Mobile Only Indexing and Mobile Marketing For Lawyers

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Americans spend more than five hours on their mobile phones every day, and we depend on our devices for just about everything. Because of this, businesses and law firms need to expand the way they meet the needs of mobile users. If your website is mobile-friendly, you are on the right track, but pretty soon, this may not be enough. Mobile marketing for lawyers is going to be a game-changer, if you know how to do it correctly. Google is making changes that will make mobile-optimized sites primary and desktop components less visible.  If your law firm makes key changes now, your website will remain visible in searches and avoid losing valuable clients.

Mobile Only Indexing

Google is rolling out a plan called “mobile only indexing.” This is Google’s way of catering to the growing use of mobile searches, and it will reward websites that provide a full mobile user experience. If a website is not designed for mobile use, some of its images and features may no longer be visible in Google’s new scenario. If your website currently has one header for desktop view and another for mobile view, with the new changes, only your mobile header will be visible to Google’s search bots and indexing system. 

Mobile Marketing For Lawyers

Google’s upgrade means that your law firm website should consider making changes and improvements. Mobile marketing for lawyers can seem like an overwhelming task. Where to begin? Start at the beginning of the consumer journey: where potential clients are searching for an attorney.

Local Search

Mobile searches tend to be local searches, and these have a high conversion rate. To stay visible in local searches, add your location and services within your site content and metadata. Local searches often start with “find a lawyer near me” and this is the kind of search that works well with your Google My Business listing. Get your law firm found more easily in local searches by completing your full GMB profile and listing. Mobile users will see your listing on their entire screens. Insert helpful add-ons such as FAQs and consistent client reviews, which act as social proof. 

Voice Search

Artificial intelligence has allowed voice search to become a popular form of consumer searches, and 20% of mobile searches involve voice search. Since you want your law firm to be found in voice search, examine your website content to make sure it is friendly to voice search. Here are some ways to optimize your website for voice search:

  • Informal phrases like “divorce lawyer” instead of “family law attorney”
  • Location-based words such as: nearby, near me, close to
  • Phrases and long-tail keywords vs. single keywords
  • Area-specific words that name landmarks or street names
  • Typical language triggers like: why, who and where

Your Law Firm’s Website

Mobile users should land on your website after a successful search, and they should find a comfortable, user-friendly place to land. Speed is crucial for mobile users, so confirm that your website loads within three seconds or less, with images compressed for faster rendering. You can use Google Analytics, Lighthouse and GTmetrix for help assessing page loading speed.

Mobile Friendly

Mobile friendly is not a new phrase, and your law firm’s website has probably already developed mobile friendly characteristics. But Google’s goals for mobile indexing will step up the pace and challenge every website to accelerate from mobile friendly to a more aggressive “mobile first” mindset. Before you can achieve mobile first, make sure you can answer following questions:

  • Can your website load in three seconds or less?
  • Does your website have a mobile-optimized score over 90, using this measuring tool? 
  • Using 4G, does your website load in under 2.5 seconds? Use this to check it.
  • Are calls to action included on your website; does it utilize Live Chat?
  • Is your website ADA compliant?

Mobile First and Mobile Marketing For Lawyers

Mobile first brings mobile friendly to a new level. A mobile first mindset means that you consider mobile users as your foremost audience, and your website can be the place you preach this approach. If you are starting a new law firm website, a mobile first design is the new default, and if your website is already in place, see if you can check off the following mobile first characteristics:

  • Avoid using popups. Popups are especially challenging for mobile users, so consider this as a part of your mobile marketing.
  • Let Google bots crawl. Avoid using nofollow tags for mobile pages and let the bots crawl where they will. If they cannot crawl your pages, they will not be able to index them. 
  • Use optimized metadata. Make sure your pages use optimized metadata, like header tags, descriptions and page titles. Your current data might work for desktop view, but may need to be tweaked for mobile use. Page titles should be 78 characters and meta descriptions should be reduced to 300 characters. 
  • Ditch hidden content. Confirm that all of your content is visible, showing all rich content to the user. This will expand your best chances of ranking well for your keywords.
  • Make tap targets bigger. Small tap targets (like buttons) are difficult for mobile users, so confirm that your clickable buttons are easy to see and click. 
  • Assess content width. Your content needs to have width boundaries that are user friendly for mobile. 
  • Decrease header images. Mobile users do not want to wait for huge header images to load, so avoid this problem by shrinking header images. 
  • Use structured data. This is information structured into an organized system, such as rows, columns and tables. Whenever possible, use structured data, beause it expands the mobile optimization of your website. 
  • Discover what’s new. Maintaining a mobile first approach means that you keep looking for new ways to make mobile use easier, whether this means AI applications, chat options or new social media platforms. 

Mobile First Benefits

Mobile marketing for lawyers is important. Wait, no. It’s CRITICAL. Once you start thinking “mobile first” and put some strategies into place, you can gain more traffic and reach more potential clients in the ever-increasing mobile user audience. Law firms should begin to see the switch to mobile first design as a crucial marketing tool for potential growth. Several benefits are in store for law firms who adopt the mobile first mindset: 

  • Greater audience and reach to prospective clients
  • Enhanced client engagement
  • New revenue opportunities with the use of mobile apps
  • More useful data through mobile use statistics
  • Better website user experience
  • Solid foundation for future growth 
  • Key advantages over the competition who have not yet stepped into a mobile first mindset

How Law Quill Can Help Mobile Marketing For Lawyers

Mobile use is expanding every day, and it is no surprise that marketing strategies have to change to reflect this evolution. Google’s mobile only indexing is causing law firms and other businesses to take a second look at their websites to confirm that mobile users will have a smooth and pleasant experience. Now that your law firm understands the mobile first concept, you can start making key website changes to attract more mobile clients, and stay ahead of the competition.

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