitable website that seamlessly connects your business to future clients. 

Quick Loading Speed

When people navigate online, they do not want to be held up by slow-loading sites. This may be especially true for a law firm website, since help is often urgent for individuals seeking legal help. If help is delayed by lethargic page loading, a potential client will probably go elsewhere for advice. Find the technical help you need to ensure that your site is easy and quick to load on a variety of electronic devices. If you are unsure how fast your website loads, you can always use a free resource to check your speed

Mobile Responsiveness

Following up on loading speed, your law firm website should be aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate for mobile device users. Mobile responsiveness is a key way to make your website functional for the greatest possible number of potential clients. 

Enough Legal Information

Since individuals usually browse law firm websites because they need advice on a certain topic, your website should have a substantial amount of legal information. Your law firm website appears authoritative when it contains relevant, reliable content that is easily accessed. 

Updated Content

Do not let your content lapse into staleness. Update consistently, not just because it looks better, but also because search engines favor sites with newer content. Refresh your content, stay on the cutting edge of the legal landscape, and always be relevant. 

Smart Structure

Once you have crafted your helpful and updated information, make sure it is structured in a way that will be inviting and easily read. Organize copy into bite-sized chunks, with refreshing white space and bullets where appropriate. Do not overwhelm potential clients with thick walls of text, and try to organize your articles into distinct categories. Confirm that your website content is quickly loaded and easily accessed on any type of device. 

A Clear Call To Action 

A clear “call to action” is the key element you need to turn website visitors into clients. Any website requires a concise and easy way for the user to take his or her casual interest to the next step. On a law firm website, this call to action may be in the form of a button or prompt showing the potential client how to contact your law firm. The call to action should be prominently featured once on every page of your website, however, do not overdo it by peppering your website with annoying pop up contact buttons and slides. 

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Why Professional Law Firm Photos Matter

Hiring a professional to take your law firm photos is the recommended approach, as a professional photographer is more likely than you to possess the necessary knowledge and own the correct equipment to develop high-quality images. Additionally, a professional photographer likely knows how to capture photos that contain a high degree of authenticity. Often, authentic-looking images taken with professional equipment can make a significant difference to a law firm, leading to improved conversions. Most likely, this is due to the target audience being able to relate to those images more than stock photography.

Generally, powerful images can be hugely influential and can captivate the interest of your law firm’s website visitors. In many instances, web users can actually spend more time looking at images of lawyers than reading their professional biographies, despite these taking up considerably more space. Often, this is due to humans being able to process images more quickly than text. Due to this, having good photos for your law firm’s website is essential as, according to the Public Relations Society of America, visitors tend to read the text surrounding an image that resonates with them. In this case, the text refers to the details regarding the services your law firm is offering. If you are thinking about creating a new website or redeveloping your current one, consider hiring a professional photographer from the offset to assist with the design process. Doing so gives your site’s designers access to authentic, high-quality photos. Ultimately, this can lead to a more refined website style that can help clients visualize what it is like to work with you.

Why Your Law Firm Website Needs Professional Photography

Below are a couple of key reasons why your law firm can benefit from professional photography:

  • Helps build trust: Having high-quality, personable images on your website helps prospective clients to understand what you are like to work with and helps you to appear more trustworthy. Including some effective, professional shots of your team can help prospective clients to connect to your firm.
  • Assists with branding: Professional photography can be a useful marketing tool for law firms that allow you to relate to the firm’s target audience. Often, these images now involve more approachable and personable photos, as opposed to pompous, serious-looking images.  

Here are some additional tips to consider for getting good shots for your law firm:

  • Consider your audience: To produce photos that your audience can relate to, consider why prospective clients might be looking for a lawyer. Often, it is to assist with a legal issue that is causing them a great deal of stress, resulting in them looking for someone they can connect with, so try to highlight what makes you approachable.
  • Appear active: A great way of capturing your audience’s attention with a photo is to appear active. Try to get photos that demonstrate your personality and abilities as a lawyer, such as images of you interacting with clients, when you are working, or when you are traveling to a meeting or court hearing.
  • Think about the lighting and setting: Before you take shots for your law firm’s website, consider whether the location is suitable and that there is ample lighting available. For instance, it can be particularly effective to choose a local landmark, your office, or the local courthouse as the setting.

You ARE a Hero!

Because your law firm website is the first space where potential customers will discover who you are and what you do, it is crucial to examine its design, imagery and content – specially your hero images for your law firm’s website. Compelling imagery will grab an individual’s attention before he or she even arrives at the text, so it is essential to use appealing, professional imagery to make a positive first impression. By adding a stunning hero shot, and employing user-friendly design, your website will be more attractive and welcoming to your visitors, and will hopefully transform them into your future clients. Remember, you can really be a hero to people who need you! 

How Law Quill Can Help 

We are here to help and would welcome the opportunity to visit with you for free regarding your law firm website’s content, and how we can take some these tasks off your plate! Schedule a free visit with us by scheduling a quick phone or zoom call at your convenience on our calendar today. You can also email us at