Should Your Law Firm Write An E-Book? (TL;DR – YES!)

Law Quill | Should Your Law Firm Write An E-Book? (TL;DR - YES!)

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People are always looking for legal information and answers to their urgent questions. Although they can find some of this on websites and blogs, an EBook provides another valuable alternative as a source of helpful material. EBooks are flexible marketing tools which are easy to create and offer to your target audience. Compelling content continues to steal the show when it comes to digital marketing, and a high quality EBook can be part of the stash of valuable content you offer to potential clients. Should your law firm write an E-Book? Only if you want to see significant benefits for your business.

Why Should a Law Firm Write an E-book? 

What are the key reasons for a law firm to write an EBook? Law firms may differ in why they want to start this project, and it is important to set some goals right at the beginning. You may want to capture the attention of new clients, or you may want to establish your expertise among colleagues. Decide what you would like your end result to be by considering the following ways an EBook can benefit your law firm. 

Showcase Your Knowledge

An EBook is an ideal way to highlight the expertise you have amassed over the years. It is an excellent medium for lawyers to demonstrate what they know, show their experience, and give proof of their authority in legal matters.  It can outline useful information or offer guidance on a particular legal topic. Providing such material through an EBook backs up the information you are already offering potential clients, inspires confidence and shows them you genuinely care about helping your clients. 

Inform Clients About the Legal Process

The average person is often intimidated by the legal process — and sometimes by the attorneys themselves. The decision to hire an attorney to help an individual with life-impacting issues is a huge one, and the legal system can be confusing and scary. Writing an informative EBook about the legal process from start to finish can lessen the anxiety your potential clients face, and it offers them a step-by-step game plan. Using an EBook to accomplish this can win trust and set you apart from your competitors. 

Translate Complex Issues

EBooks can take complex issues and communicate them in an easy, engaging way. EBooks can break a complicated topic into bite-sized pieces, complete with helpful graphs and memorable images. One plus about EBooks is that they can be easily shared on social media — an effective way to get the word out about your law firm’s EBook. 

Establish Your Leadership

Consider writing your EBook to benefit other lawyers. Your law firm can write an EBook to build connections with other legal professionals, or develop new sources for referrals. Perhaps you have experience in a niche that you can share with others. Maybe you can offer helpful advice on office management, digital law firm marketing, or how to avoid negative aspects related to your business. This builds respect within your field and gives you credibility among your peers. Additionally, writing a book can showcase your expertise and establish you as a thought leader in your area of law. 

Build Contacts and Links

It is common to offer an EBook for free, and this is a great way to gain the contact information of potential clients and grow your business.  Should your law firm write an EBook and give it away in exchange for this information, you can grow your email list and add these prospective clients to any future email campaigns. In addition, EBooks can be an ideal way to build powerful links, as you submit your publication to EBook directories and other markets. 

What Should You Write About?

If you have gotten this far, wondering if your law firm should write an EBook, you might be already considering what to write about, so think about these questions. 

  • What are things that your law firm does best? In what matters do you have unique or unusual expertise? Once you have brainstormed a list, decide which topics would be most interesting or helpful to your law firm’s target audience. Tackle this thoughtfully, because you do not want to choose a subject that you know little about, unless you want to add hours of research to your project.  
  • Who is your target audience? What do they care about?  Will your law firm write an EBook with the intention of offering it to potential clients, or will it be written for fellow lawyers? This will determine your content matter and the technical or simplified language you will use. 
  • What does your EBook give to the readers? What will individuals gain from reading it? An overload of facts and information is not enough; your EBook should teach individuals something new and beneficial to their lives. If you are writing your EBook for other lawyers, give them actionable information that will benefit their business.

5 Tips If You Want To Write an E-Book

Once you have realized the benefits from having your law firm write an E-Book, and you have launched an idea, you can take steps that will make the process more manageable. Here are five tips to make writing your law firm’s EBook a little smoother. 

Stick to a Writing Schedule

Setting goals will help your law firm write an E-Book. Choose a regular place where you can jot your thoughts down without distraction.  If you put yourself on a schedule and write a little every day, it will add up to a lot of text. Some say that the entire process of: writing, editing, revising, planning and publishing your EBook should take a few months or more, depending on the content. Busy legal professionals may need to forego chunks of personal time to complete the EBook in a timely way. 

