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Video content has recently stepped into the internet spotlight, and it is quickly becoming the media of choice for consumers of all ages. One third of all online action is spent viewing video, and research estimates that video traffic will grab 80% of all internet traffic within the next few years. Average viewers retain around 95% of a video message, but only around 10% of information gathered through text. Because of these trends, it is essential that law firms examine the use of law firm video marketing for their business. Lawyer video marketing is already a growing trend, and its use on law firm websites and social media is powerfully engaging for potential clients. If you are considering the use of video to promote your business, here is a step-by-step guide to get you started. 

Why Use Lawyer Video Marketing?

The statistics speak for themselves, but here are some clear reasons why using video marketing works so effectively for law firms. 

A Good Introduction

When you put your law firm name and brand out there, it can be difficult to “sell” who you are and the benefits you provide, but video is an ideal way to introduce and promote your law firm, its team and its services. Video gives a human element to the practice of law, which can be intimidating to prospective clients who are unfamiliar with the legal process.

Increased Rankings

Typically, there is a strong connection between search engine rankings and websites that post videos. People spend more time watching videos than scanning pages of text, and time spent on a website boosts up its value. Websites with high quality videos are favored by Google, since it tracks website usage time. 

More Conversions (More Money!)

Research from suggests that if an attorney includes a video segment on the profile page email contacts increase by 127%, and click-throughs increase by 138%. Most law firms have websites with photos and relevant content, but using video can speak more potently to consumers than a body of text. 

Step One: Understand Your Viewers

It is obvious that when a law firm scrutinizes its marketing options and strategies, it must also evaluate the target audience. How old are your potential clients and where do they live? What is their income level and what are their cultural values? Spend time considering your possible client base in order to form a message and video concept that will reach them. Understanding the audience before proceeding is one of the most crucial steps in launching into lawyer video marketing, and this step is often overlooked. After identifying your target clients, plan to address their concerns in a style and tone that will speak powerfully to them. 

Step Two: Write Your Script

Once you have determined who you want to reach, construct a vision for your lawyer marketing video and craft a script. First decide what the tone will be: Humorous? Educational? Serious? Your practice area and target audience will probably influence the tone and style you choose for the video. 

  • If you defend victims of personal injury, your tone may want to communicate that you are a loyal, approachable advocate to clients, while being an aggressive defender of their rights. You are intense, but not intimidating to clients. 
  • Law firms who work with small business owners may want to be authoritative, but not overly serious. You want to build a long-term relationship with them as a professional, informative team who is also friendly and approachable. 
  • If your law firm practices criminal defense, you can try a humorous approach, which may spread your video further than just clients who need you immediately. A lighthearted or funny style may win people over, and help them keep you in mind for the future. 

Once your tone is set, you can start writing the script. This can be challenging, and many people accomplish this with the help of a professional writer. Do not be afraid to repeatedly revise it and get input from others. A marketing video should be somewhat short — between two to five minutes. 

Step Three: Produce Your Video

With a written script, you are halfway to a finished marketing video, and it is time to record and produce it. It may ease your mind to hire a professional, but even a smartphone and modern webcam can be high enough quality to do an excellent job. A stable camera, adequate lighting and clear sound are all essential, but the most crucial aspect is the message you are sending out. When completed, you need to edit your video — easily done with apps or basic editing tools on most computers. 

Step Four: Share Your Video

Your complete and edited video is ready to be shared, passed around and discussed online through YouTube, social media, and email marketing. However, your law firm website is the first and most obvious place to imbed a video — on your home page, where it can increase conversions, and on other pages as well. 

About Us Page

If you have an “About Us” page, a video can host, direct and introduce potential clients to your authentic and personable team of attorneys, explain your mission, and showcase your office space. 

Client Testimonials

Sincere stories of client experience can build trust and establish an emotional connection with viewers. Contact former clients, ask them to share the story of their legal journey, and explain how it may help future clients. 


Many law firm websites have an FAQ page, but answering questions in video form is a personal and effective way to answer frequently asked questions. 

Video Series

Your video can include a dynamic video in series form. The installments can help potential clients and viewers understand a particular legal issue, practice area, or series of key steps in a complex legal process. Your video series should add value to consumers and also provide a call to action — a way for potential clients to contact you. 

