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Law Quill’s Video Marketing For Law Firms

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Video marketing for law firms is a hot and powerful trend. Video attracts consumers, and its content can often explain, educate or entertain better than text. A majority of individuals report that they have purchased a product or service based on a marketing video, and 92% of marketers use video in their strategies. Perhaps you know the statistics, but are not sure how to get started using video for your law firm.  Law Quill is here to show you how you can attract potential clients with the force of video marketing.

Video Marketing for Law Firms

Video marketing is exploding, and it has radically changed the look of websites, social media and search results. You cannot look at a Facebook feed or run a Google search without seeing video everywhere. Consumers crave video, and they prove it with their wallets: reports tell us that 74% of users who viewed a product explainer video bought the product. 

Law firms can use video to show both their professional and personal side, making them stand out from their competitors. Video marketing for law firms is a way to show prospective clients who you are, and how other clients have benefited from your services. However, not all videos are created equal. Any individual can create and publish a video online, but the standards of marketing videos must be higher. Consumers expect more superior standards for the legal industry when it comes to video marketing. A poorly filmed video can translate into an eroded reputation for your law firm. 

Sample Video Below

5 Common Video Marketing Mistakes

Law firms are already using video marketing, and this includes your competitors. But, they are not necessarily using it effectively. Here are some common mistakes that law firms make when it comes to utilizing video in their marketing strategies.

Quantity over Quality

Choosing a marketing agency to create a professional video for your law firm is the right idea. However, some marketing agencies sell their video options in bulk, instead of crafting videos one by one that speak to your prospective clients. It is better to have a small stash of quality videos that ooze your brand and message in a professional way, rather than a bulk rendition that says nothing unique. When the focus is quantity over quality, your law firm video will just look like any other law firm video with its generic backgrounds, typical music and legal jargon.

Wrong Length

Video length is crucial. Just because consumers crave video content doesn’t mean they want to sit through a bland, stretched out video. Short video clips are preferred for busy users who want to ingest meaningful content fast. At Law Quill, we produce short and powerful videos that speak your message. Then we leave.


Mediocre Message

A video that carries a mediocre message is too long, even if it lasts only 20 seconds. However, potential clients that find an engaging message will take time to watch a video that is helpful, inspiring or entertaining. An effective, professional marketing video should:

  • Be a story more than an obvious sales pitch
  • Not be stiff or boring
  • Convey a reason for watching it: New information? Humor value? Motivate to action?

Trying Too Hard

Creativity and authenticity are stellar attributes, but not when they obscure the video message. Some videos just try too hard to be avant garde, funny or clever  — and it shows. A finished video product can be unique and attractive, while also looking sharp and professional. 

Forgetting SEO

When it comes to video for marketing purposes, descriptions are everything. They allow search bots to recognize and categorize your video’s content. Using a professional agency to produce your marketing video will ensure that your video will be properly tagged and titled, in order to give you the maximum SEO boost possible.

At Law Quill, We Get It

We know your potential clients crave video content, and that your competitors are probably already producing it. We know that Google rewards law firms that include video content on their website. But, we also get that you do not necessarily want to put yourself in front of the camera. We can create top quality, unique videos that share your message, even if you are not the one to proclaim it.

What Law Quill Can Do For You

Video content for law firm marketing holds endless possibilities. Your law firm can embed video within your website, or create your channel with YouTube, Vimeo, Veoh or Metacafe. LinkedIn, where 93% of attorneys hang out, makes it easy to add video to your profile. Social media channels are ideal spots for your law firm video as well. Ideas like the following are just a sampling of the video content that Law Quill can create for your law firm:

  • Video Testimonials
  • Client Stories
  • Law Firm Branding 
  • Practice Areas
  • Attorney Profiles
  • Social Media Ads
  • Other Video Ads

Law Firm Video Marketing FAQ

What is a video marketing strategy?

A video marketing strategy starts with examining your law firm’s goals. The next step is to set measurements to determine if you have met your goals, such as increased traffic, higher rankings or reduced bounce rate. Your marketing videos can be a dynamic part of your existing plan.

How do marketing videos enhance SEO?

