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why your law firm needs a bloG

Law Firm Branding

Increase Your Domain Authority Score (DA Score)

Google bots will only revisit a website that continues to produce consistent and valuable content. The only way to do this is through a blog.

Potential Clients

Showcase Expertise To Potential Clients

A consistently updated blog shows your expertise and authority within your practice areas.

Valuable Keywords

Rank High On Google For Valuable Keywords

Ranking high on Google allows your law firm to be seen in organic searches and gain you more clients. Your potential clients are searching for your law firm's services. Make sure that they find you through strategic keyword research and SEO best practices.

Logo Creation Services

Provide Content To Share On Social Media

Creating relevant content allows your law firm to share these valuable insights on social media, solidifying your position as an expert.

Business Card & Letterhead

Provide Content To Share To Your Email List

An Email list is a valuable source of past and potential clients. Email your list weekly with a link to your latest blog to continue to provide value and keep you top of mind.

Gain More Clients

Gain More Clients

Bottom line: All marketers consider SEO efforts to be better than paid ads for sales. Organic traffic results in better click through rates, and more leads. (We all know that everyone ignores the ads at the top of Google, right?)

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Personal Injury SEO Content
Car/Motorcycle/Trucking Accidents, Injuries, Slip and Fall, Med Mal, Wrongful Death
Business Law SEO Content
Business Formation, Landlord/Tenant, Transactional Law, Real Estate
Family Law SEO Content
Divorce, Child Custody, Equitable Division of Assets, Child Visitation, Alimony, Child Support
Bankruptcy Law SEO Content
Types of Bankruptcy, Student Loans, CARES Act, Tax Implications
Immigration Law SEO Content
Asylum, DACA Law, Immigration Laws; Types of Immigration
Estate Law SEO Content
Estate Planning, Valuations, Asset Protection; Probate
Employee Rights SEO Content
Discrimination, Harassment, At-Will States, Unsafe Working Conditions, Employer Compliance
Criminal Law SEO Content
DUI, Types of Charges, Prosecutorial Discretion, Sexual Assault, Protection Orders
Intellectual Property Law SEO Content
Types of Intellectual Property, Copyright, Trademark, Patent

Frequently asked questions

The only way to rise in the Google rankings is with a blog. Full stop. The reason is because once the Google bots read your website content they are done….UNLESS there is more to read.  Fresh and relevant content keeps the Google bots coming back to your website, and helps you grow your Domain Authority (DA score)! 

Also, having quality content on your website gives you the ability to showcase your Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness (EAT Score for Google). This also provides useful content for your potential clients and shows them the value you can provide. 

Finally, having content on your website allows you to have something to say to your E-mail list or talk about on other social media platforms. 

Ultimately, having content on your website consistently through a blog is the only way to grow your law firm online in an organic way. 

Yes. Every article created for your law firm will be unique and specifically keyworded and optimized for search engines. We provide a screenshot showing that the content is original on every article (along with a screenshot showing that the content was written by a real human being and not AI) 

Law Quill does substantial research regarding the most beneficial topics for your law firm through SEO analysis and competitor research. Therefore, in order to receive maximum benefit from your content, Law Quill chooses the topics to best promote your law firm through SEO. However, we partner with law firms, and every law firm gets to choose from those topics! There will never be any surprises with the content you receive from Law Quill!


We provide the following with every article, every time. 

  • 1,000 words or more
  • 2 outgoing links to authoritative sources 
  • 3 call to actions
  • SEO and keywording analysis done
  • Keyword provided for every article, every time
  • Proof of originality through CopyScape, the gold standard for identification of plagiarism
We provide all of this to ensure your legal marketing efforts get you actual real results, and more clients!

We have over 75+ video and written testimonials from our raving fans! Click to read the testimonial page on the website or our 50+ Google reviews! 

Yes! Please click here to view sample articles. Law Quill has written over 4 million words of content for law firms throughout the United States and Canada, and we have written for every practice area. 

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