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TikTok is one of the newest social media apps available. It features relatable, short and often humorous videos that grab the attention of its worldwide audience. This popular platform boasts more than 500 million users, and besides hosting entertaining and viral videos, TikTok carries loads of marketing possibilities. The potential to reach thousands has made businesses, including law firms, get started on TikTok, and these new users are reaping the benefits. Law firms and TikTok really can go hand in hand to increase brand awareness!

What is TikTok?

An engaging (and addictive) app, TikTok draws in people who want to be entertained by video clips, and provides a platform for people who want to make shareable videos which are typically ten seconds or less. Although 41% of TikTok’s users are between 16-24 years old, businesses are finding an audience and venue where they can enrich their marketing strategies, and this includes law firms. 

How Should Law Firms and TikTok Go Together? 

Lawyers who have already started with TikTok are utilizing it to promote their brand and generate income in a few different ways:

  • Creating a channel to promote a brand with compelling videos to gain attention
  • Linking up with TikTok influencers who can spotlight their business
  • Paying for advertising within TikTok

The following attorneys are a few of many who are using their videos to share their expertise and attract followers:  

Kelly Chang @lawyerkelly 

Kelly Chang is a family lawyer and her short, informative and funny videos are followed by more than 286K. Her Family Law Pop Quiz has been played over twenty thousand times. 

Anthony Barbuto @thelawyer

Anthony Barbuto has been creating content on social media for a long time, and besides being a TikTok dancer, singer, rapper and entertainer, Anthony is also a lawyer.

Cecillia Xie @cecexie

Cecillia Xie has positioned herself as a lawyer and influencer on TikTok, and it all started with a viral video. She is a privacy lawyer, and uses TikTok to instruct others on legal issues and to help students who are interested in a legal career. She posts day-in-the-life videos, answers questions and has launched a series of small groups for lawyers to privately ask questions and share advice. 

Adam S. Juratovac @adamjthelawyer

Adam S. Juratovac is an employment lawyer who uses his TikTok channel to post informative and entertaining videos explaining what individuals should do if they get fired, as well as how to interact with their former employers.  

Brad Shear @BradShear

Brad Shear is a managing partner at his law firm, and has been active on social media for a long time. Using TikTok, Brand provides legal information of interest to young users. Brad’s video content for a new generation is well-loved and highly followed. 

Calina Plotky GA Lawyer

Family lawyer Calina Plotky makes entertaining law-related videos and sells lawyer merchandise. She wants her posts to remind people involved in family legal issues that they are not alone. 

Ethen Ostroff @ethenostrofflaw

Attorney Ethen Ostroff creates TikTok videos that contain information about personal injury law, appealing especially to teenage users. He also instructs on common misconceptions and gives tips to those interested in law school. 

7 Tips for Law Firms and TikTok

Here are some quick tips to successfully promote your brand, generate leads and draw in potential clients using TikTok.

Define Your Target Audience 

Before adding another platform to manage, define your goals and your target audience. Every video post you create should have the goal of growing and nurturing your ideal client. A target audience should be more defined than “people who need legal services.”  Consider this imaginary persona in terms of age, profession, gender, marital status, language and everything else. Design TikTok posts specifically for this audience and let your videos speak directly to it. 

Produce Real and Relevant Content

With a clear audience in mind, now you can create meaningful, relevant content. Law firms and TikTok can go well together but you must be mindful of the audience you are seeking to find. The material should educate, provide true value and answer typical questions. Depending on your practice and expertise, you could post content on legal concepts, commentary on the news, changes in the law, or short gems of general advice. Consider the following ideas when crafting your posts:

  • Tutorials, lists and how-tos are popular on TikTok.
  • It is popular to allow words to pop out on the videos, and the TikTok editor provides a way to add text.
  • Include a call to action in your videos.
  • Use excellent lighting when creating video content.

Post Every Single Day To Gain a Following

It is essential that you post daily, or better yet five times a day when you first sign up. It is recommended to start posting in the mid-afternoon, and continue posting until 7 p.m., then again around midnight, because this is when most TikTok users are active on the platform. This is optimal, but if this schedule is too intense, aim at least for one post per day. This pace is ideal for the first few weeks, until you have gained stability with the TikTok algorithm and gained some followers. TikTok will highlight your new account when you first sign up, so take advantage of the initial promotion.

