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Law Quill | Optimize Your Law Firm's LinkedIn Profile

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LinkedIn may not be the most flashy social media site, but this professional social network deserves your law firm’s attention. A 17 year online veteran, LinkedIn is the preferred hangout for lawyers, with 93% of attorneys using the platform. Your law firm’s LinkedIn profile is a valuable resource for your law firm’s marketing plan, but the key to success lies in a compelling profile. Once you have optimized your law firm’s profile, LinkedIn can be a crucial asset for your business. 

Why Should My Law Firm be on LinkedIn?

Chances are, your law firm has already secured a profile on LinkedIn, but are you using it to your advantage? You may want to consider completing or enriching your law firm’s LinkedIn profile, and here are a few reasons why.

Build a Network

LinkedIn was designed for constructing a network and it is reported that every second that goes by, two professionals join the platform. Using LinkedIn, your law firm’s LinkedIn profile can join attorney groups, connect with local bar associations, and engage with law school alumni. You can also use LinkedIn to gather new clients from the connections you have built. Every connection is an opportunity for a new referral and a resource for help and information. 

Boost Your Reputation

You know that prospective clients will be researching your law firm before hiring you, so having a detailed profile is crucial. Businesses need to build a solid reputation in today’s competitive digital world, and LinkedIn can help. 

Acquire Talent

LinkedIn is the perfect venue for attracting talent to your law firm. The platform can help you advertise open positions to a huge network of professionals, and anyone interested can view your law firm’s employee satisfaction ratings and other details at a glance. 


Utilize SEO

Everywhere you go online is a place to use SEO to your marketing advantage, and LinkedIn is one more spot to employ it. LinkedIn provides space to create and share keyword rich content, and this material can also provide helpful backlinks to your law firm’s website. 

Engage Clients

Any one of us may unexpectedly encounter legal problems, and your LinkedIn connections are all potential clients. Any individual who is browsing LinkedIn also may be searching for a reputable law firm in the area you practice.

7 Tips for Optimizing Your Law Firm’s LinkedIn Profile

If your law firm has not maximized your LinkedIn profile due to a busy professional schedule, you are not alone. You may be reluctant to devote precious time to social media because you are unfamiliar with the platform, or you may assume that you must post continually on LinkedIn to make it effective. However, it does not take much time to think past the basic profile settings and make your LinkedIn space a customized reflection of your law firm and its brand. By freshening up your profile and adding content when you can, your law firm can begin reaping the benefits that LinkedIn has to offer. 

Go Beyond the Defaults

To go beyond LinkedIn’s default setting, you must add a banner and headline to your profile. Your LinkedIn profile is somewhat like a virtual office, so take time to personalize it like you would do for your place of business. Remember your branding, and let it sink into every area of your LinkedIn profile. As you enrich and personalize your profile, be sure to add relevant keywords, which are critical to all online content. They can help people find you on LinkedIn, so include keywords which will connect people with your specific area of practice, including any niche services you offer. 

Maximize Your LinkedIn Summary

LinkedIn provides an area for you to share a summary of who you are and what you do, so take advantage of the space. You can add content and video clips to support your summary, and there is ample room to highlight your accomplishments and expertise. Since this area can be lengthy, make it user-friendly by adding bulleted lists and restful white space. Insert keywords as appropriate, and be sure to proofread it for errors. 

Introduce a Powerful Headline

Your headline should draw individuals in to click on your law firm’s profile. Make your headline compelling, because there is no rule that your law firm’s headline must be bland and boring. Your headline will be the first thing that people will notice, so use this powerful 120-character section to your advantage. You must include what you do and the benefits of working with you. Be clear about your legal expertise that you offer, but do not be reluctant to make your headline a reflection of the law firm’s unique journey and personality.

Insert Strategic Visuals

Include a professional photo to your profile, since experts say that a quality photo is a key way to get found on the platform. Add a banner photo to reinforce your brand, which makes your profile more dynamic. Insert video clips with an elevator pitch about your services, or a mini tour of your law firm’s office. Incorporate a wide variety of digital material and compelling visual components, and your LinkedIn profile will stand out among other law firms who skip this step.