Step Five: Evaluate Your Results

Finally, determine the success of your lawyer video marketing by analyzing the results. Monitor the number of views, and decide if the right audience is hearing the right message. Views alone are not the measure of a compelling video, however. Your goal is to engage the attention of new potential clients. Determine if video viewing has turned into leads, and if those leads have turned into clients. If you do not already use one, this is the perfect time to establish a lead tracking system, so your law firm can track and assess from where your leads originate.

A Few More Tips

You do not need to be a professional to create a stand-out video. Here are a few additional tips to make your video the best it can be:

  • Utilize a video-making app, which enables amateurs to quickly achieve high quality video footage. Some app examples include: WeVideo, Video Guru, KineMaster, AndroVid, iMovie and Videolicious.
  • Produce videos which can be used and adapted for a variety of social media platforms. Each social platform has its own regulations for acceptable media guidelines.
  • Add captions to your videos, so people can view them without sound if desired. 

Law Quill | Step-By-Step Guide to Lawyer Video Marketing

What Are the Best Practices for Video Marketing?

According to Social Media Week, by 2022, 82% of online content is likely to be video. This highlights the importance of video marketing for law firms. Below, you can discover the best practices for video marketing to ensure you use this vital advertising tool effectively.

Determine Your Goals

Before you start the planning process for your video, outlining your goals for this content is essential. To do this, consider what you want your video to achieve. For instance, you may want your video to generate more sales, improve your law firm’s website traffic, lower your site’s bounce rate, or enhance your firm’s brand awareness. After identifying your goal, try to focus on this throughout your video’s planning and delivery stages. This way, you can better the chances of your video meeting these goals.

Make Engaging Content

The main thing to remember when creating marketing videos is that quality is key. Regardless of how good your strategy is during the planning phase, the video is unlikely to produce results unless the video is engaging. To do this, make sure you shoot the video with high-quality equipment, ensure the video is unique and informative, and tell an interesting story that holds your target audience’s attention.

Consider the Video’s Length

The video’s length is a key factor to consider when producing this type of content as part of your law firm’s marketing efforts. Often, shorter videos can be beneficial, as viewers generally retain the information in these videos more than in longer videos. That said, consider the video’s purpose too before selecting the length. For example, if you want to create an explainer video, you may want to think about using a longer length than if you want to merely advertise your law firm’s services.

Focus on Simplicity

To create effective videos, focus on simplicity. This means avoiding wordy, complex language and explaining things in as few words as possible. Think carefully about the services you want to advertise to your clients, as most viewers have a short attention span and there is numerous online video content available. Seeing as you are likely going to be competing with thousands of other videos, focus on creating simple and memorable videos to improve your content’s engagement levels.

Include Call to Actions

When watching online videos, the content creator often asks the viewer to do something, such as liking and subscribing to their videos. It is vital to take a similar approach in your law firm’s video marketing efforts. Consider what you want your audience to do and then include a statement to your audience to encourage them to take this action. For instance, if the purpose of your video is to get a client to contact you, tell them to do this in the content.

A highly effective way of doing this involves including a clickable link in the video that directs the viewer to complete the action. This enables the viewer to act without manually having to click elsewhere, which makes it more likely for the viewer to do this. For example, if you want a viewer to fill in a contact form on your website, include a link to this form.

Remember SEO Principles

When considering video marketing for law firms, it is vital to remember the same SEO principles as for creating blogs or other web pages. To optimize your videos, think about your target audience and how they may search for content. Then, add these keywords to your video’s title, caption, and description.

How Law Quill Can Help You With the Content of Your Video 

If you are considering law firm video marketing as part of your business strategy, you are keeping step with the growing trend. Videos are versatile and effective, not only on your law firm website, but across many social media platforms. With a little planning and knowledge of your audience, you can craft an appropriate message in video form that will help your law firm accumulate new leads and clients. 

If you would like a free consultation regarding how to place content on your law firm’s website that you can then easily turn into videos, we would welcome the opportunity to visit with you for free. Schedule a chat with us by scheduling a quick phone or zoom call at your convenience on our calendar today. You can also email us at You can visit Law Quill’s About Me Page here, if you are curious!