Explore Trending Elements

There are various challenges within TikTok, so explore, discover and join these if possible. Different types of challenges go viral, from meme challenges to dance challenges. Do not be afraid to show your funny side or put a crazy, creative spin on a trending challenge. Participate in the trending and popular hashtags which are relevant to your material as well. You can find out what is trending on the TikTok “Discover Page.” Challenges take more time and creative effort, but also provide opportunity to put yourself in the spotlight. 

Connect with Industry Influencers

Try creating videos together with already established industry influencers on TikTok who might mesh well with your brand. Search out accounts that already have a following and could expose you to a wider audience.

Save and Comment

Before posting anything, save it before publishing. This is helpful, because sometimes you post a video and it lacks feedback. When you save your material, you can post it at a later time. Another reason for saving your video is so you can post it on another social media platform. After saving your content and posting it, take the time to respond to comments, since this is critical to success on TikTok. Do not post and walk away, because comments are an important part of the TikTok algorithm. 

Law Firms and TikTok – Discover What Works Best

TikTok is new and constantly changing, as are the viral trends within it. It takes time to create a following, along with a healthy amount of trial and error. Keep posting, stay engaged, and look around for inspiration when you need it. 

Law Quill | Law Firms And Tik Tok

Should Law Firms Be on TikTok?

TikTok is a fast-growing platform that can offer law firms significant potential to advertise their services and reach a larger audience. Statistics from highlights this audience, which claims that TikTok is the world’s most downloaded app. By reaching this larger audience, legal professionals can make it more likely for prospective clients to get in contact with them, leading to improved sales. Law firms and TikTok can work well together, so long as firms analyze how other companies use TikTok effectively to promote their businesses and determine the type of content that performs well on the platform.

While some may consider lawyers and TikTok to be unorthodox, it is an effective platform for marketing that can provide law firms with fast growth. Due to its algorithm, any individual can become viral on the platform if used effectively. Moreover, through TikTok, law firms can link to their website blogs and other social media platforms, meaning using TikTok can provide law firms with improved website traffic and more leads.

Extra Lawyers and TikTok Tips

Below are some additional lawyers and TikTok tips to consider that can help your firm make the most of this fast-growing platform.

Repurpose High-Performing Content

One vital tip for law firms and TikTok involves reusing high-performing content. Often, TikTok content performs well on other social media platforms too, such as Instagram and Facebook. Due to this, law firms can use TikTok effectively by sharing their high-performing TikTok videos and reposting them on alternative platforms at a later date. Alternatively, if you made the content outside of TikTok, you can share them directly on these platforms. Alongside sharing existing TikTok content, you can recreate some of your content that performed well on your other channels onto TikTok. For instance, if you have a popular blog post on your law firm’s website, you can turn this into a video or graphic and share it on your TikTok channel.

Experiment with New Features

As with other social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok constantly adds new features to its platform and rewards users who utilize these features by making them more visible on the platform. Due to this, it is vital that law firms are aware of the latest TikTok developments and what users expect from content to use the platform effectively. A good way of gaining this insight involves seeing what high-performing channels are doing and mirroring their efforts. It is also important to remember that it is challenging to create a successful TikTok channel overnight, so perseverance is key and law firms can benefit from taking an experimental approach to the platform. This may involve creating humorous videos and possibly adding animations and then seeing how this impacts the channel’s views, comments, and likes.

Monitor Content Performance

As with all marketing efforts, when you use TikTok, it is necessary to monitor your content’s performance. This involves looking at TikTok metrics to determine which pieces of content work well and which do not. By doing this, you can then create similar content to videos that have previously performed well and improve the channel’s overall visibility, reach, and performance.

How Law Quill Can Help

TikTok is a new and exciting social media app that can benefit your law firm, if understood and used wisely. Start with knowing your target audience, so you can create fitting content to reach it. If you want to maximize the possibilities within TikTok, be sure to include links to your website and other platforms. Follow helpful tips and watch the success stories, and yours may be the next viral video to captivate TikTok viewers.

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