Showcase the Extras

Top LinkedIn profiles spotlight not only a law firm’s professional persona, but also offer a bit of the personality side. List the organizations that your law firm has supported, your volunteer and community involvements, along with awards or media attention. This material will not distract from your professional accomplishments; instead, it will highlight your law firm’s unique story. 

Join Relevant Groups

Joining LinkedIn groups is highly recommended, since it is one more way to connect on the platform. Engaging in one of the two million active LinkedIn groups is not just a way to self-promote, it builds key relationships and provides a venue for you to provide leadership to others. There are plenty of legal groups, so find those which are relevant to your field and areas of interest. Experts say that groups are one of the most effective ways to develop your business on LinkedIn, and you can join up to 50 of them. However, it is important to interact often with your groups, so start with one or two groups and add more if time allows. 

Request Recommendations

LinkedIn offers space to feature recommendations and endorsements, so take the opportunity to showcase these. Recommendations are featured under the job with which they are connected, and endorsements are placed elsewhere on the page. Do not be reluctant to ask for an endorsement or testimonials from past clients, because they will be a highly valuable part of your LinkedIn profile.  

Law Quill | Optimize Your Law Firm's LinkedIn Profile

How Do You Attract People on LinkedIn?

According to WebsiteBuilder.org, LinkedIn has over 700 million active users, meaning you can potentially gain access to a much larger target audience if you set up an effective LinkedIn profile. Below are some tips to consider that can help attract people to your law firm’s LinkedIn profile:

  • Create a client-focused profile. This involves gearing your profile to your target audience and ensuring your profile is SEO-friendly and professional.
  • Show a genuine interest in potential clients. If someone shows an interest in your legal services on LinkedIn, reply immediately and send a connection request. Then, if the prospective client accepts your request, send them a tailored thank you note. Following this, try to find some common ground with the potential customer by noting something mentioned on their profile, as this helps them to feel valued and helps you make a good first impression on the client.
  • Follow up on the new connection. After a week, follow up on the new connection and try to build a professional, online relationship with them. To do this effectively, you can share some content with them that might be of interest. Again, this helps them to feel valued and makes them more likely to inquire further about your legal services.
  • Develop a professional, offline relationship. Eventually, you may have gained enough rapport with the prospective client to try to develop a professional relationship offline. This is vital to transitioning the prospective client from a lead to an actual paying customer. Throughout your conversations with prospective clients, make sure you demonstrate your expertise, credibility, and how you can provide value to them.

What Should Law Firms Post on LinkedIn?

When posting to a law firm’s LinkedIn profile, ensure you only discuss professional, relevant topics. Generally, LinkedIn is a good place to post about academic content, such as legal developments. Alternatively, you can talk about industry standards, and you can even share content from your other channels on LinkedIn, as long as it is professional. Essentially, if you think your potential clients can benefit from the information in the post, it is suitable for LinkedIn.

How Do I Create a LinkedIn Page for a Law Firm?

Find out how to create a law firm’s LinkedIn profile by reviewing the steps below:

  1. Visit the LinkedIn website in your browser and log in to your personal account.
  2. Select the option to create a business page.
  3. Fill in the basic information for your law firm and confirm you have permission to do this.
  4. Set the URL for your new business page and make sure it has your firm’s name within it. This is important for SEO purposes and it makes it easy for visitors to find your LinkedIn business page. It is also vital to think about your business LinkedIn URL carefully, as you cannot change it once set.
  5. Complete the rest of your law firm’s LinkedIn profile. This involves adding your firm’s logo, background image, address, law firm overview, the size of your firm, the firm’s web address, and the year you founded the firm.
  6. If it is necessary for you to edit your LinkedIn page, make sure you select “publish” so your changes save. When doing this, you can preview what the published page looks like to see if you are happy with your changes.

How Law Quill Can Help Your Law Firm’s LinkedIn Profile

A law firm can grow its practice using the LinkedIn platform, but it is important to make your profile stand out among the rest. It is key to go beyond the defaults, add details and recommendations and infuse a profile with your brand and personality in order to attract attention from your target audience. 

We are here to help and would welcome the opportunity to visit with you for free regarding your website content and your LinkedIn Profile! We actually now provide full social media marketing services! Schedule a free visit with us by scheduling a quick phone or zoom call at your convenience on our calendar today. You can also email us at support@lawquill.com