Law Quill | #021 - Video Marketing For Your Law Firm

#021 – Video Marketing For Your Law Firm!

Video Marketing is one of the best ways to get your law firm better SEO results! Learn all of your options, including ones where you DONT get in front of a camera on today’s episode! Also, Law Quill now provides video for our clients – check it out here:


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The Legal Marketing Lounge

Hello. Welcome back to The Legal Marketing Lounge. I hope you are excited, because today we’re gonna be talking about video content. Don’t be scared. I’ve got some options just in case you don’t want to get in front of the camera. I know you’re out there. I know that is what you are thinking, but I have some options for those of you that are not interested in becoming the next movie star for your law firm.

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Video Content

Video content has recently stepped into the internet spotlight. It is quickly becoming the media of choice for consumers of all ages. I will argue that content that is written, like articles on your website, are still the most important type of content. That is what the research is showing us. However, 1/3 of all online action is spent viewing videos. Research estimates that video traffic to businesses will grab about 80% of traffic, within the next few years. It is not going away. You can see that in the trends regarding social media. Instagram is visual content. If you look at TikTok, that is visual content. Facebook too, is also visual content. All of these different platforms are putting stories on. So this is a way to get in front of your potential clients through another medium, which is video.

The average viewer retains about 95% of a video message. That’s crazy, right? If you can get your potential clients in front of one of your videos, that is fantastic. Because of these trends, it is essential that law firms take the time to examine the use of law firm video marketing for their business. We already know that lawyer video marketing is a huge growing trend and its used on law firm websites and throughout. Social media is powerfully engaging for potential clients. If you’re considering the use of video to promote your law firm, you are in the right place.

Today let’s get you started. Let’s first talk about why a law firm would use video marketing.

Why Use Video Marketing for Your Law Firm?

The statistics speak for themselves. I’ve already given those, but here are some additional clear reasons why using video marketing works so effectively, specifically for law firms.

Good Introduction to Your Law Firm

The first reason is that it is a good introduction to your law firm. When you put your law firm name and brand out there, and if you’re interested in creating a brand (I just did a podcast on branding so you might want to check that one out), but if you are introducing your law firm, it can be difficult to sort of “sell” who you are, the benefits and the value that you provide. That’s why video is an ideal way to introduce and promote your law firm, your team, and your services. It gives a human element to your practice of law. The practice of law can be a little intimidating to prospective clients, who are unfamiliar with the whole legal process. They are checking out your website or your social media, because they have a problem and they need a solution. If they are unfamiliar with the whole legal process, the whole thing can seem a little intimidating. If you have a video of yourself or of your law firm or any kind of video, it can demystify your law firm to them. It is just a really great way to showcase your law firm in a more personal way. I have said this so many times. I didn’t invent this phrase, but I use it all the time, which is that, people do business with people. They don’t do business with buildings, logos or branding that gets them interested. When they finally make the decision to go with a law firm, it is because they trust the people that are there.

Increase Your Law Firm’s Rankings

Another reason that law firms should use video marketing is to increase their rankings. There is a strong connection between search engine rankings – SEO, which is, Search Engine Optimization. Websites that post videos along with their actual text content, their articles, their blog posts perform better than their competitors. People spend more time watching videos, more often than scanning long sections of text. I still will argue that text and articles are invaluable on law firm websites. However, it is proven that adding video, along with text, boosts the value of a website to Google, to prospective clients, as well, but to Google and websites. High quality videos are favored by Google, since it tracks website usage time.

Now I did another podcast about why you want your website visitors to stay on your website. Why that matters is because the longer someone stays on your website, Google interprets that to mean that there is valuable content on your website. That’s the reason someone’s staying there. If you have a video on your website, along with the text of an article, and someone takes the time to watch your video, that’s tracked by Google. It can increase your SEO rankings.

Cash Cow

Another reason that lawyers should use video marketing is because you are going to make more money. You are going to get more clients. You are going to get more conversions. Research from, states that if an attorney includes a video segment in their page, email contacts increase by 127%. Click throughs increase by 138%. It is a lot. Most law firms have websites with photos and relevant content, but you can really set yourself apart by using video, to speak more potently to potential clients. More money. That’s the point of all of this, right? That’s the point of my business, Law Quill. That is the point of The Legal Marketing Lounge. All of this. The point is to get your law firm more online visibility, a larger digital footprint, so that you get more clients.

Steps for Video Marketing for Your Law Firm

Let’s talk about the steps of video marketing for your law firm.

Step 1: Understand Your Viewers

Step one is to understand your viewers. I know I’ve said this before, but it’s really important to know and understand the viewers of your law firm’s website. It is obvious that when a law firm scrutinizes its marketing options and its strategies, it has to evaluate a target audience. For example, how old are your typical potential clients? Where do they live? What is their income level? What are their cultural values? You really need to spend some time considering your client base, your ideal client base, in order to form a message, either written or video. Content that will reach them in such a way that it will resonate with them and they will want to contact you over your competitors. Understanding your audience before proceeding with video is one of the most crucial steps in launching into lawyer video marketing. It is often overlooked, but after you identify your target clients, you can then plan to address their concerns in a style and a tone that correlates with your branding. That will speak very powerfully to them. So step one is understanding your viewers.

