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Law firm marketing is constantly evolving, and new surprises surface every season. Marketing your law firm is not the same as it used to be, so it may be time to brush up on the newest trends. Take a look at these five compelling law firm marketing statistics and what impact they have on your law firm’s marketing plan.

What Your Potential Clients Do First

Law firm marketing statistics tell the following story: More than 80% of potential clients start their search for an attorney by researching law firms online. For those that search for consumer practice areas, the statistic is more than 92%.

What does this mean for your law firm? The first crucial step is to ensure that these individuals can easily find you online. When prospective clients browse, they need to find you atop the search results page, because if your law firm is positioned on page two, they may never see your listing, let alone visit your website. If your law firm represents consumers, start enhancing your SEO to boost you toward the top of results pages. Whether your law firm is focused on consumers or businesses, you should take steps to optimize your website. When visitors land there, will they find:

  • An attractive, user-friendly site?
  • A clear call to action on every page?
  • The right mixture of text, images and video with plenty of white space?
  • Contact forms located in convenient places?
  • Your brand shining through every component of the website?

How Attorneys are Finding New Clients

Social media gives private practice attorneys 35% of their new clients, and this statistic expands yearly. This tells any modern law firm that even though they may not feel comfortable on social media, it is time to stop ignoring it and jump on board. Social media does not have to be overwhelming, if you begin by selecting just a few platforms where your potential audience hangs out. Since social media is a key channel for gathering new leads and clients, get started and keep these tips in mind:

  • Construct an ideal client based on who your law firm typically serves. Create content that speaks to your target client and audience. 
  • Be an expert. Social media allows you to speak as an authority in your field. Use the platforms to link to your website, where you offer resources, articles and answers to common questions. 
  • Interact with your followers. Social media is…social. There is a give-and-take understanding on every social media platform. Make a dedicated attempt to acknowledge comments and answer questions.
  • Consider advertising. Examine the investment of paid advertising, but consider it carefully. It may be wise to get to know a platform before you start buying ads. 
  • Document your plans. Before jumping into a bunch of platforms, work on the logistics and develop a written plan. Tackle questions such as: Which staff member will be posting content? Who will be responsible for answering comments? How often should we post material? 
  • Explore social media tools. Diving into social media may seem daunting, because you already have a busy schedule. There are tools available to make the process of posting easier. Consider using tools like SmarterQueue, my personal favorite (affiliate link.) This can help you successfully manage your social media presence. Get a free extended trial with my link to SmarterQueue here!

Poor Online Presence Leads to This

Law firm marketing statistics show that 53% of in-house counsels have decided not to retain outside law firms because their online presence is lacking. This is why it is so crucial for individuals to discover you online, and more than that, when they find your law firm website it must look sharp and professional. When high-value clients view your website, does it shine and reflect your unique brand? Your website is a first introduction to your team, so make sure the first impression is excellent. Try the following tips to enhance your law firm website:

  1. Add a mission statement that tells visitors what you do and why. Placing this on your homepage tells potential clients what they will get from hiring you. 
  2. Include easy website navigation. This helps users find what they need fast, and it also boosts your search engine rankings. 
  3. Display social proof. Insert reviews and testimonials from past clients who were happy with your services. Do not make a separate page for testimonials; instead, scatter them throughout your entire website. 
  4. Revamp your “About Us” page. Your “About Us” page is likely one of the first spots that visitors will travel to on your site. Then want to see who you are, so include staff bios and remember to use conversational language that resonates with your brand. 
  5. Be mobile-friendly. Your website should be designed to accommodate mobile devices, since Google ranks your site now on how mobile-friendly your site is. 
  6. Use internal linking. Always keep visitors moving around your site by building internal links. 
  7. Employ email sign ups. Your website sign up forms should be obvious, secure and promise something to your visitors. Make sure it is clear what users are signing up for. 
  8. Insert thank you pages. This move is often overlooked, but using a thank you page is an easy and excellent way to draw in your visitors. A thank you page is an opportunity to give the visitor to sign up to download an ebook, view a video, sign up for your newsletter or receive a coupon code. 

Attorneys Need These From Their Clients

Clients must depend on the skills and experience of their attorneys, but attorneys depend on clients for positive reviews and referrals.  Law firm marketing statistics state that 48% of potential clients are likely to visit a website after viewing recent, positive reviews, and more than 65% of potential law firm clients considered company ratings to be a moderate or extreme influence on their hiring decision. Interestingly, 69% of people who read reviews admit that reviews are more relevant and trustworthy when they are written within two to three months after service. Absorb these statistics and realize that client reviews are free and potent advertising for your law firm. They should be a consistent part of every case wrap-up. Most satisfied clients are willing to leave a positive review, but they are often not asked to do so. 

Learning Law Firm Marketing Statistics Could Increase Your Business

A recent study conducted by Bloomberg Law reported that 47% of attorneys said that hiring or expanding their marketing staff was one of the most effective steps in gaining new business, and 62% say that they are stepping up their business development and marketing. This indicates that the outlook for law firm marketing is gaining momentum and the competition will be more stiff than ever. Ensure that your law firm marketing is managed by someone who has expertise in marketing, along with the skills to produce a return on your investment. 

How Law Quill Can Help

Law firm marketing statistics tell a story, and it is important that law firms sit up and listen. Law firm marketing is ever-changing, and changes are proceeding at a fast pace. It is crucial that your modern law firm sees the trends, makes a plan and takes action. This will allow your business to keep growing and expanding at the pace you desire.

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