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Google consistently changes the manner in which it displays listings,  in order to give consumers the best search results. This makes users happy, but irks business owners who are trying to stay on top of Google’s methods and algorithms. One of Google’s new updates is the three-pack: three high-value, proven relevant to the user’s location and search criteria. The locally optimized three-pack sits at the top of the search results, along with a map segment and contact information. Google’s three-pack is a beneficial place to be, since the top section of search results attracts the most attention and first clicks. Squeezing your law firm into Google three-pack may seem elusive and mysterious, but there are some solid steps you can take to improve your business and move closer to the three-pack. 

What is Google’s Three-Pack?

Google’s three-pack is essentially a pack of the three “top dogs” in the search results. The results are based on the user’s location and keywords used. Getting in the three-pack means that your quality site is trustworthy and within the relevant local area. The three-pack originated from Google’s desire to improve mobile searches, pushing out the previously featured seven-pack, which was larger than mobile screens could accommodate. Since mobile devices are becoming more popular, it is crucial that any company’s listing is mobile friendly and responsive. Websites whose design and text are optimized for mobile searches translate into higher rankings, and this is especially true for local searches. Perfectly sized for mobile devices, the Google three-pack is constantly being refined. Getting a spot inside the coveted three-pack is especially important for small businesses, because it means a large increase in leads. If you want to move up to the three-pack, here are a few goals to pursue. 


Complete Your Google My Business (GMB) Listing

Improving your Google My Business listing will give Google what it needs to discover your business in local searches. If you have not claimed your business listing, start today, since it is one of the key ways to bump up your rankings and attract attention in the search results. In fact, one fourth of your ranking centers on an accurate and thorough Google My Business profile. In addition to the basics, It is imperative that you keep updating your GMB listing regularly, adding photos and video to keep it sharp and current. For maximum visibility, complete every field in your profile, including items such as:

  • Key business details: location, business type, operating hours, website address and general description
  • Reviews
  • Message Center
  • Upcoming offers and events
  • Photos
  • Q & A section

In addition to completing the blanks, remember to double-check the accuracy and consistency of your contact information, especially your business name, address and phone number.  For maximum ranking, this step is surprisingly important. Finally, add business categories to your law firm’s listing, allowing Google to place you in the correct business type. Optimizing your Google My Business Page is a crucial step in moving your law firm up toward the three-pack. 

Collect 5-Star Google Reviews

Consumers love reviews, because they prove that your business is reliable and trustworthy, and customer reviews add up to 15% of the way Google ranks your law firm. Begin collecting as many positive client reviews as possible, and consider the following:

  • Always ask your clients to leave a review. Even satisfied clients may need a few gentle reminders.
  • Leave links to make leaving a review more convenient. The link can appear on your GMB listing, or on the testimonial page of your website. 
  • Reply to both positive and negative reviews.
  • Be professional when answering queries or responding to reviews.
  • Take client feedback into consideration and make appropriate changes if necessary.

Reinforce Your Social Media Presence To Help Google’s Three-Pack

A thriving social media presence and better rankings are intertwined. Your social media followers validate your authenticity and value, because they read and share your content. The more your name is passed around on social media, the more approval your business has in Google’s eyes. Consider these tips to improve your social media involvement:

  1. Tailor your social media posts and content toward a target audience or ideal client.
  2. Speak as an authority to build trust with your followers.
  3. Interact with your audience, because among them are your potential clients. Respond and engage with your followers regularly.
  4. Join relevant Facebook groups to get your business brand out there.
  5. Organize your social media efforts by appointing a person in charge, assigning tasks and creating a list of guidelines.

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Enhance SEO

Google’s three-pack follows some of the best practices for a standard SEO campaign, so monitor your local, organic SEO efforts to increase your three-pack changes. 

Make Your Website Shine

Your law firm’s website is an important introduction to potential clients, so polish up your SEO efforts: website structure, content, and metadata. Make sure that your website is mobile-friendly and responsive, since this is the version that Google catalogs for search results. Finally, confirm that your website’s contact information is completely consistent everywhere on the internet, such as your website, GMB listing, and all social media platforms.

