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Law firms looking to increase clientele in specific geolocations need the proper tools to get the attention of clients. Utilizing Google My Business analytics is one of the most efficient ways to improve your online marketing channels and improve return on investments. 

What Is Google My Business (Now Known as Google Business Profile)? 

As a platform, Google is constantly evolving to meet users’ needs. In the recent past, Google has taken to analyzing user intent in to attempt to provide the most useful information possible—which often requires providing relevant, nearby results. With this emphasis on local search, Google offered businesses the opportunity to take advantage of Google My Business. 

Google My Business (GMB), which is now known as Google Business Profile, is a free service Google offers to businesses. It helps companies manage how they are seen on Google Search and Google Maps. The service was launched in 2014 and is particularly useful for businesses looking to increase traffic from local searches. 

GMB listings display basic details like businesses names, locations, and hours of operation. Businesses also have the option of including short posts, services and products offered, photos, and Google reviews.

Google Business Profile Performance Metrics  

Within your Googe Business Profile account, Google offers a business performance report where you can monitor specific profile interactions. Metrics include:

  • Searches. Searches are the queries people use to find your business. Metrics are updated at the beginning of every month and can take up to five days to update. 
  • Users. Users refer to the number of unique visitors to your listing. Users are counted a limited number of times if they visit your profile on multiple devices and platforms. Users are only counted once per day. 
  • Direction requests. Direction requests are the number of unique customers who search for directions to your business.  
  • Calls. Calls are tracked via the number of clicks on the call button on a GMB listing. A phone number must be provided to analyze this metric.  
  • Website clicks. This is the number of clicks on the website link with a GMB profile. 
  • Messages. Messages are tracked by the number of unique conversations. 
  • Bookings. Bookings refer to the number of completed customer bookers. Bookings must be set up through a provider to track this metric. 
  • Total interactions. This is a summary of all the total GMB listing interactions. 

While those performance metrics are undoubtedly useful, if you are looking for even more specific results, you can set up tracking within your GMB listing.  

How to Set Up Tracking in Google My Business

Customers find GMB (Google Business Profile) listings in different ways depending on their search queries. Direct searches involve users looking for a business name or address. Discovery searches involve a user looking for a category, product, or service. With branded searches, customers find listings based on brands related to businesses.  

To start tracking your GMB analytics, you need to identify the pages you want to track. Some of the most common pages include your homepage, contact page, and individual location pages. From there, you need to build tracking URLs. You can use Google’s Campaign URL Builder, which allows you to input the following information: 

  • Website URL
  • Campaign source 
  • Campaign medium 
  • Campaign name 
  • Campaign team 
  • Campaign content 

Once you input the necessary information, the Campaign URL builder will provide a new URL containing the extra information you need to push through to Google Analytics. 

In addition to setting up campaigns, it is also important to understand how to update a GMB listing. With your trackable URL, head to the Google My Business portal, login in, and scroll to find the listing you want to update. You will click “Manage Location” and “Info.” Paste in the URL and remember to click “Apply” to save your changes. It may take up to three days for your larger change, like updating a physical location, to go live, but in most instances changes are reflected instantly. 

Evaluating Google My Business Analytics 

Once you have set up your GMB listing tracking, it is time to tap into Google Analytics and start evaluating the data. It may take some time for the tracking to take off, but eventually, you’ll be able to use the data to get a quick snapshot of how your listing is performing over time. 

To get the most out of setting up tracking in GMB, you need to understand the best metrics to track in order to make adjustments to the information your listing presents. Two of the most common ways to evaluate the effectiveness of your GMB listing are UTM codes and telephone numbers. 

Understanding UTM Codes 

One of the most popular ways to keep track of clicks resulting from your GMB listing is by adding an Urchin Traffic Monitor (UTM) code. UTM codes are extra text added to a URL that keeps track of the source of a given click. For example, you can add code to help you identify clicks to your website and appointments resulting directly from your GMB listing. Ultimately, UTM parameters provide information directly to Google, as opposed to waiting for a webpage to be crawled, so the search engine can better track where website traffic comes from and what users do once they arrive on your site.  

You can also add a UTM code to see how visitors interact with your GMB listing, like by adding a “Contact Us” button at the bottom of your listing. Note that in the event you do not use UTM codes, a visit from your GMB listing will be recorded in Google Analytics as “Google/Organic.” 

Tracking Telephone Numbers

In addition to UTM codes, you can also track site visitors via your Name-Address-Phone (NAP). Visitors to your GMB listing can click on the phone number listed and call you directly. That is your NAP. If you add a second GMB number that rings to your main business line, you can track calls, and the tracking number used will not change your original NAP phone number.

The Benefits of Tracking Google My Business Analytics 

GMB listings are highly visible in terms of local search. With the right GMB listing strategy, you can achieve higher search rankings in related search terms in your law firm’s city. Evaluating GMB analytics can seem overwhelming at first, but the benefits of following through are significant. The benefits include the following:  

Local SEO 

When you track your GMB listing’s analytics, you can evaluate how your law firm performs in local searches. When your profile is optimized for local search, you have the potential to improve your local reach and help customers find you and your legal services when they need them. A quality GMB listing also improves visibility on Google Search and Google Maps


Positive reviews are essential for law firms. Individuals seeking legal aid often feel vulnerable and want to find someone they can trust. Positive reviews not only build that trust but also build brand awareness and drive sales. When reviews are shown in GMB listings, they improve local visibility and increase the chances of turning a potential lead into a paying client. While it may seem counterintuitive, even negative reviews have something to offer. 

Negative feedback allows you to correct a client’s problem and offer the chance to improve the customer experience. Resolved negative reviews show potential clients your willingness to make better decisions on behalf of your clients.   

Business Info Accesibility 

With an optimized GMB listing, you can update and show in real-time your law firm’s business information for the potential clients searching for you. When you keep track of your business’s details through your GMB account, you ensure the most up-to-date information is available to searchers.  

Remember that GMB always shows the latest info you have submitted to your listing. You want to ensure clients have access to your law firm’s name, address, phone number, hours, reviews, and website. You can use UTM codes and NPAs to analyze how your information is being viewed and perceived. 

Free and Easy to Use 

As mentioned, Google My Business (Google Business Profile) is a free tool. There is no reason why a law firm looking to boost its local search results should not consider using it as part of its marketing strategy. In many instances, optimizing a GMB listing will not take more than a few hours, and the positive results can come through quickly. Regularly updating a GMB profile is also relatively easy once you get the hang of the platform.   

How Law Quill Can Help

Optimizing your GMB listing can ultimately improve your law firm’s visibility on Google search and help your business stand out against competitors in your area. If you are struggling with your Google My Business analytics, Law Quill can help you grow your law firm online to gain more clients!

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