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A press release for your law firm may sound as outdated as a pager, but in reality the press release is a powerful way to present your law firm news to the public. Lawyers and law firms can self-publish a press release, instead of waiting for the media to present it. Your website, blog and social media platforms can take a press release for your law firm and use it to proclaim your story to your clients and your target audience. 

What is a Press Release?

A press release is a piece of written communication that reports brief and specific information about an event. Historically, press releases have been connected to businesses or organizations who want to introduce a new product or have an important announcement to make. But the media is not obligated to run a traditional press release. Writing your own press release is a potent way to get the word out about something important happening in your law firm — and you do not need to wait for anyone’s permission to publish it. 

Why Write a Press Release for Your Law Firm?

The main goal of a press release is to promote something newsworthy, and to do it clearly and concisely. A press release is presented with the hope that:

  • A reporter will take the news and elaborate on it 
  • The media will spread the news
  • The information will be shared and promoted on the internet via blogs, social media and websites

A press release is still a favorable way to present your law firm’s important news, and doing it the modern way (publishing it yourself on the internet) is ideal because of the following reasons:

Stories Started By You

Whoever has the first shot at a story has an advantage. Your press release is about your law firm, and you know the story best. It can contain the most accurate facts told in the most authentic way, and it will establish your law firm as the proper source if anyone wants to know more.

Press Releases For Your Law Firm Enhance SEO

Offering a press release for your law firm drives traffic to your website. Providing fresh and relevant new content on your website gives you favor with the search engines, and this will ultimately boost your rankings. 

Choose Your Own News

The most shocking or noteworthy news gets published. But what about the smaller news that is meaningful to your law firm and its clients? A reporter may ignore the fact that one of your staff has made the “best lawyer” list, you won a hard-fought case, or you hired a new attorney. When you put forth your own press release, you can choose the news that is significant to you and your audience. 

Tips For Writing a Press Release For Your Law Firm 

Follow the Rules

A press release follows a standard framework, and it is best to keep within the guidelines. This forces you to write carefully and concisely, and communicates the most crucial information to your potential readers. A standard press release stays under 400 words and includes:

  • The most important information told in the first few lines
  • Additional words of explanation
  • One or two powerful quotes from key team members
  • A brief summary of your law firm

Craft Strategically

Start your press release with the date and the name of the city of origin. A well-crafted press release should include:

  • An attention grabbing headline
  • Information presented in third-person narrative
  • Action words
  • Quotations that push the intended agenda
  • A high interest level
  • Minimal detail

Time it Carefully

Press releases are usually available for immediate release, shareable as soon as it is submitted. If you are distributing your press release with the help of a service, you will want to designate the time frame to best suit your needs. 

Avoid Back Patting

Nobody likes it when people or businesses congratulate themselves. Patting your own back in your press release will be off-putting for your readers and cause journalists to ignore you. If you want to self-promote in that way, leave that to your newsletter or to social media. Remember that a press release must be newsworthy and interesting. If it isn’t, it will go nowhere. 

How Should You Share a Press Release For Your Law Firm? 

Once you have drafted your press release, run it by one or two other people. Better yet, choose a professional who is skilled in writing and knows proper grammar and AP style. Once you have your draft, try reading it aloud, to see if it flows and sounds interesting. If it sounds disjointed or unclear, go back and improve it. When you are ready, it is time to share it.


Your Law Firm Website and Blog

One of the first and best places to publish your press release is right on your law firm website, or presented as a blog post. The benefits of doing this include:

  • It stays there as long as you like, without being archived.
  • It can be noticed in the past news, offering background to future readers and potential clients.
  • Comments are controlled by your law firm.
  • Your important news gets funneled to your own clients and target audience.

Social Media

Be sure to publish your press release as a post on your social media channels, where you can include a link to your law firm website. Encourage your law firm staff to include in on their own social media sites as well.

By Email

Email reaches its target 90% of the time, so be sure to send your press release out to all of your contacts. Leave a spot for your press release in the next law firm e-newsletter as well. 

Other Media Outlets

If you have a newsworthy press release, you can send it to a reporter who would likely cover the subject. Take time to create an email list of potential media representatives who might care about your news. Fill the subject line with an impactful title and send the press release in the body of text, rather than as an attachment. Follow up after sending, and do not be discouraged if you do not get a reply — a reporter typically receives dozens of news releases every day. 

Paid Press Release Services

There are paid news services who will distribute your press release. The most popular for hire are Business Wire and PR Newswire. Although these services have a large reach, using one of these can cost hundreds of dollars or more, depending on your word count and use of images.

Free Press Release Services

There are also services who will distribute your press release for free online in a limited capacity. Many of these offer upgraded service for a fee.  These free services include: 

Law Quill | Press Releases For Your Law Firm

How Do You Write a Press Release for a Law Firm?

According to the University of Kansas, press releases help organizations, including law firms, to effectively communicate news and other important developments directly to their target audience. When done right, a law firm press release can help your firm demonstrate its expertise in a certain field, gain publicity, and receive more website traffic. Below, you can find out how to write one.

Select a Newsworthy Topic

The first step to creating an effective law firm press release involves selecting a newsworthy topic. This is important as the press release’s primary purpose is to convey newsworthy information. Moreover, selecting such a topic improves your firm’s chances of a local news media outlet using your press release as part of a wider news story, which can provide your firm with even more reach. With this in mind, select a timely and unique topic to discuss in your press release. Some examples of the topics you can mention include the following:

  • New website
  • New office or branch opening
  • New law firm partners or attorneys
  • Significant court rulings involving your firm
  • New e-book
  • New legislation related to your firm’s services
  • New legal services
  • Awards or accolades concerning lawyers from your firm
  • Events hosted by your firm

Adopt a Journalistic Tone and Style

Once you have selected an appropriate topic to base your law firm press release on, adopt a journalistic tone and style. This involves writing your press release objectively and in the third person. Try to keep your press releases short, ideally no longer than a page. To do this, write concisely and just mention the facts surrounding the story. Additionally, avoid complex business or legal jargon and do not focus solely on promoting your law firm.

Include Quotes

Good law firm press releases include at least one quote, and preferably more, from other lawyers within your firm or external legal professionals. These are great for improving the story’s readability by providing a combination of both direct and indirect speech. They are also vital for supporting what you have stated in your story. If you do make any statements in your press release, ensure you provide a source for this. Additionally, avoid exaggerating anything in your story. Instead, let the facts speak for themselves.

Choose an Engaging Headline

After writing your press release, choose an engaging headline to draw in readers and convince them to open the article and read it. Aim for a short but powerful title, and use keywords to optimize it for SEO. Usually, it is a good idea to select the headline after writing the article.

Structure Your Press Release

Now that you have written your law firm press release and selected a strong headline, put your press release together by applying this specific structure:

  1. Add a headline.
  2. Include the date, time, and location for the press release.
  3. Insert the main body of the press release.
  4. Write a paragraph describing your law firm and list the services you offer.
  5. Add a call to action asking readers to contact the firm for assistance
  6. Enter your firm’s contact information, including telephone numbers, email addresses, and a link to the firm’s website and social media channels.

Optimize for SEO

Once you have put your press release together, make sure you optimize it for SEO so it ranks well on search engines. This involves including keywords in the title, meta description, and a couple of times naturally in the press release’s main body. Try to avoid keyword stuffing or using keywords where they do not make sense.

How Law Quill Can Help

A press release added to your blog, website or circulated throughout the local media can offer a unique addition to your marketing plan. Consider submitting your press release to a media representative for a greater reach. Law Quill can help you write a powerful press release that will impact your target audience and attract potential clients. 

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