Increase Local Links

If your law firm wants to crack Google’s three-pack, it should strive to gain more quality links from local businesses. Efforts to connect locally may seem fruitless, but local visibility is surprisingly powerful, and allows even small businesses to take big steps toward better rankings. Your business can pursue the local spotlight by any of the following: 

  • Sponsor a local charitable event
  • Get involved in local organizations
  • Support a local non-profit
  • Join the Chamber of Commerce
  • Feature your law firm on local bulletin boards or online community venues.

Purchase Local Search Ads

Your law firm can gain higher ranks through diligent SEO efforts, but you can also purchase advertising to accelerate this goal. If your law firm would like to purchase Google Ads, its Google My Business account must be linked with a Google Ads account. Once connected, your company can add a local extension to a current ad campaign, and heighten its results in local search results. Google Ads charges you only when a consumer clicks on your listing.  

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What Is a Local SEO 3-pack?

A local search engine optimization (SEO) 3-pack refers to the first three businesses you see in your search results when you enter certain keywords alongside terms like “near NYC” or “near me.” When you carry out a local business search, Google lists several businesses that it feels match your query the best. By clicking on each entry, you can then see each business’s Google Business Profile (GBP) listing. According to Play Media, 46% of all Google searches are local, so by focusing on improving your local SEO and aiming to get into the Google three-pack, your firm can potentially reach a much larger audience.

How Do I Get in the Google 3-pack?

In addition to learning the answer to “What is Google’s 3-pack?”, it can be beneficial for all businesses, including small law firms to learn how to get into it. Below are some of the other ways you can achieve this.

Verify Your Law Firm’s Address

To improve the chances of your firm appearing in the Google three-pack, verify the business address. Doing this enables potential clients to find your business in local searches. You can do this by completing an application via your Google Business Profile account. After this, you can expect to receive a verification code in the post, which is normally after a few days. When you receive the code, enter it into the appropriate field in your GBP listing to verify the address.

Monitor Your Listing

If you are fortunate enough to get your law firm into the Google three-pack, make sure you monitor your listing to ensure that the displayed information is accurate. What many business owners forget to consider is that searchers can edit this information, which may negatively impact your GBP ranking in the future. Often, searchers may make these changes by submitting a suggestion, which then leads to permanent changes on your GBP listing. Sometimes, this may happen without you even receiving a notification. For instance, this may result in changes to your business name, location, and operating hours. Due to this, it is vital to monitor this information to prevent searchers from making unwanted changes. If you do discover that searchers made changes to your GBP listing, you can manually adjust them in your GBP dashboard or contact the GBP support team.

Check Your Site Security and Speed

Having adequate website security is key for SEO and can help your firm’s GBP listing feature more prominently. Generally, Google prefers encrypted websites, as effective site security makes them safer for users to view. If your site starts with “Http:” instead of “Https:” contact your web developer and get this changed as soon as possible. Alongside checking the site security, make sure the site loads quickly. Again, this is imperative for good SEO. Try testing the loading speed of each page and get in contact with your web developer if you notice that the site takes some time to load.

Consider Your Keywords

For your GBP listing to rank well and potentially get into the Google three-pack, it is necessary to select and target appropriate keywords. Think about what your competitors are doing and reach out to your staff and clients to learn about the terms they might use in their local searches. This is crucial as you can target these keywords when you add posts and photos to your GBP listing, which helps to improve your search ranking.

How Law Quill Can Help You With Google’s Three-Pack

If you are aiming for a spot within Google’s three-pack, your business can follow a few solid action steps. Start by completing your Google My Business listing, filling out each area with consistent contact information in all fields. Then, continue to spotlight your law firm and its brand on social media, and connect with the followers who spread your quality content around. Become involved in the community, where businesses will link your law firm with local events and sponsorships. Finally, if you want to expand beyond organic search results, consider buying local search ads, which can open up more success. Focusing on the above can only help your law firm flourish and grow as you keep aiming for Google’s three-pack. 

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