Step 2: Write Your Script

Step two is write your script. If you are going to be the person that is in front of the video camera, you want to appear authoritative. Once you have determined who you want to reach and you construct a vision for your lawyer marketing video, you need to craft a script if you are going to be the one in front of the camera. Just as a side note, we are going to be talking in a little bit about video that does not use you in front of the camera, but for right now, we are talking about you in front of the camera. You will want to craft a script. You have to decide what your tone is going to be, that’s going to go along well with your branding. Are you going to be funny? Are you going to be very serious? Are you going to be educational and informative? Are you going to try to connect with your potential client base on similar values or culture? Your practice area and your target audience will probably really influence the tone and style you choose for your video.

Let’s give some examples here. This is the kind of the rubber hits the road, where it makes a little bit more sense. If you are a personal injury law firm, your tone may want to communicate in your videos that you’re loyal, you’re approachable, you are an advocate for them as they heal from their injuries, while still being an aggressive defender of their rights. So you want to be intense, but not necessarily intimidating. Let’s say, instead, you are a law firm that works with small business owners and you want to be authoritative, but you don’t want to be overly serious. You want to build a long term relationship with these business owners. So they use you for years, maybe even decades. You want to come across as professional and informative, but also friendly and approachable, because you want to become almost like a friend to them over the next course of the many, many years that you will do legal work for them and their business. A third example is if your law firm practices criminal defense work, you could try a humorous approach. We have seen that before with some law firms that do criminal defense work. This may spread your video further than just the clients who need you immediately, if you take a light hearted or funny approach. However, if you are a criminal defense attorney that more specifically practices in the areas of more serious or aggressive crimes, this may not be the right tone for you in a video.

Once your tone is set, whether you are an estate planning attorney, business attorney, criminal defense, immigration, whatever kind of an attorney you are, start writing your script. It can be challenging. I can appreciate that. Many people can accomplish this with the help of a professional writer, if you are not comfortable doing this yourself. Don’t be afraid to revise it. Get input from others. Keep in mind that marketing videos are short. They range between two to five minutes. A lot of the videos that you’ll have on social media actually are 60 seconds or less. Don’t overthink the step. Okay? Promise? Do not. Promise me that. Don’t overthink this script step.

Step 3: Produce Your Video

The third step is to produce your video. You have got your branding. You know your tone. You have psyched yourself up to do this video. You have got your script. Now you need to produce your video. You are almost there! You just need to find time to record it and produce it. You can hire a professional, but you don’t need Steven Spielberg for this, because really, a smartphone, a modern webcam can be enough quality to do an excellent job for what you’re looking for. We are really talking about small pieces of video. Definitely five minutes or less. In some cases, even one minute or less. If you have a stable camera, adequate lighting, and clear sound, you are basically there. The most crucial aspect of your video is the message that you’re sending out. When you’ve completed producing your video, you’ll need to edit it. That is also very easily done with apps or basic editing tools that can be found on most computers.

Step 4: Share the Video

Now you have gotten your video. It has been written. It is branded, right? You have written your script. You have produced it. You have edited it. You have gotten it. Now what do you do with it? Well, you want to share it.

Make Sure the Video is Shareable

The first thing that you want to do is make sure that the video is ready to be shared, passed around, and discussed online. This can be done through email marketing, social media, marketing on your website, absolutely everywhere. Your law firm website is the first and most obvious place to embed this video. It can be on your homepage. It can be on a blog article. Wherever it makes the most sense, wherever it can increase conversions, place it there. Conversion is a potential client into an actual client.

Place the Video in the “About Me/Us” Section

Some of the places that you can put these videos on your website is your, “About Me” page. I actually did a podcast on “About Me” pages. So go back and check that one out. If you have an “About Us” page or an “About Me” page, a video can absolutely introduce potential clients to who you are on a personal level. It can explain your mission. It can showcase your office space. It basically allows potential clients to see your authentic and personal voice.

Place the Video in the Client Testimonial Section

Another place you can put videos is in the client testimonials area. Sincere stories of client experiences can build trust, and establish an emotional connection with viewers. One of the things you can do is get client testimonials. This would not be you on the video. It would be you contacting former clients and asking them to share the story of their legal journey and explain how your law firm helped them, and how you can help future clients.

Place the Video in the Facts or FAQs Section

Another place that you can put video is in the facts area. The facts section and the frequently asked questions is a page or pages that most law firms should have. It really is a very important component of your law firm’s website. Sometimes answering questions in video form is a really personal and effective way to answer the questions that potential clients have. This is a place where you could have your written answers to questions and also videos.

Place the Video in the Front Page Section

Another place you can put your video on your website is your front page. You could have an introduction to who you are on the front page. You also can have embedded videos on every single blog post. We’re going to talk about that in just a minute.