Adding video can improve your SEO, because video content is recognized and valued by Google. Video content usually keeps consumers on your site longer, which tells Google you have valuable content there. As consumers spend more time on your site, your rankings improve. 

How can law firm video marketing increase business?

Whether you are seeking more clients or better brand awareness, video is a powerful, proven way to get real results. Around one billion hours of YouTube video content is watched daily. Even if you continue to use traditional print and text marketing, your business will be at a competitive disadvantage if you do not use some video marketing in your strategy.

How much will video marketing cost?

Our videos are 1-1.5 minutes long, & cost an additional $65. Although video marketing is one the most expensive types of marketing content, video adds incredible value to your business. 

Will video content be effective for my law firm?

Creative video content looks good, but what is the bottom line? Is it effective? Yes — when done right, video content can revolutionize your law firm’s online presence. Video can generate massive results, including:

  • Bring new client leads
  • Boost landing page conversions
  • Confirm your law firm as an authority in the legal field
  • Build your brand
  • Optimize your SEO

Law Quill | How To Get Video For Your Law Firm - Quick & Inexpensive!

Is Video Content Good for SEO?

According to Social Media Week, 82% of online content comes from video, making it vital for law firms to utilize this medium to reach the maximum amount of potential clients. Additionally, video content has many SEO benefits, which you can learn about below.

Search Engines favor Video Content

Search engines like Google generally like SEO video content. When Google determines your website’s search ranking, it considers the content’s quality and how relevant the page is to the searcher’s query. During this process, Google looks at a web page’s text, while also seeing if the page contains other media types. If your law firm’s website has a combination of text, images, and video, this helps to demonstrate to Google that your site is both informative and varied, which significantly boosts your website’s SEO.

Video Helps To Generate Traffic

When determining your law firm’s search ranking, Google also considers your website’s incoming traffic. If your law firm’s site has consistently high levels of traffic, Google ranks your website more highly because it recognizes that people think your content is interesting, so others may do too. Generally, when people watch one of your videos via a video-sharing platform, such as YouTube, they are more likely to visit your website than if they looked at another type of content. Due to this, when you produce high-quality video content, you increase the chances of your firm gaining greater levels of traffic, which improves your law firm’s overall SEO performance.

Video Improves Your Bounce Rates

Google also considers how long your visitors remain on your website when determining its search ranking. If your firm’s website has significant traffic, but your visitors leave very quickly, this signals to Google that your website’s content is not particularly helpful, leading to search ranking penalties. Videos help to keep your visitors on your site for longer, as people generally prefer watching videos to reading content, such as blogs. When you create more video content for your law firm’s website, you can reduce your site’s bounce rate, leading to better search rankings.

Video Encourages More Backlinks

SEO video content also encourages more backlinks to your law firm’s website. One highly effective way of improving your Google ranking is by gaining more links to your site from authoritative, external websites. Getting links from such websites tells Google that your site is authoritative, which improves your website’s search ranking. By posting video content on other sites alongside yours, such as YouTube, you can gain more high-quality referral traffic to your firm’s website, leading to significantly boosted search rankings. Moreover, video SEO can positively impact your law firm’s social media marketing. When you post high-quality videos online, it likely leads to more social shares, which improves your firm’s visibility on social media channels.

Video Leads to More Conversions

Ultimately, video SEO helps to convert more leads into clients. Prospective clients are generally more likely to hire a law firm after watching video content on their website, such as videos outlining your firm’s services or demonstrating your firm’s culture. This means video marketing helps improve your law firm’s search rankings while also encouraging more website visitors to inquire about your firm’s services.

Let Law Quill Help You With Video Marketing

Your potential clients may not take the time to read and consider your law firm’s mission statement on the website. However, if your mission statement speaks in video form, prospective clients might be hearing it daily in an engaging and memorable way. Video content is relevant, provides value and gets to the point quickly. Because modern consumers prefer watching video to learn about your services, this is a simple reason to start employing video marketing for law firms. In the competitive legal arena, let Law Quill help you send a potent and profitable message through video. 

Another Sample Video Below

Interested in seeing another sample video? Click the image below!