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A law firm practice area page can help potential clients instantly discover whether or not you can help them, and it is also an ideal route to convert visitors into clients. A well-designed law firm practice area page can boost your law firm up in the search engine rankings, making your law firm easy to find and explore. If you are just launching a new law firm website, constructing a practice page is a great place to start the process. If you are building upon an older website, it may be time to audit your website and see if you can improve your practice area page. Either way, creating practice pages is an essential element of your website, and here are seven ways to make it perfect. 

Your Law Firm Practice Area Page

The aim of a law firm practice area page is to educate potential clients about your law firm and to motivate visitors to reach out and contact you. The key to developing the perfect practice page is to ponder what your potential clients are thinking when they visit your website. They need to understand that their legal issues are complex, and they will receive help by reaching out to an attorney. As you develop your practice area page, remember to assure your visitors that although their case may be complicated, your legal team has their best interests in mind. 

There is no magic formula that works for every law firm’s practice area pages, but when you set out to create one, there are some key components that can make your law firm practice area pages as perfect as possible.  

A Personal Touch First

Hit home with instant, relevant information in the first paragraphs of your law firm practice area page. Address the needs of potential clients and showcase how you can serve them. It may be helpful to include a link to a FAQ page — an ideal way to address commonplace questions. Introduce your practice area with a tone that speaks to your reader, and with a style that reaches the type of clients you typically serve. 

List of Services

You have mere moments to draw in your website visitors and engage their interest. A quick, bulleted list on your law firm practice area page will inform prospects that you practice in their area of need. This alphabetical list can link up to other areas of sub-practice that your law firm provides. Shoot for no more than seven to 10 items in the lineup, to avoid taxing the reader. 

Create Compelling Content on Your Law Firm Practice Area Page

Content will always be king — not only for interested visitors, but also for search engine rankings. Content needs to obey the rules by being user-friendly, keyword optimized, and always relevant. Here are some specifics about generating useful content. 

Maximize Word Count

Longer tracts of content typically go higher in search engine rankings, so aim for 700 words or more on every page. However, do not stuff your pages with useless wordage, or search engines will penalize you and potential clients will exit.

Optimize Keywords 

For your law firm practice area pages to rank high, your pages must contain the right keywords. Confirm that your practice area pages contain the proper keywords with the highest search volume. Title tags, meta description, header tags all need to be in order. Include keywords in subheadings and in a natural way throughout the text, without overdoing it. 

Declutter Your Content

Your website copy should be uncluttered and easy on the eyes — not just for your practice area pages, but for all pages on your website. Add sub-headers, short paragraphs and bullets to make it effortless for readers to scan information.

Avoid Jargon

Use simple language and avoid legal jargon. Assume that your readers are unfamiliar with legal terms and topics and write to educate them with this in mind.

Address Client Circumstances

Visitors who are shopping for legal advice on your website are there to discover their options and examine the potential outcome of their legal issue. Depending on your law firm’s practice areas, you may want to include content that addresses their circumstances, such as specific blog posts. 

Visuals on Your Law Firm Practice Area Page

A crucial element in your law firm’s practice page are the visual components. Visuals engage your website visitors, grabbing their attention before they read a word of text. Your site can be more attractive to visitors by adding images, diagrams, videos and infographics. Images tell powerful stories without a word, while they engage visitors and break up sections of text. 

Internal Links on Your Law Firm Practice Area Page

Links are a powerful piece of a SEO optimized website. External links that point to your website are followed by search engine crawlers and these links indicate that your site is a trustworthy source. Besides external links, internal links are also a wise strategy. An internal link is one that points to a different page on your website, within the same domain. When you place internal links within your site, the pages act as if they are pieces of a whole, and your website feels cohesive. Users can follow a path of these links as they navigate your law firm’s website, and this can boost your rankings. Internal links serve a variety of purposes, such as leading consumers to more information or guiding them to a contact form. 

Adding internal links can become a natural part of your content creation, and here are some expert tips:

  • Make sure your links add value to consumers.
  • Before inserting, ask yourself if the visitor is likely to use the link.
  • Assess the logic of where the link is placed – which text is highlighted and where the link falls within the practice page. 
  • Add links to other important pages.
  • Include internal links that will lead website visitors to a call to action.
  • Do not overdo internal links; add them in moderation.