Have a Video Series

The last thing that you can do is actually have a video series for your law firm’s website. Your video can include a series of installments, that help potential clients and viewers understand a particular legal issue or practice area or maybe even a series of key steps in a complex legal process. For example, the steps of divorce, the steps of an estate plan or the steps of creating your own business as an entrepreneur. Your video series should add value to potential clients. Here’s the important part – a call to action, a way for potential clients to contact you. So at the end of the day, the whole point of video marketing of any marketing is to have potential clients contact you. We have found that video series work very well, because it continues to keep clients engaged, and potential clients engaged. You can use these video series, also, if they’re short, on social media as well.

Step 5: Evaluate Your Results

The last step is to evaluate your results. Now you have spread your video throughout your website and social media, and maybe on your email list. Finally, you really need to determine the success of your video marketing by analyzing your results. You need to monitor the number of views, and decide if you are really targeting the right audience or if the right audience is hearing the right message. Views alone are not the measure of a compelling video. Though your goal is really to engage the attention of new potential clients, you can look at not just the number of views on your website but also look if you’re spreading this on social media, you should be looking to see whether or not the posts that you make on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc are gaining a lot of views, comments and engagement. You can determine if a video is turning into a lead and if those leads are then turning into clients. If you don’t already use one, this is a side note, but if you don’t already use one, this is a perfect time to establish a lead tracking system. Your law firm can track and assess where your leads come from, because that’s really important too. That helps you decide in the future, where best to spend your time, your effort and your money.

Extra Tips for Video Marketing

Here are a few more tips. You don’t need to be a professional to create a standout video, but here are just a few extra resources that might help your video be the very best that it can be.

Use a Video Making App

You should use a video making app. This enables amateurs like you, to quickly achieve high quality video footage. Some app examples include, Video Guru, KineMaster, Videolicious and iMovie. These are just apps that help you create a video for your law firm and then edit them.

Produce Adaptable Videos for Social Media

Another tip is to produce videos that can be used and adapted for a variety of social media platforms. We talked a little bit about this before, but every social media platform has its own regulations for acceptable media guidelines. For example, you may not want to include music in your background, because that can get you in big trouble on certain social media apps like Facebook. So make sure that you look at every social media platform and their guidelines. Also some social media platforms limit the amount of time that you can have for a video. If you are creating videos that are one minute or less, those are going to be usable and repurposed throughout almost all of social media. If you are less than a minute, you can use them as a TikTok video, you can use them on Instagram, on Facebook, on LinkedIn, all the places. Just make sure that when you are creating videos, that you work smarter and not harder, so that you create videos that can be used and adapted for all of these different social media platforms.

Add Captions to Your Videos

Finally, you want to add captions to your videos so that people can view them without sound if they want. Here’s a few reasons for that. First of all, if you are putting a video on your website, your website may be required to comply with ADA guidelines. This means that you need to include captions on your videos, if they are going to be on your website. However, this is a good practice anyway, because when you are adding captions to your videos and you are then repurposing them and putting them out on all these different social media platforms, all these people are looking at video without sound. We know it. You’re doing it. I’m doing it. We’re all looking at these videos without sound. So adding captions to your videos will help people engage with your content and actually sit and watch your whole video. There are ways to add captions to your videos that are free. You can look into those different apps as well.

How Can Law Quill Help?

The very last area that I want to talk about is now how Law Quill can help you with the content of your video. If you are reticent to get in front of a camera, but you know that you want to include video marketing as part of your law firms digital marketing strategy, Law Quill now offers a video for every single blog post that we do, as an additional service. We take video that is already in existence and is royalty free. We take content from the actual article and place it into the video. We can do this for any section of your law firm’s website.

If you would like to find out a little bit more about this, you can just go to If you are considering law firm video marketing and you are a little bit reluctant to get in front of a camera you can still keep up with this trend, because the video is still very versatile and very effective. It can be used not only on your own website. It’s got captioning but it can also be used throughout all of social media. It is a way for you to utilize the benefits of video, without having to be in front of the camera yourself or even spend the time or the money, in actually creating, writing, producing, editing and distributing a video that you create yourself. That is one of the ways that Law Quill is now helping our clients gain even more traction on Google and with their SEO strategy through video marketing.

If you would like to visit with us about that, I would be more than happy to do that and you can email me and I would love to visit with you about your video marketing or any of your content marketing needs for your law firm.


I hope this episode today really convinced you that video content is here to stay. It is the media of choice for much of the internet. It certainly will help your Google rankings if you include video throughout your website and throughout social media. Google loves it and they reward law firms and businesses that utilize this as part of their digital marketing strategies.

With that said, I hope that you got some value out of this podcast today. If you did, hit that subscribe button, and of course, I would love it if you would leave me a little review if you are listening to this on iTunes. That helps me in the algorithm and helps me get in front of more small and solo law firms to help them increase their digital footprint online.

Thanks again for joining me and I will see you next time in The Legal Marketing Lounge.