Go For Quality Above Quantity

Write an EBook that people will actually want to read. Some EBooks are around 10,000 words, and many are more than 25,000, but quality work is more important than a large quantity of pages. An EBook does not have to be an epic volume to deliver value to the reader.

Get Help From Professionals

If long pieces of text are not your forte, or you cannot make the time commitment to write the entire EBook by yourself, consider hiring a freelancer to assist you in the process. In addition to the writing, think about getting professional help from an editor and graphic designer as the project moves along. If you are interested in having someone ghostwrite your E-book, consider hiring Law Quill! 

Let Others Review After Your Law Firm Writes an E-Book 

Any written work will benefit from a second (or third) set of eyes. One reason to get an outside person to preview your work is to confirm that you have communicated legal concepts in a way that is easy for non-lawyers to comprehend. Ask fellow attorneys to read your work to see if you have covered the material fully.  

Publish and Market Your E-Book 

Completing the book content is a massive accomplishment — but this is just the beginning. Your files must be converted into an EBook format, published and promoted. 

Here is the most important thing you will read in this article: 

Once your EBook is completed, you can display it on your website, or offer it as an incentive in exchange for contact information. An EBook is a perfect way to get visitors on your small law firm’s website to opt-in and get on your email list so that you can consistently visit with them about your small or solo law firm and the value you provide. 

EBooks can also be shared with your current email contacts and are perfect for social media sharing. Finally, even though more people than ever are choosing EBooks, there will always be a place for tangible books. Some authors choose to make hard copies in addition to the EBook format, for sale or giveaway at local events. Either way, be sure to get professional assistance for the cover and design. 

Law Quill | Should Your Law Firm Write An E-Book? (TL;DR - YES!)

The Benefits of Creating E-Books For Your Law Firm

According to Educomics, e-books have several advantages over traditional books. For instance, they are more sustainable, convenient to use, and have greater accessibility than physical books. Below are some other reasons why a law firm should write an e-book.

Persuade Individuals To Hire a Lawyer

One reason why a law firm should write an e-book is that it can be an effective way of persuading potential clients to hire a lawyer. E-books can inform customers why gaining guidance from a legal professional as soon as they encounter a legal problem is important. You can use an e-book to demonstrate to non-lawyers what may happen if they decide not to hire one, using real examples to emphasize this message.

Gain Media Attention

When you write an e-book on a new or unusual legal topic, this can help your law firm gain media attention, particularly from the local media. This can increase awareness of your firm’s brand and may even lead to improved sales.

Get an Effective Long-Term Asset

While creating an e-book for your law firm may take a significant amount of time, you can often use them for a long period. This is particularly true if you include evergreen content that is unlikely to quickly become out-of-date. With these e-books, you can share helpful information with potential clients for many years, making it an excellent long-term investment for your law firm.

Improve Website Traffic

By creating an e-book for your law firm, you can improve your website traffic. To do this, ensure that your e-book contains an effective call to action and a link to encourage readers to visit your website. Doing this allows your law firm to reach its target audience more easily, who are more likely to need your firm’s legal services. Gaining more website traffic can also lead to improved sales and can provide law firms with a vital competitive advantage.

Share Updated Existing Content

While e-books can be great for sharing new content with potential customers, they are also very useful for sharing your law firm’s updated, existing content. This may involve combining several pieces of content your firm already has, resulting in a helpful e-book that can offer useful information to your law firm’s target audience in a brand new format. Occasionally, your potential clients may not want to read individual blogs to find the information they seek. For these customers, an e-book can be a highly effective way of encouraging them to learn about your services and reach out to you for more information, as they can read everything from a single location. This helps to increase your client base, leading to more sales.

Develop Useful Relationships

To grow your law firm and improve your sales, it is vital to develop useful relationships with customers and key industry players. Creating an e-book can help your firm do this. This is due to these individuals noticing your commitment to offering helpful advice and information to potential clients, meaning the chance of them asking for your services when they need assistance is higher.

How Law Quill Can Help Your Law Firm Write an E-Book 

Law Quill can help you write your EBook, or write you EBook FOR YOU. 

When your law firm write an E-Book, it can establish you as an authority, and can connect you with other legal professionals.  An EBook is also an effective marketing tool that can help you find new contacts and clients. Although the task may look immense at first, it will be helpful to plan your project based on what you already know well. Set aside small and regular segments of time to write, getting professional help as needed. Once the final product is published, you will have something valuable to share with your clients, colleagues and prospects. 

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