Why Attorneys Should Hire A Content Writing Company

Law Quill | Why Attorneys Should Hire A Content Writing Company

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Quality content is like a magnet that draws people to your website and blog. Eventually, you want that content to draw in new business. When you provide meaningful, well-written content, it increases the chance that potential clients will find you in searches, land on your pages, and take the next step of contacting your law firm. The best way to get your content noticed is to work with a content writing company and hire a content writing company that is experienced in creating and publishing content for attorneys. 

Why Do I Need So Much Content?

A law firm marketing strategy has one essential goal: to attract new clients. Creating quality content is one of the most effective and powerful ways to do this. Although your marketing plan may include a variety of channels, the well-written content you provide holds everything together. Hire a content writing company that can help you produce quality content, which is a potent way to accomplish the following goals:

Hire a Content Writing Company To Enhance Exposure and Rankings

Search engines like Google want users to receive the best answers to their questions, so they favor websites that help do this. Google’s algorithm rewards websites that provide useful content to users, and devalues websites that lack relevant content. Websites that offer quality content have a huge SEO advantage and get a boost in rankings over the competition. 

Improve Brand Awareness

Great content on your website allows you to spotlight who you are and what you do. The content you provide to prospective clients displays your law firm distinctives and spotlights your unique brand, which sets you apart from competitors.

Establish Your Reputation

Your potential clients want to hire a law firm that has their best interests in mind, and they want an attorney who is knowledgeable, experienced and trustworthy. When a prospective client lands on your website, your content-rich pages are their first introduction to your law firm and engaging content can make a great first impression on your behalf. 

Convert More Visitors

Your website can be your first and best tool to generate leads and gather more business. Your website’s content has a direct impact on acquiring new clients, because your helpful material engages them and establishes your expertise. However, if your content is bland, incorrect or just like everyone else’s, it does not attract visitors as it should.

Why Hire a Content Writing Company?

With an understanding of legal issues and experience in explaining legal matters, attorneys may feel that they do not need outside help producing website content. In addition to saving you an incredible amount of time, a content writing team can be a smart decision for many reasons. A content writing team can:

    • Speak to your target audience. Since your website and blog are the first introduction to your law firm, it is crucial that any visitor receives information in language they understand. A skilled content writing team can present legal issues in simple, jargon-free language and offer a call-to-action that encourages users to go the next step in contacting you. 
    • Create original content. All website and blog content should be totally unique and not copied from other sites. If your sites do contain duplicate material, the search engines will devalue your website. Experienced content writers can create original, engaging material that avoids duplication of other online content, and because they are experienced in writing such material, they can often do it more efficiently than busy lawyers. 
    • Write with SEO in mind. A content writing team can create well-written, engaging content that informs visitors, but that content can be infused with rich keywords that make it easy to find in an online search. Professional content writers can create material that is SEO optimized, supporting your marketing goals. 
    • Clean up your website and blog. Your visitors expect up to date material, and an experienced content writing company can update your website and blog as needed. If you have used the same website for a few years, chances are it could use a content audit. This is a process that can be time consuming for a busy attorney, but a content writing company can catalog your content, check for errors, repair broken links, and make it perform better for SEO. 

Types of Content For Law Firms

When you hire a content writing company, where will they focus their efforts? Most of your content will inform and engage clients and answer their legal questions. It is important to optimize your content for local searches as well. Ultimately, your content writing team will zero it on the key places where you are likely to get the most traffic and attract the most potential leads, such as the following locations:

Practice Area Page

Each of your law firm practice areas should have its own page, and some will include sub-sections. Instead of bland, generic content, a content writing company can infuse your own law firm branding and personality into every piece of content. 

Contact Page

Simple and user friendly, your contact page should provide your essential contact information. This information, including your business name, address and phone number should be consistent with every other place your law firm exists online. 

About Us Page

Your website should include a well-written About Us page, since this is one of the pages visitors look first. Your About Us page should be engaging and include specifics about what makes you different. Anyone can craft a dull, predictable About Us page; every law firm website has one. Your content writing team can make your About Us page stand out.  