Call to Action on Your Law Firm Practice Area Page

Another essential element on a law firm practice area page is a call to action. This addition will help generate leads, which can turn into clients. A call to action leads website visitors to take action, and it should be easy to see. Individuals who visit your practice page should clearly see how to take the next step — by clicking a button, or by leaving their contact information, so someone at your law firm can reach them as soon as possible. 

Law Quill | Create The PERFECT Law Firm Practice Area Page

Law Firm Practice Area Pages Explained

Knowing the answer to “What is a practice area page?” is key to understanding how to create an effective one for your law firm’s website. Law firm practice area pages, which differ from landing pages, explain to clients which services you provide. As this is their primary aim, it is imperative that practice area pages for law firm websites appeal to clients, as opposed to other legal professionals. Below, you can find out why these pages are important and learn about the different types.

Why Are Law Firm Practice Area Pages Important?

Practice area pages for law firm websites are important as they provide prospective clients with details concerning what you can offer them, influencing their decision regarding whether to contact you for assistance with their legal matters. Typically, when prospective clients land on your website, they likely move first to your practice area page. From here, they expect to learn what your firm does, the assistance you can provide, the amount of compensation they can potentially receive, and how they can get in touch. Effective law firm practice area pages get straight to the point, discuss things in basic language, and are relatively short so clients can quickly determine whether you can help.

In addition, these pages typically contain several call-to-actions (CTAs). According to Law Technology Today, CTAs work differently on law firm websites than on other sites. Rather than placing them just at the end, on a law firm practice area page, it is advisable to place these just above when it is necessary for the reader to scroll to view more information. Moreover, practice area pages follow SEO principles, such as mentioning certain keywords, that primarily focus on the law firm’s location and the specific practice area. Practice area pages are essential for law firms, whether they operate in several practice areas, in which case a page is necessary for each area, or they specialize in a certain niche.

What Are the Different Types of Practice Area Pages?

Below, you can discover more about the different types of practice area pages.

Main Practice Area Pages

As the name suggests, these practice area pages highlight the main practice areas in which your law firm specializes. Depending on your firm, these may include criminal defense, personal injury, real estate law, family law, and many others.

Sub Practice Area Pages

These sub-pages relate to your firm’s primary practice area page but offer more specifics than this page. For instance, if your firm’s main practice area page is family law, you may have several sub-pages that relate to this field, such as:

  • Divorce
  • Child custody
  • Domestic violence
  • Child visitation

For the vast majority of practice area pages, it is possible to have several sub-pages. Often, these are a similar length to the main practice area page, and the sub-page usually contains links to the firm’s other practice area pages.

Location Practice Area Pages

Many law firms provide legal services to clients based in different locations. For these firms, having location practice area pages are essential, as they can help clients easily recognize whether the firm provides services in their area. As with the sub-pages, these practice area pages are a similar length to the firm’s primary practice area page. The key difference here, though, is that these pages feature geographic keywords more prominently.

How Law Quill Can Help You With Your Law Firm Practice Area Pages

A law firm practice area page acts as an engaging introduction to your law firm, so it is important to include the perfect ingredients when creating one. Keep the page user friendly as you add helpful elements such as a list of your services and an introduction to your team. Follow this up with superb content and visuals, and make sure you have translated all the legal jargon for your viewers. By adding internal links, you can make it effortless to contact you and find all the necessary information. Internal links can also boost your rankings, making it easier for potential clients to find you at the top of the search engine heap. Finally, one of the key essentials on a law firm’s practice area page is a solid call to action — which may transform browsing visitors into invested clients. 

Law Quill has created countless practice area pages for law firm websites, which help provide potential clients with the information they need to pick up the phone and make an appointment. If you are interested in practice area pages for your law firm website, or interested in updating your already existing practice area pages, we would welcome the opportunity to show you how we can help you. Contact us at or hop on our calendar at your convenience for a free phone or Zoom call.