Prepackaged Articles

Stop And Read This First!

Most frequent questions and answers regarding prepackaged articles.

Prepackaged articles are articles pre-created that you can copy and paste into your law firm’s website. You may add your law firm’s name or any additional content you choose. 

Take a moment to read this, because this is important.

These prepackaged articles are a way for new law firms to have something on their website (instead of tumbleweeds!)

These articles are written well, and will provide your potential clients with fantastic information. 

However, they are NOT good for SEO. 

You can mark the article as “no index” which means that Google will not “crawl” that article on your website. This means that it will not be BAD for SEO, but it also will not be GOOD. If you fail to mark your article as “no index” it will be BAD for your SEO, as Google will see it as duplicative content. 

Here’s the thing. If you are a really small law firm, your traffic likely comes from somewhere other than Google right now. 

BOTTOM LINE: The reason we created these prepackaged articles is because we UNDERSTAND that small and solo law firms may not have the financial resources to hire out their SEO writing to a legal marketing agency. As a small law firm, you don’t have the TIME to write these yourself, but you want SOMETHING on your site. 

We are literally the ONLY LEGAL MARKETING AGENCY that provides this type of content. 

Why? Because we wanted to offer another option to those small and solo law firms. Our passion is to truly help you any way we can. 

Someday, when you are ready or interested, we are also here for your law firm as well as you rise to the next level and need someone to write your original, unique,  customized, and SEO keyworded content for your law firm. 

This is a lot, we know. But, if you have any more questions after reading all of this, we can help. Feel free to contact us at any time at or with our online contact form

Yes. You can use them however you wish. However, because the majority of the article will still be considered duplicative content for Google purposes, you should still make sure that your article has the “no index” tag on it to avoid any SEO challenges to your website. 

Because our prepackaged articles are instant downloads (which means  as soon as you purchase them, you will have access to them) they are non-refundable. 

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