Blog Posts

If you do not currently have a blog, your content writing company can jumpstart one for you. Although having a blog offers a massive marketing boost, only 26% of law firms keep one up consistently. A blog:

  • Draws visitors to your website
  • Positions you as a trusted legal source
  • Boosts your SEO goals
  • Keeps clients informed about current law firm successes
  • Displays how your law firm connects with the community
  • Showcases stories about real clients who have been through the legal process
  • Can improve your overall link structure
  • Answers typical client questions
  • Gives visitors another channel for contacting your law firm
  • Allows visitors to see both your authority and authenticity

Email Newsletters

Email is still a powerful way to connect with clients and potential clients. Your content writing team can craft engaging newsletters that share current happenings, changes in the law, and comments on current news stories. An email newsletter reaches out to your leads, and also reconnects you with your loyal client base, who are the best source of referrals for new business.

Law Quill | Why Attorneys Should Hire A Content Writing Company

How Do You Write Content for a Law Firm?

According to Michigan Technological University, writing new content for your website is highly beneficial for SEO. This means your law firm can benefit significantly from knowing how to develop new content. Below, you can find out how to produce content writing for law firms.

Outline Your Audience

The first step involves outlining who your target audience is. Doing this is key to ensuring that your content targets this group effectively. Often, this audience is your firm’s potential clients, so think about who these individuals are and try to create a persona that outlines this and the typical legal issues they may face.

State Topics To Write About

Next, think about the topics you want to discuss in your content. While it might be tempting to write about topics you want to discuss, a better approach is to think about the subjects your audience wants to learn about. Doing this makes it more likely that your website has a lower bounce rate, as your visitors enjoy reading your content, which is important for SEO purposes.

Optimize Your Content

Make sure you optimize your content for online use, rather than writing in the same way you would for a different medium, such as a formal legal document. With this in mind, aim for short paragraphs and make your content easy to scan and read. You can do this by including bulleted lists and plenty of subheadings. Additionally, use an accessible writing style that makes it easy for the target audience to understand what you are saying. Alongside this, add relevant keywords to the title, meta description, and a few times within the body text.

Aim To Gain More Traffic

The primary purpose of your content is to provide your website with more traffic so you can gain more clients. To do this, it is necessary to produce content that attracts visitors and convinces them to inquire about your services. This involves creating helpful, relevant content that addresses visitors’ queries.

Promote and Monitor Your Content

Promoting your content can help it gain organic traffic more quickly. Try sharing your content on email newsletters and social media. Additionally, consider engaging frequently with legal journalists and other legal professionals on social media. Doing this makes it more likely for these individuals to cite and share your content in the future, which can be great for SEO. Moreover, track the analytics of your content over time, as this allows you to identify the content that performs well and the content that does not. This way, you know what to emulate and what to avoid when producing future pieces.

What Do Legal Content Writers Do?

Legal content writers produce content for law firms to publish on their websites. These professionals are ghostwriters who write various web pages for law firms. Additionally, they produce articles and blogs to help boost a law firm’s SEO performance.

Do Law Firms Hire Legal Content Writers?

Law firms do hire legal content writers as this allows them to focus more on their clients and practice. Additionally, lawyers like using legal content writers as these professionals can often write in more accessible language than they can, which allows them to connect with prospective clients more easily. Moreover, law firms hire legal content writers as they know how to effectively optimize content for SEO, which lawyers may not necessarily know how to do.

Does Content Marketing Work for Lawyers?

Content writing for law firms does work but only when executed correctly. It allows law firms to stand out in a very competitive market, gain more leads, and convert these into clients. The vast majority of firms gain new leads through online organic traffic. For your law firm to rank well in organic search engine results, it is necessary to produce informative, relevant, unique, and search-optimized content frequently for your firm’s website.

How Law Quill Can Help – (Hint: Hire a Content Writing Company!)

Quality content is the core of any marketing plan, but busy attorneys often do not have time to focus on writing regular, relevant material. Your law firm’s website needs unique, engaging content that will answer questions with authority and inspire visitors to contact your law firm. Hiring a content writing company can take these tasks off your plate, and may be the best thing you ever do for your law firm’s marketing strategy.

We are here to help and would welcome the opportunity to visit with you for free regarding your website content! Schedule a free visit with us by scheduling a quick phone or zoom call at your convenience on our calendar today. You can also email us at support@lawquill.com