What Is An SEO Company (And What Do They Do, Anyway?)

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Managing your marketing is more than creating a website. The key to the SEO game is ranking higher than the competition. Trying to achieve a high ranking may be difficult for someone to do on their own. Enter a search engine optimization (SEO) company. But what do they do, and how can those services help you? You might find out that you want an SEO company for your law firm. When that time comes to choose a professional and trusted SEO company, contact Law Quill by scheduling a consultation. 

What Do SEO Companies Actually Do?

An SEO company provides services to help its clients rank higher in relevant search terms. Ranking higher on the search engine result pages (SERP) means that a client can increase their traffic, gaining more leads. An SEO company helps to optimize a website to improve visibility, bringing more qualified traffic. While building a website might seem like the only step to managing a successful business, it is one stage in the process. Working with an SEO agency can help any law firm continue to grow, reach more clients, and potentially earn more revenue.

How does an SEO company achieve these results? These firms have many tools and services to help create the right plan to boost the SEO of a business. Some will look at the site speed analysis, while others will grade the quality of the content. SEO companies use a combination of local SEO, technical SEO, on- and off-page SEO, and content SEO to rank higher and bring more attention to a specific site. These companies look at the algorithms of a particular search engine in how it ranks top websites and implements those factors into an SEO strategy for their clients. 


What Is SEO and Why Is It Useful?

SEO might seem like a magical formula to gain more clicks and views for a website, but it is a science. SEO companies work to improve the visibility of their client’s websites. Link building, content creation, and keyword research are some of the ways to reach the top of the rankings. Search engines want to know that a site offers relevant information to an interested audience. All businesses desire to get to the top of the page, but there are limited spots. For example, look at Google’s search page; there are only 10 top spots. These spots are valuable because most people search for a term and only check the results on that initial page. Gaining a place on the first page puts a law firm ahead of its competitors. 

SEO gives businesses the power also to be authoritative sources. According to the Federal Trade Commission, there are regulations regarding marketing, especially for lawyers. While attorneys and law firms cannot provide legal advice online, having a well-maintained and relevant site allows potential clients to browse through the content and request a consultation. SEO is more than traffic and visibility; it can help establish trust and build brand loyalty. 

What Services Do SEO Agencies Offer?

While many SEO agencies may offer a few unique services, many of them will focus on the same factors. These companies often use similar tactics across campaigns and companies. Some of the basic services include:

Analyze Your Website and Research Your Target Market

An experienced SEO company will see how well the client’s website performs. They may also see what is working for the competition in the area. Plus, an SEO company will understand the client’s target audience and find the right relevant keywords to use in the content. 

Make On-Page and Off-Page SEO Changes

Reaching the top of a search engine page can be achieved by optimizing meta descriptions and page titles. An SEO company will take time to make sure all content is concise, clear, and, of course, SEO-friendly. Adding value to relevant keywords helps build authority in a specific industry. Plenty of websites have the same information but taking a unique approach may help to improve a website’s ranking. Along with looking at content, an SEO company will ensure all the website’s pages are optimized for the proper keywords.

Creating content is one part of a successful SEO strategy. A website also needs to earn links and mentions across the web. Backlinking may help to build an authoritative voice online. Plus, these links can drive visitors to the client’s website. Additionally, on-page SEO improves the customer’s experience when visiting a site. If the site is too slow or the content adds no value, these visitors will find a competitor’s website to browse. 

Provide Frequent and Clear Updates

Along with analyzing websites and optimizing content, an SEO company should be a partner in their client’s marketing journey. With that, the SEO agency must provide the client with reports of the current campaign and SEO efforts so that they can see progress. Remember that SEO is constantly changing. A reputable agency understands these changes. In some situations, a particular strategy may not work for a client’s website. With that, SEO companies should note the issues and tweak their tactics to achieve the best results for their clients. 

Benefits of Working With an SEO Company That KNOWS the Law

According to the United States Small Business Association, marketing takes money, time, and preparation. An SEO company can provide many benefits, such as gaining more qualified website traffic, leads, and potential revenue. These professionals may also help build a comprehensive strategy to track and adjust their clients’ marketing efforts. Those overreaching benefits are not all the advantages of working with an SEO company. Interested clients can save time and money on their marketing efforts while accessing the SEO agency’s technical know-how. Law Quill understands the intricacies of legal marketing in today’s competitive market, AND understands the law (we have lawyers on our team and the company is owned and operated every day by an attorney of 22 years!)  Schedule a consultation today.

When To Hire an SEO Agency?

Almost all businesses can benefit from working with an SEO company. When to hire them may be critical. For those clients in a niche or competitive industry, like legal services, SEO services may help grow the law firm. SEO is known to increase sales, conversion rates, and revenue. For many law firms, they may not have the proper marketing or SEO expertise. Building an SEO strategy may seem easy, but without the right help, many businesses struggle and do not see any tangible results. 

While putting together a digital marketing team in the firm might seem like a reasonable solution, it is not always the most cost-effective one. Outsourcing those duties to an SEO agency may be a cost-efficient answer. Working with an SEO company allows a company to access experienced professionals in the field without adding in-house costs to a budget. Attorneys and law firms may scale many of these services to meet the needs of an expanding practice. 

Tips for Finding an SEO Company

After familiarizing yourself with the basics of SEO, it is time to choose a company to help with these services. When clients do not understand what an SEO company does, it can be challenging to vet anyone for the job. Even with a bit of basic SEO knowledge, clients can ask the right questions to find the best partner for their marketing needs. Choose an SEO company that KNOWS the law if you are a law firm. Only a legal marketing company that employs attorneys will understand how important it is to get the legal content right, as well as avoid ethics violations!


A Strong Track Record

A reputable agency should have plenty of customer reviews, verified testimonies, and case studies. With those reviews, a potential client can tell whether past businesses have been happy with the SEO company’s services. 

Check out Law Quill’s testimonials here or on Google!

Experience in a Specific Industry

SEO has many working parts. Along with that, agencies cannot apply the same SEO tactics to every industry. What works in the hospitality industry might not work for a law firm. Finding an SEO company that has worked with similar clients and delivers excellent results is the best option. These companies should understand keywords and industry-specific information to help clients rank higher for their websites. 

Similar Goals

As previously mentioned, not all SEO companies offer the same services. There is a no-one-size-fits-all strategy. When choosing someone for a company, make sure that the agency has the same goals for your strategy. The ultimate goal is to generate more leads and page views, but how do you want to get there? If the company does not have the same dedication to reaching that goal, move on to someone else. 

How Law Quill Can Help

Working with the right SEO company could help change the direction of your law firm, helping to generate more leads and building on your branding. Organic searchers continue to be one of the top marketing channels in the industry. Learning the basics of SEO allows you to understand what an SEO company does and how you need one for the rapidly changing world of marketing. SEO can be complicated; you need a trusted partner to help build your strategy. If you are looking for a reliable SEO company, reach out to Law Quill.

We are here to help and would welcome the opportunity to visit with you for free regarding your law firm website’s content, and how we can take these tasks off your plate! Schedule a free visit with us by scheduling a quick phone or zoom call at your convenience on our calendar today. You can also email us at support@lawquill.com.