Law Firm Marketing Activities To Do Every Day

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Law firm marketing is unique, and the common marketing tactics that work for other businesses do not always translate well for law firm marketing. However, there are a variety of law firm marketing activities that are an ideal fit for law firms, depending on the particular goals of your business. When you adopt a certain mindset and include these everyday marketing activities, they will become second nature as you work on gaining clients and building up your business. 

Check Your Goals

There are some crucial and foundational law firm marketing objectives that will benefit your company, enhance your client relationships, propel potential clients to action and help you achieve your marketing goals. Sometimes you need to focus on one aspect in particular, depending on how far along your law firm is in its marketing plan. No matter how mature your marketing strategy is, committing to a few everyday practices will help you reach your goals and move you toward success. Some key objectives include these steps:

  1. Build trust. 
  2. Establish leadership.
  3. Demonstrate expertise.
  4. Connect with clients.
  5. Request referrals.

Build Trust

Building trust is a critical requirement for law firm marketing activities. Trust allows clients to gain confidence in you, assists communication, and establishes you as a reliable authority. Here are some ways to build trust in your everyday interactions with clients:

  • Keep deadlines whenever possible. 
  • Bill your clients accurately, preferably with the use of technology.
  • Be approachable. Make sure your clients know that they can contact you. 
  • Demonstrate empathy. Showing your clients that you care goes a long way in building trust.
  • Listen more. Being a good listener is a key way to build trust, and it helps you understand your clients’ pain points.
  • Underpromise and overdeliver. Give your clients realistic possibilities of an outcome, while aiming for excellence.

Establish Leadership

Even if lawyers do not have an abundance of natural leadership skills, these can be developed with practice. Leadership skills start at the office and trickle down into your client interactions and marketing endeavors, so consider the following activities that will help you develop leadership skills:

  • Be a positive example to your team and others.
  • Practice active listening with colleagues and clients.
  • Follow a mentor to improve leadership skills and gain new insights.
  • Be solution-minded when facing problems.
  • Delegate tasks to team members whose skills match up with the project.
  • Decide where your law firm has weaknesses, fill the gaps and create cohesion.
  • Set clear expectations for your staff, define responsibilities and encourage training.

Publish Consistently

Showing up as a leader is a key for good marketing, and one way to back up your leadership claims is to consistently offer high quality, published content. If writing is not your forté, consider hiring a content company who focuses on material for law firms. You can also weigh in on the important issues of the day by creating articles and posts for your website, blog and LinkedIn page. You can utilize these platforms to answer FAQs that you encounter, which will help prospective clients. 

Be a Thought Leader

Thought leadership is a current buzzword, and to be a thought leader, you must voice a unique, insightful slant on issues that matter. One of the daily marketing activities your law firm can aim for is to post quick comments or thoughtful questions on Twitter, LInkedIn and other social channels. This practice broadcasts your expertise and unique perspective to a wide audience. 

Demonstrate Expertise

If you have been involved in digital marketing for a while, you may have heard of the metric called EAT (expertise, authority and trustworthiness.) Demonstrating EAT is crucial to get better Google rankings. The “E” of expertise is highly important to Google, and you can show others that you have it by regularly providing content that proves your expertise in legal matters. You can also provide social proof of your law firm’s expertise by including client stories and testimonials on your website. This practice is one of the most powerful ways to show potential clients that you have the skills needed to successfully tackle their issues. 

Connect With Clients

When you approach marketing, you first have to understand who your ideal client is. If your law firm has already been serving clients, you probably know who your ideal audience is. Some law firms can create one simple client persona, while others need to create a few different ideas of the ideal client, depending on your practice. Set aside some time to brainstorm with your team and answer the following questions:

  • What legal issues does our ideal client often face?
  • How is the financial status of our ideal client?
  • Where does our ideal client live, and what is life like at home?
  • Who is our ideal client within the workforce? What is their profession?
  • Which concerns and pain points can we help our ideal client solve?
  • What kind of service does our ideal client expect from us?

Check in Regularly

Even though you have told your clients they can contact you with questions, it is a good idea to reach out regularly to check in with your clients. Reaching out even when there is no development in a case can really strengthen your client relationships. 

Use Technology

Technology has skyrocketing the potential for stellar client interaction, and here are three ways to keep a solid connection with your clients:

  • Online client portals. A client portal makes it convenient for clients to receive messages and share documents with their attorney.
  • Video conferencing is great for law firm meetings, but consider using video to interact with your clients. Video allows personal, flexible interaction. Be sure you clients know how to use the software, and assist them if needed.
  • Text messages. Texting is popular and generally preferred over phone calls. Always remember to keep ethics rules in mind when texting clients.

Request Referrals

One daily marketing task that your law firm should never ignore is to ask for reviews and referrals. After every case wrap-up, your next step should be to request a client review of your services. Clients often do not write reviews because attorneys do not ask, and happy clients are usually willing to write them. Besides client reviews, you can also ask colleagues to review, rate or recommend you on various platforms, such as LinkedIn.

How Law Quill Can Help With Your Law Firm Marketing Activities

Law firm marketing requires trust-building, strong leadership, evidence of expertise and the solid client connections that will lead to valuable referrals. Have these things in mind each day as you interact with team members and interface with clients. Although simple, these crucial practices are inexpensive, powerful and often ignored by law firms. When you have these goals in mind each day as you interact with team members and interface with clients, you will be building a solid business foundation while enhancing your company’s marketing plan at the same time. 

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