Why Your Law Firm’s Website Should Have A Great FAQ Page

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Let’s be honest. People do not typically browse law firm websites for fun. They seek out law firm websites most likely because they are worried or genuinely upset about a situation in their lives. Maybe they just got served divorce papers, received a DUI charge, or suffered injuries in a serious car accident. Potential clients come knocking on your door every day — through your law firm’s website and your law firm FAQ page. Small law firm digital marketing is so important to give practical advice to these potential clients. They have serious questions, and they most likely do not have the time or patience to scroll through several pages for answers. This is why your law firm’s website needs a great FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page. A well-crafted FAQ page can bring immediate benefits to your visitors, and it helps save you time as well. Your law firm FAQ page can serve as a “first responder”, satisfying potential clients with clear, concise answers to their urgent, but typical questions. The individuals who need your services are often anxious and may be unfamiliar with elements of the legal process. Your law firm FAQ page can give visitors clues for what to do next, and help them turn to your team for reliable assistance. If your law firm’s website does not include a FAQ page, consider creating one with these thoughts in mind.

A Law Firm FAQ Page Saves Time

You know that every client has similar questions in the beginning. A FAQ page is an efficient way to answer typical client questions, gives them the feeling you are there to help them immediately, and saves you time and energy.  Instead of your law firm’s team having to help callers with commonplace questions, the control is placed in the hands of the website visitor, who can research at their leisure. Lawyers in any area of practice usually hear the same initial questions from their potential clients, and these questions are the same ones that people will be asking the search engine when they are seeking legal advice online. What questions have you been asked over the years? What are the most typical questions your recent clients ask? This is the best place to start when writing your law firm FAQ page. Typical FAQ page questions may include queries such as:

  • Why do I need a lawyer?
  • What will this cost?
  • What if I cannot afford a lawyer?
  • What types of cases does your law firm handle?
  • Does your law firm handle my kind of situation?
  • How long has your law firm been in business?
  • Do you charge for a consultation?
  • What are your office hours?
  • How much is my case worth?
  • What is a statute of limitations?
  • What is a contingency fee?
  • How soon will my case be resolved?
  • Will I have to go to court?
  • What do I need to do to get started?

A Law Firm FAQ Page Boosts Your SEO Rankings

When you provide quality information and helpful answers through your law firm website’s FAQ page, you can increase the opportunity for a higher ranking in search results. The ever-evolving Google algorithm gives priority to professional websites that give answers and information with substance. Your law firm FAQ page is the perfect way to provide meaningful information and maximize your firm’s online visibility in the process.

A FAQ Page Connects Visitors To Your Law Firm 

Your FAQ page is the ideal spot to forge a connection between the engaged visitor and your law firm. Your law firm’s FAQ page should always include a call to action at the bottom, making it effortless for potential clients to contact you. A call to action is a statement that is focused on getting a response from the reader. If you find that your FAQ page is not helping you gain new leads, it could be that your call to action is weak or absent altogether. 


A Law Firm FAQ Page Gives You Expert Status

Predicting questions and answering them gives you the ability to instantly help people and understand what they need. A FAQ page can show people how you can take care of their issues, and demonstrates that you are knowledgeable in your field. Answering the questions of potential clients in a clear and concise way on your website shows them that you are willing to take the time to make complex ideas simple and easy to understand. Even before website visitors know exactly what they need, your law firm is positioning itself as an approachable and trustworthy resource. After they have benefited from your website information, make it easy for prospective clients to contact your law firm by placing a contact form in the header and footer of your pages.  

Tips To Make Your Law Firm FAQ Page Great

Now that you have some reasons why you should jump in and create your law firm FAQ page, here are some tips that may help you get started on the process and make your law firm FAQ page great. 

Provide Simple Answers

Just like the rest of your small law firm’s website and blog, your FAQ page should give answers written not for a bevy of trained attorneys, but with your potential clients in mind. Answer questions like you would if they were posed to you at a casual social gathering, making your responses free of legal jargon and as easy as possible to understand. Avoid salesmanship and self-promotion on your FAQ page; instead, answer real questions in an honest and conversational tone, making the reader feel secure and comfortable. 

Organize Your FAQ Logically

Your law firm FAQ page will be optimized for SEO purposes if it is organized logically and easy to navigate. For some law firms, it may be best to group questions by area of practice. For other law firms, you may want to list the most common questions at the top. For every FAQ, you can provide a link to more information on your website or blog. The more links you provide, the longer a potential client will linger on your site, reading additional related and helpful information. 

Add Design Elements

Where it makes sense, you may want to insert photos or videos. These additional types of visual content can make a page more engaging, along with an up-to-date, pleasing design layout. Make your questions and answers easy to read, with plenty of white space and bullets where appropriate. 

Update Regularly

Like any other page on your website, a FAQ page works most effectively when it is consistently updated. Look over your law firm FAQ page every few months to tweak and freshen it up if necessary. For ideas, just look at what has been happening in the news, recent cases you have worked on and current issues you have encountered. 

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The Benefits of an FAQ Page on Your Law Firm Website

Below are several other key benefits of having a law firm FAQ page on your website.

Enhance the User Experience

Creating a detailed law firm website FAQ page is key to enhancing the experience for your website’s users. According to UX Planet, it is an effective way to inform, educate, and naturally guide your site’s visitors through the site’s content toward the goals your firm has set. If your prospective clients find it challenging to find the information they are looking for, or if your law firm website contains lots of clutter, they may visit another law firm’s website instead, despite your website potentially offering more useful content. Having an FAQ page on your law firm’s website can prevent this from happening by improving your visitors’ experience. Instead of your potential clients navigating through several pages to find the answers to their questions, an FAQ page can enable any prospects to find all the information they require in a single location. Additionally, they are likely to find more information than they originally required.

Ultimately, an FAQ page on your law firm’s website serves as a form of customer service, allowing your potential clients to gain the details they are looking for, improving their satisfaction rates. Like when companies provide excellent customer, having an effective FAQ page helps to encourage potential clients to reach out when they require a lawyer to resolve their legal concerns.

Helps Clients Know What to Expect

Sometimes, a potential client may have specific expectations when they hire a lawyer. For example, if a client hires a lawyer to handle their divorce proceedings, they may think the process takes a couple of weeks to complete and may feel disheartened when it ends up taking several months instead. To prevent upset clients, you can use an FAQ page on your law firm’s website to help clients know what to expect when they take you on as their lawyer. For instance, you may use this page to inform your potential clients about what is likely to happen during your first meeting with the client, alongside details regarding timelines or your fees.

Distinguish Your Law Firm Website From Your Competitors

It is important to note that not all law firm websites have FAQ pages. Due to this, when you make a structured, well-written, and optimized FAQ page, you can distinguish your law firm’s website from your competitors. To do this, ensure your FAQ page provides potential clients with clear answers to their questions, while also demonstrating your level of expertise so they know you can help them resolve their legal issues. By doing this, you can improve your chances of a client contacting you instead of one of your competitors, particularly if the competing law firm lacks an FAQ page.

Assist Your Social Media Strategy

As with blog posts, you can use a law firm website FAQ page to assist your social media marketing strategy. Consider sharing your law firm FAQ page periodically to attract users to your website. By adding this to your small law firm marketing strategy, you can better your chances of gaining more clients.

How Law Quill Can Help Your Law Firm Have a Great FAQ Page

Adding a law firm FAQ page can set a positive tone to your website and be a great support to your overall business. Having a website FAQ page in place is a streamlined method to help potential clients with their commonplace questions. Your FAQ page can provide assistance to anxious visitors and give expert guidance to their confusion. A FAQ page can connect visiting strangers with your law firm as it meets their needs while making them potential new clients. When your FAQ page gives substantial and quality help to consumers, it can boost your online rankings and serve as a key part of your small law firm’s online marketing plan. If you are planning the smart step of adding a law firm FAQ page, remember to make it easy to read and navigate and always use clear and simple language. Refine and update your FAQ regularly, as you encounter fresh issues and hear new frequently asked questions. Above all, don’t forget the call to action, which provides a unique opportunity to take your engaged visitors to the next step of contacting your law firm after they have benefited from your answers and expertise. 

Law Quill has created countless FAQ pages for law firm websites, which help provide potential clients with the information they need to pick up the phone and make an appointment. If you are interested in a FAQ page for your law firm website, or interested in updating your already existing FAQ page, we would welcome the opportunity to show you how we can help you. Contact us at Support@LawQuill.com or hop on our calendar at your convenience for a free phone or Zoom call.